What is Cloud to Cloud Migration?

A cloud storage migration is simply a transfer of content that exists in one cloud storage service to another cloud drive. This could be moving files from Google Drive to Dropbox, Google Drive to Google Drive, or Dropbox to OneDrive. They are all simple examples of a cloud data migration. Cloud to cloud migration allows users to switch cloud storage services without first transferring data to local devices. The ability to move easily between cloud drives is an important consideration when users are choosing a cloud.

Why Need to Do Cloud Storage Migration?

Cloud to Cloud Migration
Cloud to Cloud Migration

Why need to migrate files directly from one cloud drive to another? Because it is much easier, quicker as well as safer to do so. Otherwise, you may have to first download the target files from cloud drive to local storage devices such as the internal hard disk of the computer, USB flash drive, PenDrive, SanDisk, NAS (Network Attached Storage), etc. Then, you may need to upload these files manually from local to destination cloud drive, which is annoying and time-wasting.

Moreover, what if there is no enough local storage to store the large amount of data which you are going to migrate by downloading and uploading? What if the cost of buying additional disk is relatively high. And, what if to transfer those files in several times is troublesome: you have to wait for the former transfer finished to start the next one (which means you have to wait for your computer while doing nothing else until all migrations finish).

Therefore, is there an easier and quicker way to do cloud data migration, like directly cloud to cloud data migration? Sure, here in this post, MultCloud, a free cloud to cloud transfer manager, is highly recommeneded to you.

Free Cloud to Cloud Migration Tool – MultCloud

Just as mentioned above, to migrate from cloud to cloud, you need to rely on cloud migration tools to achieve cloud to cloud transfer. Among these third-party tools, many require you to pay for its service while a few cloud migration tools are free of charge like MultCloud.


MultCloud, as an excellent cloud storage transfer service, it can not only help migrate data from one cloud to another easier than ever instead of going through the hassle of "Copy and Paste", but also sync and backup your data between different cloud storage services in a seamless manner.

With MultCloud, you can easily and quickly move files/folders, photos/pictures/videos, documents/sheets, etc. directly from one cloud account to another without losing any data. In this article, we will take how to migrate files from Google Drive to Dropbox as a brief example. As for how much time it costs, actually it will not cost you any extra time. Because MultCloud will perform the migration in the background so you don't have to wait for the progress to be done no matter how large your files are.

How to Migrate From Cloud to Cloud with MultCloud

In general, to migrate data from one cloud directly to another, you have to first create a free account of MultCloud, then add both of your cloud drive accounts to MultCloud, and finally carry out cloud data migration.

Step 1. Create One MultCloud Account

In MultCloud official website, you can see “Sign up Free” on top right. Click and sign up an account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Note: Especially, there is a kind of account which do not need user to sign up with their personal information. It is “Try without signing up” button on top right of the pagee. This is a temporary account for you to experience the great functions of MultCloud. If you have some doubts about MultCloud, just make use of this account to have a try. When you are convinced by it, then you can continue to create a real personal account.

Step 2. Add Cloud Drive to MultCloud

After creating an account of MultCloud, either temporary or private, you can then add your related cloud drive accounts to MultCloud. Click on “Add Cloud” tab and then choose one of the cloud you want to add (here take Google Drive as an example). Then, just follow the guidance to allow MultCloud to access your cloud drive. You can follow this setp to add another cloud account.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Notes: MultCloud sets no limit on the number of adding clouds and supports more than 30 major cloud drive services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Flickr, FTP srvers, etc. So, you could add all your clouds to MultCloud for free.

Step 3. Cloud to Cloud Migration by Cloud Transfer

When both clouds are added to MultCloud, you can transfer Google Drive to Dropbox with Cloud Transfer function. Choose “Cloud Transfer” in MultCloud main interface. Specify the source directory that you want to migrate from Google Drive as the source, then select destination path of Dropbox, click "Transfer Now" and the transfer task will be completed automatically.

Transfer Google Drive to Dropbox
Transfer Google Drive to Dropbox

Tips for Cloud to Cloud Migration with "Cloud Transfer":

  • You could specify how it deals with the problem if the destination already contains the files. Overwrite, skip, rename, etc. under "Options" pop-up window.
  • Tick “Delete all source files after transfer is complete” in the "Options" window if you want to clear transferred files in source cloud drive after the migration.
  • You could let MultCloud send an email notification to you to know whether the task is completed or not.
  • You could also filter files with certain file format during migration.
  • If you want to move files from cloud to cloud regularlly and periodically, you could  enable daily, weekly, or monthly "Schedule" so MultCloud can run your task as planned.
  • If you have tens of terabytes of data that need to be moved quickly, you could upgrade your MultCloud account to the premium account so MultCloud will use VIP servers to migrate your data through 10 threads instead of only 2.
  • If you still can’t find target files in destination after transferring, just refresh your browser or MultCloud website and you will find them.

Bottom Line

You can see it's very easy to achieve cloud to cloud migration with MultCloud. In addition to Cloud Transfer function, MultCloud also has Cloud Sync and other cloud file management functions. For Cloud Sync, it can help sync files between cloud drives with 9 distinctive modes such as Real Time Sync, Two-way Sync, Simple Sync, Mirror Sync, Incremental Sync, etc. For example, if you want to sync Google Drive with Dropbox, you can make full use of this function.

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