Google Photos Is a Professional Cloud for Picture Storage

Though Google has integrated storage of Google Drive and Google Photos in 2017, many users still prefer to store photos, pics, images as well as movies/videos etc. in Google Photos gallery mostly for its photo album and photo book feature. For the pictures uploaded from local devices to Google Drive by Google Backup and Sync, they need to be moved from Google Drive to Google Photos for better management.

How Do I Move Photos from Google Drive to Google Photos?

Generally, there are two ways to achieve Google Drive to Google Photos movement.

Solution 1. Download and upload

Usually, you can download files or folders of target photos from Google Drive to local computer and then upload them from local to Google Photos. This method requires local storage serving as transit and its size counting no less than target photos. Also, it costs much time and energy if the photos are plenty.

Solution 2. Enable Google Drive in Google Photos

Go to and enable “Google Drive - Sync photos & videos from Google Drive.” will automatically sync photos and videos in GDrive to Google Photos. Yet, this method has some requirements:

  • You have to be the owner of the target photos & videos and folder in Drive; you are unable to copy them if your account is a school or work account.
  • The photo must be larger than 256 pixels.
  • The photo/video types must be jpg, gif, webp, tiff or raw.

Solution 3. Directly sync from Google Drive to Google Photos

Can I directly copy photos from Google Drive to Google Photos? Yes, but only with the help of professional software like MultCloud, which can manage multiple cloud accounts.

  1. 1. To make use of MultCloud, first of all, create an account of it.
  2. 2. After successfully created MultCloud account, sign in to its platform.
  3. 3. Next, add Google Drive and Google photos to MultCloud platform. In its main interface, click on “Add Clouds” tab on the top and select the cloud you want to add. Then, follow the easy guidance to finish the task.
    Add Google Photos


  • To find Google Photos in clouds list, please roll the screen down.
  • MultCloud only allows to add one cloud in one time. To add another cloud, please repeat above process.

  1. 4. After adding both Google Photos and Google Drive, go to Cloud Sync tab and specify the photos in Google Drive and Google Photos cloud respectively as source and destination locations.

Tips: Here we make use of cloud sync function to achieve Google Drive to Google Photos movement. Why not use cloud transfer feature? Currently, Google Photos is only supported by cloud sync function.

Sync Google Drive to Google Photos
  1. 5. Finally, click “Sync Now” to move photos from Google Drive to Google Photos.



Besides above functions, MultCloud also enables you to transfer photos among cloud drives, backup files from one cloud to another as well as basic management (download, upload, create, delete, rename, share, etc.) of all cloud storages added to its platform. In addition, MultCloud supports altogether about 30 common cloud drives including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive and Flickr.