Why Import Photos from Dropbox to Google Photos?

As Dropbox and Google Photos are used by more and more people as picture backup tools, and their application development on the web and mobile is also maturing, so you could easily complete the photo migration on your computer or your mobile devices. But Dropbox may seem ungenerous for it offers only 2GB of free storage for all data including photos, while if you use Google Photos, you get unlimited storage.

Besides, the artificial intelligence of Google Photos can be also a fantastic charm for most users, it allows you to category your image according to the content of your photos and offer you a magical search. And those may become the reason that you copy photos from Dropbox to Google Photos.

And thankfully, with the help of Google Photos’ powerful backup and synchronization and third-party tools, you only need some simple operations and a few desktop applications to let your computer complete the photo-migration for you, by which you take pictures out from Dropbox and then quickly move them to Google Photos. Today we will introduce 2 best ways to migrate photos from Dropbox to Google Photos.

Method 1. Move Photos from Dropbox to Google Photos by the Applications

No matter when speaking of how to move pictures from Dropbox to Google Photos, the first thing that comes to your mind is to download first and then upload, which is the most frequently used method as well. Now, let's briefly introduce how to use Google Photos' automatic backup function to achieve this operation faster.

1. Install the Dropbox desktop application and log in with your Dropbox account.
2. Set Dropbox Preferences, choose "Selective Sync" and check the files containing photos you want to move.

Dropbox Selective Sync
Dropbox Selective Sync

3. Your Dropbox will create a new folder on your local drive and sync your selected photos to your computer.
4. Install the Google Photos Backup and Synchronization and log in with your Google account.
5. Check the new desktop folders created by Dropbox in your Google Backup and Sync.
6. Select the photo size you want to choose whether to upload "High quality" (free) or "Original" (paid storage).
7. Check "Upload photos and videos to Google Photos" to synced your pictures to your Google Photos.

Google Photos Auto Upload from Computer
Google Photos Auto Upload from Computer

Note: If you use High Quality mode, it will NOT count towards online storage use. Remember to create albums and label photos. That way, it is easier to locate them at later stage using Google's powerful search function.

However, the method above will take up your local memory and will spend a lot of time completing the pictures-move from Dropbox to Google Photos and you must also ensure your network speed is fast enough to support your synchronization process. The second method to be introduced next could circumvent that problem well.

Method 2. Move Photos from Dropbox to Google Photos with MultCloud

The second method is to move pictures from Dropbox to Google Photos through third-party auxiliary tools. Today we take MultCloud as an example to introduce how to use a third-party tool to move pictures from Dropbox to Google Photos, its free data traffic(30G/month) could totally meet the needs of you.

In addition, as a free multi cloud manager, MultCloud could directly transfer files from one cloud drive to another online, so it won’t occupy your computer’s memory to store your photos like the first method.

Step 1:Sign up and Sign in

Before using MultCloud to move photos from Dropbox to Google Photos, you need to register and log in to the clouds manager server.

Clicking "Sign Up" to register MultCloud. After the registration is done, the system will send a verification email through your mailbox to activate the account, which won’t affect your normal use of it though.

Sign Up
Sign Up


  • You could experience without signing up as well, by which the system will generate an account and the password for you.
  • You could also login in with your Google account or Facebook.

  • Login in with Facebook
    Login in with Facebook

Step 2:Add Dropbox and Google Photos

After the login is done, the next thing you need to do is add Dropbox and Google Photos separately in MultCloud.

Add Dropbox and Google Photos
Add Dropbox and Google Photos

As shown in the picture, click "Add Clouds" in the MultCloud function bar, and then select the Dropbox icon to add a Dropbox account.

Note: After clicking the "Next" button, you need to authorize MultCloud to access your account to complete the addition of Dropbox and Google Photos. This process will not violate your data security and privacy.

Step 3: Move Dropbox Photos to Google Photos by the “Copy to”

After adding Dropbox and Google Photos to your MultCloud, click "Cloud Explorer" in the function bar to jump to the operation page where you could see all your clouds added before. Click the Dropbox icon to enter it.

Cloud Explorer Dropbox
Cloud Explorer Dropbox

After entering the Dropbox interface, drag to select or check the image files you want to move to Google Photos, then right-click to display the pop-up box.

Dropbox Copy or Copy to
Dropbox Copy or Copy to

What needs to be explained here is the subtle difference between "Copy" and "Copy to":

Click the "Copy" option to copy your selected pictures, and then open the Google Photos interface, right-click to select "Paste" to paste your pictures to your Google Photos, by this mean, you could allow your pictures to be saved in both clouds.

Paste in Google Photos
Paste in Google Photos

Instead, clicking the "Copy to" option, you could check "Move" and press "Transfer" to delete the pictures you selected in Dropbox, by this mean, you could save your photos in your Google Photos only.

Copy to Dropbox
Copy to Dropbox

Note: You could also move your Dropbox photos to Google Photos through the Cloud Transfer function in MultCloud.

In the End

Compared with the first method, MultCloud is more friendly and time-saving with its high efficiency and low failure. Apart from knowing how to move photos from Dropbox to Google Photos, you may also want to know how to backup Flickr to Dropbox or how to transfer photos from Flickr to Google Photos, because MultCloud has the ability to transfer or sync files among more than 30 clouds like Google Drive, G Suite, Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, Flickr, Google Photos, OneDrive, Box, etc.

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