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Remote Upload to Google Drive with Website Files

Multcloud remote upload website files to google drive from URL easily and quickly without downloading files from web page to local storage for transit.

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Aug 02, 2017 | 3 mins read

Author Helen

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What Is Remote Upload to Google Drive?

Remote upload to Google Drive refers to remotely upload website files to Google Drive from URL / web address. Therefore, you do not need to download files from web page to local storage first, then upload the files from local to online Google Drive. Yes, you can download/save directly to Google Drive.

Google Drive Remote Upload

Though you are able to directly save web file to Google Drive, you can’t do it with only Google Drive. As you all know, you can only upload local files to Google Drive under the help of Google Drive “upload” function. To remote upload files to Google Drive, you have to rely on a third party program named Multcloud.

Multcloud is a web based program which can put multiple cloud drive storages into one platform and manage them; such as transfer files across clouds, sync folders among cloud drives, backup from one cloud storage to another. Of course, in this online program, you can also download, upload, delete, cut, copy, paste, rename file etc.

In order to upload to Google Drive from URL, first of all, go to https://www.multcloud.com to create a count for FREE.

Create Account
Create Account

Tip: You can choose “Experience without signing up” to quickly create a temporary account without any personal information provided. Just as it said, for “experience”. If you remember the name of the temporary account, you can continue to use Multcloud on the same computer the next time you want to manage your different cloud drive storages without create a new account again.

After successfully create an account, you can start to add the cloud drives you have to Multcloud. Here, you need to add Google Drive.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive Account

If you have singed in more than one google drive accounts currently, it will ask you to select one as the target account of this time inclusion.

Choose a Google Account
Choose Google Drive Account

Tip: If you would like to add more than one accounts, just add them one by one. In this way, you can accumulate storage space of multiple Google cloud drives into one or merge multiple different cloud services into one.

When all preparations are done, let us go to step by step process to upload file to google drive from website.

Step One. In default Cloud Explorer interface, click on Google Drive to make it active. Then, click “Upload” to open remote upload to Google Drive process.

Google Drive Upload
Google Drive Upload File

Step Two. In the pop up window, click on “Upload URL”.

Google Drive Upload URL
Google Drive Upload URL

Step Three. Enter the URL address and file name of the file you want to remote upload to Google Drive. Then, click “OK”.

Specify URL and File Name
Specify URL and File Name

Step Four. Click the task button on upper right and select URL Tasks. It will pop up a window showing all the tasks related to URL no matter success or not.

URL Tasks
Upload File from URL Tasks
  • If the task failed due to some reason, just click “Retry” to do it once again. If this still not work, you can “Delete” the task, re-add the URL and retry.
  • As you can see, one task can only save one URL. If you want to save more than one URL links, just click “Add URL” to add the second, the third, etc. files.
  • Finally, you can see the file listed in you Google Drive.

    Remote Upload to Google Drive Success
    Remote Upload to Google Drive Success


    Isn’t it very easy and quick to remote upload to Google Drive directly from URL with the help of Multcloud?

    As for Multcloud, besides Google Drive, it also supports Dropbox, MEGA, OneDrive, etc. all around 30 kinds of different cloud drive storages and more clouds to be supported.

    Except for remote upload files to Google Drive from URL, Multcloud can also upload files to Google Drive from local place, transfer files to Google Drive from other cloud drives or transfer files from Google Drive to other cloud storages, sync files between Google Drive and other clouds, backup files from/to Google Drive and so on very useful operations. Besides, you can still set schedule to file transfer or file sync tasks to automatically transfer/sync files. Therefore, you can even have your files flow through all your cloud drive storages even when the computer power is off.

    Furthermore, Multcloud adopts advanced technology to give users a much better experience. First of all, it uses 256-bit AES encryption for SSL to protect privacy of each user. Second, it applies multi-server parallel transmission to increase the speed by 200% than traditional serial transfer. Thirdly, by linking multiple free cloud drive storage accounts, you can freely enjoy enough cloud space without pay for any cloud services. Lastly, Multcloud can be added into your Google browser through its Google Chrome Extension App.

    What are you waiting for? Go and just have a try!

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