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Why Choose to Transfer from Box to Dropbox?

Box and Dropbox are both high-quality storage and file-sharing platforms. When search on the Internet, a lot of users are in the trouble of choosing Box or Dropbox for the use.

In most cases, Dropbox is used by family members at home for sharing photos, videos, journey feelings and so on. And, the majority of Box users are companies who often share internal documents, files or projects with colleagues. Under such circumstances, one is likely to store personal files on both Box and Dropbox. It is inevitable to transfer data from Box to Dropbox or vice versa.

What’s more, Dropbox has a slight advantage over Box when it comes to the following aspects.

  Dropbox Box
File Size Limit
  • No limit with Dropbox apps;
  • 10GB with Dropbox website;
  • 250MB for free plan;
  • 5GB for paid plan;
Free Storage Expansion Possible Not possible
Subscription Plans
  • $9.99/month for 1TB;
  • $15/month/user for Business Users;
  • $11.50/month for 100GB;
  • $6/month/user for Business Plans;
  • $17/month/user for Business Plans;

Therefore, some Box users attend to replace it with Dropbox account. Now, transferring files from Box to Dropbox is necessary, but the question is: how to connect them together and transfer files between Box and Dropbox accounts?

Dropbox and Box
Dropbox and Box

Transfer Files from Box to Dropbox with MultCloud

MultCloud, as a free and reliable cloud file manager tool, can help you complete above task. Steps of combining them are easy and the transferring task can be completed by “Cloud Transfer” function. And, MultCloud supports “Filter” settings and “Schedule” utility in "Cloud Transfer".

In addition, MultCloud also provides "Cloud Sync", "Remote Upload" and other functions. With the help of MultCloud, you can perform copying, pasting, renaming, deleting and other operations like you do the operations in Windows Explorer or Finder in Mac OS X.

Before starting the migration operation, you may need to sign up (only email needed) first or experience it without signing up.

Create Account
Create Account

How to Transfer from Box to Dropbox in 3 Steps?

Preparations: It is advised to delete or remove unnecessary files in Box before transferring if you have Dropbox free version because Dropbox provides only 2GB free storage. Also, the smaller the files are, the less time they will take up.

First, log into the main console. Click on Add Cloud to add Box account to MultCloud. Follow the instruction and authorize MultCloud to access your Box account.

Add Box Account
Add Box Account

Second, repeat above method to add Dropbox account to MultCloud. Note that Dropbox also has Dropbox for Business version, so be sure you’re adding the right one.

Next, click on Cloud Transfer button, select your Box account as the source, select your Dropbox account as the destination, and click on Transfer Now after all settings are done. Of course, you have options to configure email notification, file filter, schedule transfer etc., with options in the left corner.

Transfer from Box to Dropbox
Transfer from Box to Dropbox


  • If you’re using Google browser, you can install the specialized extension application that designed for Google browser to bring better experience.
  • You can transfer data from Dropbox to Box by changing the account order at the last step.
  • For company and enterprise users who often transfer large data traffic between clouds, it is suggested to use premium edition because it transfers files through 10 threads on VIP servers.


Following above steps, you can transfer from Box to Dropbox easily. Currently, MultCloud supports more than 30 clouds except for Box and Dropbox, so you can easily transfer all Google Drive files from one account to another as well as migrate Dropbox to OneDrive with the help of MultCloud.

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