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What Is the Best Free Storage for Photos?

Nowadays, both ordinary people and professional photographers are fond of taking photos to record memorable moments. Thus, saving these photos with ease can be a problem. Traditionally, people would store images in hard drives; however, you cannot access your images wherever you want when storing photos in hard drives, so it’s becoming less convenient. Recently, people prefer to save pictures in clouds with the development of cloud technology.

The cloud here doesn’t literally mean the cloud in the sky. Instead, it implies a technical term that provides users an online platform to store their numerous data. There are many different cloud services in the market. As for the best free online photo storage, two main cloud drives are Google Photos and Flickr.

Overview of Google Photos and Flickr

Google Photos

Produced by Google, Google Photos is one of the most professional cloud services to save and share photos. Due to easy access and free unlimited storage space, Google Photos has gained a large user base across the world. In addition to images storage, Google Photos offers other useful features for users, such as online editing, sharing and sorting.


As a social network and video hosting website, Flickr is now one of the most popular main camps for professional and amateur photographers to show off their high-quality pictures. Here, you can not only store your photos but also view beautiful pictures shot by others. What’s more, the Tag feature of Flickr makes it easier for you to search a certain photo quickly, which is very intelligent.

Choosing a brilliant photos storage platform to save pictures is of great importance to back up your data. However, you may wonder how to choose a better cloud service and what the criteria are when choosing a better one between Google Photos and Flickr. If you have the same problems, you can read further to get the answer.

Google Photos vs Flickr
Google Photos vs Flickr

Google Photos vs Flickr: Storage Space

Storage capacity is the very first thing that users will consider when trying to upload photos to cloud services. The policy of storage space on Google Photos and Flickr is very different: one is up to the size of the storage space; the other is up to the number of photos.

►Google Photos

Google Photos offers 15GB of free storage space for users. In the past, Google Photos provides unlimited high-quality storage space; however, Google ended this policy starting from June 1, 2021. Nowadays, all photos saved on Google Photos will count towards the storage space. If you exceed the cap, you have to pay for more storage space.


Flickr allows uses to upload 1,000 uncompressed photos for free. That’s to say, the limitation on Flickr is based on the number of photos rather than the size of photos. In this way, you can back up the original photos to Flickr without worrying about the storage space unless you nearly run out of the number of images.

Google Photos vs Flickr: Price

No matter how large the storage space is, it is possible to run out of it since there are many photos and screenshots in people’s daily life. Thus, if the insufficient storage on Flickr and Google Photos storage limit problem come out, which cloud service is more cost-effective? Here is the compassion on price policy between Google Photos and Flickr:

►Google Photos

Google Photos offers different plans for different users. If you buy more storage space by Google Photos application, the plans are:

Google Drive Storage Price
15 GB free
100 GB $1.99/m
1 TB $9.99/m
2 TB $19.99/m
10 TB $99.99/m
20 TB $199.99/m
30 TB $299.99/m

If you buy the storage space with Google One, the plans are a little different (buying more storage with Google One is much cheaper):

Google One Plans
Google One Plans


There are 3 different plans to meet different clients’ requirements. The Annual Plan is the most cost-effective.

Flickr Plans
Flickr Plans

Google Photos vs Flickr: File Size

Sadly, photos and videos that exceed the regulation of each cloud service cannot be uploaded to the cloud service.

►Google Photos

A photo that is larger than 75MB or 100MP cannot be transferred to Google Photos, and a video bigger than 10GB cannot be uploaded to Google Photos.


Each picture can’t be larger than 200MB and each video cannot take up more than 1GB.

So, as you can see, it’s much more convenient to upload large photos to Flickr; and it’s wise to back up large videos to Google Photos.

Google Photos vs Flickr: Strong Community

Google Photos is specialized in photo storing and sharing. However, it’s a closed-loop app, so there’s no community. Whereas, Flickr has a strong community and you can search, follow and view photos taken by other people. There are professional and amateur photographers, and users can follow those who they are interested. Also, if you want to find specific photos, you can Search or use the Tag feature to find out.

Flickr Community
Flickr Community

Google Photos vs Flickr: Special Features

As two major engines in photo storing, Google Photos and Flickr both have their special features.

►Google Photos

There is a special function called Archive that could help you hide private photos from the main page of your Google Photos. This feature is available on Android phones, iPhones and web apps. Meanwhile, here is also Locked Folder on phones that is specialized in keeping private photos. Once you move photos into that folder, people cannot view them without a password or fingerprint.


Flickr, being a wonderful social network and photos host site, has Groups that are based on a certain topic and allow people to freely join. In addition, Flickr has a special feature called Stats. That’s to say, you can see exactly how other people find and view your images on Flickr by accessing your Stats. You will get graphs and charts showing the recent views, top views and other statistics.

Warm Note: There are also other useful clouds to save images, and if you want to compare Google Photos to iCloud, you can refer to the hyperlink to know more.

Bonus Tip: How to Transfer Google Photos to Flickr

After reading the above content, you now can have a basic view of which cloud service is better for you. Generally, most people would choose Google Photos to save photos. However, due to some problems with Google Photos like the “Google Photos lost photos” issue and ending the unlimited storage space for compressed photos, storing photos on Flickr appears to be a good choice. Thus, some would wonder how to move Google Photos to Flickr.

Traditionally, you can download and then re-upload, which is very time-consuming. However, with the help of a third-party service, MultCloud, you can easily achieve the task. MultCloud is a professional cloud file manager that allows users to manage their cloud services in only one platform. Currently, MultCloud supports more than 30 useful cloud drives in the market, including Google Photos, Google Drive, Flickr, OneDrive, MEGA, Dropbox and so on.


Now, you can read below to learn the detailed steps to migrate Google Photos to Flickr.

Step 1: Sign up for free by visiting the official website of MultCloud. Alternatively, you can create a temporary account by tapping “Try without signing up”.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2: Head to “Add Cloud” on the left side, and add Google Photos and Flickr by following the guidance showing on the pop-up window.

Add Flickr And Google Photos
Add Flickr And Google Photos

Step 3: Now, go to Cloud Transfer, and select Google Photos as the source directory and Flickr as the target directory. Next, tap Transfer Now.

Transfer Google Photos to Flickr
Transfer Google Photos to Flickr


1. The transferring speed of MultCloud is much faster than any other cloud storage managers in the market. So, by using MultCloud, the transferring task will be completed as quick as possible.

2. If you have large data to transfer and don’t have time to oversee the process, the Offline Cloud Transfer feature of MultCloud can meet your requirement to the greatest extent. That’s to say, MultCloud can run the transferring process in the background. Even though the network goes down or the computer shuts down suddenly, the transferring process will continue.

In the End

So, Google Photos vs Flickr, which one is better? Actually, it depends on your requirements. If you only want to find an online service to store your images, Google Photos is a good way; if you want to join in photo groups and follow other professional photographers or enthusiasts, you can go to Flickr. Besides, if you want to quit a cloud service and are struggling with data migration, MultCloud can help you transfer from one cloud to another.

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