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Preparations before Moving Files from Dropbox to Box

As we all know, Both Dropbox and Box are used widely in our daily life. Usually, Dropbox is used for personal file storage of non-organization and offers 2GB free storage space, while Box is designed for business and IT users and offers 10GB free encrypted storage space. Before doing the migration from Dropbox to Box, something you need to consider:

1. Confirm what you want to keep. It’s wiser to migrate files you need rather than transfer everything which includes some files you do not need.
2. Confirm what you need to have offline and consider what kind of files or folders you'll access when you are offline for a long time.
3. Think over which method you want to use to get your files organized in Box before actually moving files from Dropbox to Box.

Now, here we will show you how to transfer files from Dropbox to Box with two methods.

Solution 1: Download and Upload

Step 1. Log in Dropbox official website.
Step 2. Select files or you can put files you need to transfer to Box from Dropbox in one folder, click a symbol with three dots and click “Download” button. Here downloading a folder is taken as an example.

Download from Dropbox
Download from Dropbox

Step 3. Log in Box official website.
Step 4. Click “Upload” feature so that you can select “File” or “Folder” to upload to your Box account.

Upload File or Folder under Box
Upload File or Folder under Box

Note: If you download a folder from Dropbox official website, then it will be in .zip format. Before uploading the folder to your Box account, you need to unzip it first.

Following above steps, you can achieve Dropbox and Box migration easily. But if the data size is very large, then it will take times to complete and the most important one is that you cannot close the page until the process ends.

So, is there any way that can bypass this problem? Sure, we will introduce a new way to help you transfer from Dropbox to Box with MultCloud.

Solution 2: Transfer Files from Dropbox to Box with MultCloud

Unlike downloading and uploading operations, MultCloud allows you to transfer between Dropbox and Box from one platform without opening several windows at the same time. This method can save you a lot of time because you do not need to download content from Dropbox first and then upload to Box and all works are done in one page with MultCloud website opening.

Why Choose MultCloud?

  • It's free of charge and it have a clear and easy to operate interface.
  • It's a web-based app, which won't ask you to install any application on your PC, which would save your local space.
  • It supports transfer files across clouds directly without downloading and uploading.
  • It supports transfer large data in one go.
  • It attaches great importance to the data security, which won't save any account and password of your clouds.

Clear Steps to Perform File Moving

Since MultCloud is easy to understand and use, you can follow the instructions below to learn how it works.

Step 1. Access MultCloud page and sign up an account. You need to enter your preferred email, username and password, then click the "Create Account" button.

Create an account
Create an account

Step 2. After you have activated your account through your mailbox, sign in your account. Click “Add Cloud”, follow the instructions to grant MultCloud accessing to the account you are connecting to. Then add Box account in the same way.

Add Dropbox
Add Dropbox

Step 3. After you have finished Box and Dropbox integration to MultCloud, you can start the transferring process. Open your Dropbox account, select files that need to migrate from Dropbox to Box account, right-click blank area, then select “Copy to” feature so you can select Box as the destination from the pop-up window.

Migrate Files from Dropbox to Box
Migrate Files from Dropbox to Box


  • If there are too many files that need to transfer, you could create a “Cloud Transfer” task to achieve your goal because "Cloud Transfer" support transferring large data in one go.
    Transfer Dropbox to Box
    Transfer Dropbox to Box
  • For “Cloud Transfer” feature, it is more suitable for transferring lots of files. You can select folders or whole Dropbox as the source while creating the task.
  • If there are a lot of files to transfer, you can close the page as long as the task starts because MultCloud can run your task in the background.

The Bottom Line

Following any way above, it can help achieve your demand to transfer files from Dropbox to Box without logging in and out. You can select the one you are most interested in to do the operations. If you prefer to use the second method, in addition to “Copy to” feature and “Cloud Transfer” function, MultCloud also has "Cloud Sync" and “Remote Upload” feature.

For "Cloud Sync", it allows you to create sync relationships across clouds. No matter what you have added, modified, deleted, etc., from one cloud, these changes will also be synced to the destination cloud. For example, it can help you sync pictures from OneDrive to Google Photos, sync Google Drive with OneDrive free, etc.

For “Remote Upload”, it allows you to directly download files to the corresponding cloud disk through torrent links and magnetic links. For example, downloading torrents to Dropbox is easy to operate.

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