OneDrive Two Way Sync with MultCloud

MultCloud it a professional and reliable 3rd party syncing program. Let’s see how to make use of it.

1. Create MultCloud Account

As a web-based app, we should firstly sign up MultCloud before using its service. This is completely free of charge.

Tips: Since it’s an online service, it can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. all operating systems; and desktop, laptop, notebook, cellphone, ipad, iphone etc. all devices.

2. Add OneDrive Accounts

Secondly, it’s time to add related accounts of OneDrive (free account, charged account or office 365) to MultCloud platform.

In the main interface of MultCloud, move to “Add Clouds” tab and select “OneDrive” or “OneDrive for Business” according to the type of the related cloud accounts. Then, just follow the easy guidance to include target OneDrive account to MultCloud.

Add OneDrive
Add OneDrive Cloud


  • Only one account can be added in one time. To add extra cloud drive accounts, just repeat the process.
  • The process to add other cloud drives are similar. MultCloud currently supports around 30 different clouds.

3. Set up OneDrive 2-way Sync in MultCloud

When all related OneDrive accounts are put into MultCloud platform, we can see them in Cloud Explorer tab.

OneDrive in Cloud Explorer
OneDrive in MultCloud Cloud Explorer

Then, we can start to do two way backup between OneDrive accounts. Switch to “Cloud Sync” tab, specify source and destination cloud paths, and don’t forget to choose “Two-way Sync”. Finally, click “Sync Now”.

OneDrive Two Way Sync
OneDrive Two Way Sync


  • If we want to sync source OneDrive to multiple locations, we can select more destinations by clicking “Add More” in destination cloud area.
  • If we want this synchronization carry out regularly and automatically in the future, we can set a schedule before carrying out this task.

How to Stop OneDrive Two Way Sync?

If we don’t want this syncing anymore, how to stop it?

If the process is carrying on, just go to the Task Manager to stop it. Click on the little icon on upper right, find the right task and choose “Cancel” to recall this syncing.

Stop OneDrive Two Way Sync
Cancel OneDrive Two Way Sync

If the process is already done, it can’t be cancelled.

If we want to delete its schedule plan, just uncheck the “Scheduled” of the sync in Task Manager.

Stop OneDrive Schedule Sync
Cancel OneDrive Schedule Sync
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