What Does Free Cloud Sync Storage Mean?

Free cloud sync storage here refers to free cloud drive storage for saving files/folders, photos/pictures/images, videos/movies, documents/sheets, etc. data synchronized from local computer, desktop, laptop, notebook, pad, etc. devices or synced from another cloud drive account.

When talks about such free storage space, the first idea comes into our mind is the attributed free cloud quota by each cloud provider to each of their user’s cloud account, such as 15 GB free cloud drive storage offered by Google Drive, 2 GB provided by Dropbox as well as 5 GB for OneDrive.

How to Get Best Free Cloud Sync Storage?

If we want more storage space and do not want to pay for it, we usually create more accounts of the same cloud brand or of different cloud providers. We intend to create account of cloud services which can offer us with more free cloud storages like MEGA, which provides each account with 50 GB free of charge but with 1 GB data transfer limit for every six hours.

Why need to connect all free cloud storages?

Though we can have enough free cloud storage for our data saving, it is not convenient to manage data saved in different cloud accounts. We have to sign in multiple cloud accounts, keep several webpages or cloud sync apps open simultaneously and shift from one account to another. It is a usual situation that the multiple tasks mess us around. The most trouble thing is that, if we want to transfer files from one cloud account to another one, even if both accounts are of the same cloud brand, such as OneDrive, we still have to first of all download target files from source account to local machine, and then upload them from local to destination cloud. Sometimes, there is requirement to local transit location on storage size if the target files are of large amount.

Luckily, here, we will introduce a way to link all our free cloud quotas of each cloud account together. Thus, we can directly move data between clouds instead of taking local as transit. The way is to rely on a free web-based multiple cloud drives manager called MultCloud.

How to link all free cloud storages together?

To make use MultCloud online service, we should firstly create an account of it through the official website give above.

Then, sign in to its application and add clouds to its platform. In the main interface, click on Add Clouds tab and select the cloud you have account with. Here, take OneDrive for example. Then, just follow the easy guidance to finish adding cloud account to MultCloud.

Add OneDrive

MultCloud only allows us to add one cloud account for one time. We should repeat add cloud task to add more accounts.

Finally, when all related clouds are added into MultCloud platform, we can view them all in the left menu of Cloud Explorer tab.

Added Cloud Accounts in MultCloud

How to Make Use of Free Cloud Storage with Sync?

With all cloud accounts we have added into MultCloud platform and been linked together by MultCloud, now, we can manage them at ease including but not limited to sync/backup/transfer/move/migrate/copy files from one cloud to another, upload from local, download to local, create new folders, delete unnecessary items, duplicate a file, rename a photo and share videos to others.

Free cloud storage with desktop sync

Just like the above picture shows, click on one of the cloud drive on the left menu of Cloud Explorer tab, the contains of the drive will be listed on the right area, and select Upload button on the top to sync files from local desktop to this cloud account.

Free cloud storage and sync between clouds

To free cloud storage sync, go to Cloud Sync tab, specify source cloud and destination cloud and click Sync Now. Here, we take sync from one OneDrive to another for example.

Sync from One OneDrive Account to Another

We can personalize task name, sync method (one-way sync or two-way sync), advanced options as well as set a sync schedule.


With just sign in once into MultCloud, we can access all free cloud accounts we ever added into MultCloud and manage them easily. It is much more convenient than usual shifting among several cloud accounts. MultCloud gives us best free cloud storage with sync.

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