People love to use Evernote and Google Drive

Evernote was designed to capture some awesome information that you want to keep in case you forget. Most of the Evernote users also have Google Drive accounts. Using both tools to make their work more productive. Is there an easier way to connect Evernote and Google Drive? Luckily, you can use a free tool that can help you to sync Evernote with Google Drive. From there, you can view and share anything created or saved in Google Drive or Evernote. After you connect Evernote and Google drive in MultCloud, users can add any file from Google Drive to Evernote and back directly. Additionally, you can also set a schedule to transfer files, so any changes in Evernote will update in Google Drive automatically.

How to connect Evernote with Google Drive

There is a free web tool MultCloud that can help you combine Evernote and Google Drive together. With MultCloud, you can add as many Google Drive accounts and Evernote accounts as you want, since many users have more than one Google Drive accounts. MultCloud is very easy to use. You first need to create a new account of MultCloud and then you can add Evernote and Google Drive accounts. If you do not want to create an account so soon, you can also choose the “Experience without signing up” option and it will generate a random account for you to see how it works. You can just click the “Add Cloud Drives” button after signing in, and follow the guide to finish adding drives. After that, you can create Evernote sync with Google Drive.

Evernote sync with Google drive

After Evernote google drive integration in MultCloud, you can transfer files between them. If you need to all notes created with Evernote synchronized with Google Drive automatically, you can accomplish it in two methods with MultCloud.

Method 1: using Cloud Sync

In the Cloud Sync page, you can specify source location and destination location by clicking it. You select One-way sync, Two-way sync or Other-way sync. If you just want a one time job, just click the Sync Now option after specifying the source and destination. If you want a scheduled sync task, check the “Schedule” option, and configure when you want it to run the sync.

Method 2: using Cloud Transfer

You can click the Cloud Transfer button, and from there check the "Schedule" option to set up a schedule task. You can create a scheduled transfer task to sync files or folders.

You can click the “Options” button to configure email notification to notify you when the task is complete. Once the task is set, you can just leave it. Even if you close MultCloud, the file transfer task will be done as usual. In addition, MultCloud can do far more things other than sync Evernote with Google Drive. It can combine cloud storage into one and manage them together.

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