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MEGA, a cloud storage and file hosting service, is widely used today. MEGA has provided a certain free space for users, and you can use those space to store your data on free. However, not ever one use only one cloud storage service. If you use more than one cloud storage device, you may face the problem that how to use the same data on the same place. For example, if you want to use the MEGA data on your Box, you need to transfer files from MEGA to Box. Well, backup MEGA to Box is another effective way to keep your data safe, and you can use the data on your Box directly.

How to backup MEGA files to Box?

To backup MEGA files to Box, here we highly recommend you MultCloud, a powerful software that can help you manage all your cloud storage devices, and can help you transfer files from one cloud to another flexible. Here you can follow the steps to backup MEGA to Box.

Go to the, click Sign Up or Create an Account to create a MultCloud account.

Then, input the following information to sign up.

You may be asked for the conformation by skipping to your email, and you can use MultCloud after confirming.
Then, you will go to the main interface of the MultCloud. To backup MEGA to Box, the first thing you need to do is to add your MEGA and Box account to your MultCloud account. Select MEGA, and click Next.

Then, follow the hint to add MEGA to your MultCloud. After adding MEGA, you can backup to the Add Cloud Drives interface to add Box step by step.
After adding two cloud storage drives, you can use it to backup from MEGA to Box. But how to backup MEGA files to Box with MultCloud?

Step1. Open MEGA, and you will see the whole files list on the right side. To backup those MEGA files to Box, here you can tick the choosebox to choose all folder(s) and file(s), right click, and select Copy.

Step2. Then, click Box to open it. Right click the blank space and select Paste.

Then, wait a minute, the task will be executed successfully.
Besides, you can use “Copy to” to backup from MEGA to Box, or other cloud storage drives. “Copy to” supports you select multiple destination place.
MultCloud is a very practical software that can manage multiple cloud storage devices better. For example, with MultCloud, you can migrate files from MEGA to another easily.

*Update: Nowadays, you can sync cloud drive in MultCloud's Cloud Sync service.

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