Users want to sync multiple Box accounts on one computer

In the online community of Box, there are many people ask how to sync multiple Box accounts on one computer, or how to link multiple accounts. Unfortunately, their answers are the same, you can only use/login to Box Sync one account at a time. Box doesn’t allow two different accounts to be merged or linked. What you can do as a workaround is to invite one account as a collaborator into folders the other has access to. This will give one account the ability to view and access folders from one account without having to merge the two together. This solution is not real synchronization. Box official does not support independent syncing so far.

Manage multiple Box accounts via MultCloud

Good news is that Box provides API interface, which allows third-party application access to its data with authorization. If there are several users on one computer, you can use MultCloud to manage multiple Box accounts. MultCloud is a web app. It supports up to 28 cloud services in the latest version. What’s more, the number of cloud drives been added into it is unlimited, thus you can add multiple accounts in it.

Manage multiple accounts in MultCloud likes in Windows explorer, you are able to delete, cut, upload, download, copy, preview, share, rename, etc. sync multiple accounts via MultCloud

The key feature of MultCloud is transferring files across cloud drives. Sync cloud drive as complex and two-way transmission, becomes very easy with MultCloud.

Switch to Cloud Sync service, select source Box and destination Box 1. The sync target not only the whole cloud, but a folder in the cloud is OK. Then select a way and other options. MultCloud has eight sync ways: simple sync(One-way sync), mirror sync, move sync, cumulative sync, update sync, incremental backup sync, full back sync and Two-way sync. Other options are filter, schedule settings, please refer to here. All are OK, click Sync button to commit the task.

Tips: In the Task Manager of MultCloud, you can check the sync task and edit it.


Box is one of famous cloud drive to backup and store files, but unfortunately it doesn't allow you to sign into multiple accounts at once. In this article, you know how MultCloud solve this problem, MultCloud is a great tool!
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