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Three Ways to Do Google Backup and Sync Multiple Accounts

How do I sync multiple Google accounts? If you want to backup multiple Google Drive accounts, you can follow this article to backup and sync multiple Google Accounts with three tested solutions.

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Aug 5, 2019 | 4 mins read

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Google Drive is a good solution for cloud storage and many users have several accounts to gain more free cloud storage. In this situation, synchronization can help you collaborate your multiple accounts. But is it possible to backup and sync Google Drive accounts? Yes, there are three solutions.

Common Ways to Do Google Backup and Sync Multiple Accounts

Basically, you can choose to install Google Backup and Sync or make use of Google Drive “Sharing” feature to help you. Now, lee’s see more details of these two methods one by one.

Solution 1: Use Google Drive “Sharing” Feature

Step 1: Login one of your Google Drive accounts through the official site.
Step 2: Press "+" button to create a new folder. To identify this folder, you can name it as "Synced".
Step 3: Move all files placed under the account to "Synced" folder.
Step 4: Select "Synced" folder and right click "Share" and then you can see such an interface below. Enter the username or email address that is linked to your another account and click on "Send".

Use Sharing Feature
Use Sharing Feature

Step 5: Login another account.
Step 6: Move to "Shared with me" interface and you can view the "Synced" folder.
Step 7: Select the folder and right click "Add to My Drive".

You can sync two Google Drive accounts through this way but you may find it is annoying to create a new folder and then move all the files to it. But don’t worry, you can refer to Solution 2 to help you.

Solution 2: Use Backup and Sync

Backup and Sync is a product launched by Google that can safely do Google backup and sync multiple accounts. You can follow the steps below to learn how to use it to sync your accounts.

Step 1. Click on the task-bar icon of Google Backup and Sync. In the pop-up little window, click on “Settings” (the three dots).

Backup and Sync Taskbar Click
Backup and Sync Taskbar Click

Step 2. In the next pop-up little window, select  “Add New” Account.

Backup and Sync Add New Account
Backup and Sync Add New Account

Step 3. Then, it will display you with the get started page and you can follow the guidance to finish your settings just as you set up your first Google account the first time. When finally completed, you will see two Backup and Sync icon on the left of the task-bar with each carrying one Google account.

Since the release of Google Backup and Sync, it has become a hot topic among users. However, people do not think it is as good as the former Google Drive backup software because it brings many problems to users when they backup and sync files between local storage and cloud drive:

  • Google photos backup stuck.
  • Google photos backup duplicate.
  • Google photos backup delete.
  • Google Drive doesn’t sync all files.
  • ……

To avoid these problems mentioned above, is there an easier way that can help you backup Google accounts? Yes! A professional and secure web-based tool called MultCloud can easily sync files from one Google Drive to another.

New Way: Google Backup and Sync Multiple Accounts with MultCloud

MultCloud is a free multiple cloud manager that supports many mainstream cloud drives like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Flickr, etc. With”Cloud Sync” feature, you can quickly and easily sync between your Google Drive accounts. There are detailed steps.

Step 1. Create MultCloud Account

To make use of the service, you need to create create an account from the official website.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add Google Drive

Click “Add Clouds” button to add your Google Drive accounts to MultCloud.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive to MultCloud

Note: You can only add one cloud account in one time. To add extra accounts, just repeat the operations above. When all accounts are added, you can view them listed in the left in Cloud Explorer tab.

Step 3. Sync files from One Google Account to Another

Click on “Cloud Sync” button and select one Google Drive as the source and another one as the destination. Then click on “Syncs Now” to complete the task.

Sync One Google Drive to Another
Sync One Google Drive to Another

Of course, if you want to sync from Google Drive to other clouds, you can select this cloud as the target directory. Here we take OneDrive as the example to show you how to perform the operation.

First you need to repeat the former two steps and then select Google Drive as the source and OneDrive as the destination. Then you also need to click on “Sync Now” to complete the task.

Sync Google Drive to OneDrive
Sync Google Drive to OneDrive


  • Of course, conversely, you can set Google Drive as the destination and other cloud drives as the source. For example, you can backup Dropbox to Google Drive or copy from OneDrive to Google Drive.
  • You can edit task name as you like on the upper column between the source and destination frames.
  • You can decide the type of sync, either one-way sync or two-way sync.
  • In sync options window, you can further specify the sync method if you choose one-way sync above. You can also order email notification of the sync task result as well as filter certain files to be targeted or to be omitted while picking up source files by file extension.

    Cloud Sync Options
    Cloud Sync Options

    In sync schedule window, you can set up one or more schedules to automatically carry out the sync task daily, weekly or monthly by upgrading your account.


    This paper introduces three solutions for you to realize Google backup and sync multiple accounts and you can choose one based on your preference.

    Besides cloud to cloud sync, MultCloud also enables you to transfer files from one cloud to another as well as basic cloud files management with “Cloud Transfer” and “Cloud Explorer” functions. So if necessary, you can migrate from Dropbox to Google Drive, transfer MEGA to OneDrive, perform safe file sharing or realize managing several OneDrive accounts on same PC easily.

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