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Can I Perform Google Drive to Box Sync?  


"How to sync the data in my Google Drive account with the data in Box? Due to work needs, I now sync Google Drive files to Box to use the data in both accounts at the same time. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks!"


Why Need Google Drive to Box Sync?

Google Drive to Box Sync
Google Drive to Box Sync

Google Drive and Box are two popular cloud storage solutions that give you a place to store your files and give you a platform for collaboration. Many people like to conduct Google Drive vs Box to decide the winner, but they do not know that the effective combination of Google Drive and Box can bring different functions and services to users.

  • Users can enjoy the free storage of 15GB provided by Google Drive and 10GB provided by Box at the same time.
  • Users can use Google applications including Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Calendar, Chat, Meet and more to help businesses collaborate more easily, efficiently and effectively.
  • Users can sync more data and upload larger files to the cloud.
  • Users can enjoy a more secure file-sharing service provided by Box, because users can set passwords for shared files.
  • Users can use Box to set a more secure password for the file to protect the file.

2 Ways for Google Drive to Box Sync

For Google Drive to Box file sync needs, different users have different reasons. However, whatever the reason, you might be wondering how to quickly and securely sync your Google Drive files to your box. With the following 2 methods provided in this article, you can easily complete the data sync operation.

1. Perform Google Drive to Box Sync by Google Takeout

If you don't need to sync files from Google Drive to Box all the time, you can occasionally use Google's Google Takeout feature to move content from Google Drive to Box. This will copy your Google Drive to the location you specified (Box in this case).

Step 1: Visit Google Takeout in a web browser and log in.

Step 2: The first thing to do is "Deselect all", scroll down until you see "Drive" and check the box.

Select Google Drive
Select Google Drive

Note: You can also make changes by clicking on "All Drive data included" to choose specific folders to ignore or sync with Box.

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and select "b" to choose an export option. Here, in "Delivery method", choose Box.

Add to Box
Add to Box

Step 4: "Frequency" should be Once; "File type" should be ZIP. How much free space do you have in your Box account? Choose your size accordingly. The default is 2 GB.

Step 5: Click "Create Export".

Link Accounts and Create Export
Link Accounts and Create Export

When using this method, you need to be aware of the following pitfalls:

  • Google Takeout doesn't transfer files and folders that are shared with you. To sync shared documents to Box, please add Shared With Me to My Drive first.
  • Depending on the size of the export, the migration process may take several days.
  • Google Takeout will export one or more archives, not individual files and folders. To use your documents in Box, you first need to unzip and reorganize them.
  • In this process, "Google Takeout not Working" may appear.

2. Automatically Perform Google Drive to Box Sync

MultCloud makes it easy to sync and share files from multiple Google Drive accounts and Box accounts, and also facilitates moving files from Google Drive to Box accounts (or Box to Google Drive accounts), and can now possible to copy/transfer, sync or backup files from a Google Drive account to a Box account (or a Box account to a Google Drive account).

  • It syncs documents that you own and that are shared with you, and it's fully automated.
  • It can sync Google Drive data to Box in real-time. Whenever there are any changes to your Google Drive, those changes will be synced to Box in real-time.
  • It provides 10 sync modes to meet the user's sync needs to the greatest extent.
  • It works online, so you can close your browser or even shut down your computer while the migration is running.
  • It's quick to set up and works fast.

If you would like to sync your Google Drive files to Box instead of migrating them, you can use the MultCloud "Cloud Sync" solution to do so. Check out this Google Drive to Box sync guide for detailed sync steps.

Step 1. Create a MultCloud account. You can sign up with your email or authorize login with your Facebook or Google account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Click the "Add Cloud" button and select Google Drive from the list below to add.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Step 3. Add Box to MultCloud in the same way as above.

Add Box
Add Box

Note: MultCloud has no limit to the number of cloud drives you can add, so you can add as many cloud accounts as you like. This way, you can manage multiple cloud storage accounts from the same interface.

Step 4. Click "Cloud Sync" to enter the sync interface. Select Google Drive or one of its folders as the source, Box or one of its folders as the destination, click the "Sync Now" button and wait for the process to complete.

Sync Google Drive with Box
Sync Google Drive with Box


  • Automatic file transfer needs to be set in "Schedule".
  • Other sync modes, email notifications and file filtering options are also available in "Options".
  • To sync Google Drive Shared with me to Box, you need to add Shared with me to MultCloud in advance.


The above 2 ways can help you complete Google Drive to Box sync. The former is suitable for syncing a small amount of data at a time, and the latter is suitable for syncing a large amount of data in real time. As you can see from the steps above, with the help of MultCloud, you can sync Google Drive with Box very quickly. In addition, MultCloud also provides other core functions, such as Cloud Transfer, Team Transfer, Cloud Backup and Remote Upload.

The core functionality helps to transfer files directly from one cloud, back them up to other clouds, and even remotely upload files to the cloud by parsing URLs, torrent files, or magnet links. If you want to better move files between cloud services or download torrents directly to Google Drive, you can use these features.

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