What is the Dropbox Extension for Gmail?

Dropbox Gmail Extension
Dropbox Gmail Extension

The Dropbox extension for Gmail is called "Dropbox for Gmail". It is an add-on that supports sharing and saving files without leaving the Gmail interface. With this extension, you can directly share Dropbox files with Gmail by attaching them when composing an email. Also, you can use it to save Gmail email attachments to Dropbox easily since there is a specific button on Gmail for Dropbox.

How to Install and Use Dropbox Gmail Extension

After having a basic impression of the Dropbox for Gmail extension, the post would like to tell you the steps for installing and using this extension. The steps are easy to follow, so you won’t fail to master them.

Install Dropbox Gmail Extension

Step 1: Open Gmail and click the “+” icon in the right bar.

Step 2: Enter “Dropbox for Gmail” in the search bar and tap “Install”. Then click “Continue” in the pop-up window.

Click Install
Click Install

Step 3: Log in to your Dropbox account, scroll down the page until you see “Allow” in the lower-right corner, and click on it. If you find the “Install” icon becomes “Uninstall”, it means you have successfully integrated Dropbox and Gmail with the extension.

Click Allow
Click Allow

Note: If you want to remove the Dropbox Gmail extension, you can follow the steps: Open Gmail > Click the Dropbox icon in the right bar > Tap the 3-dots icon > Choose “Manage add-on” > Click “Uninstall”.

Click Mange Add-on
Click Mange Add-on

Save Email Attachments to Dropbox by Dropbox Gmail Extension

Step 1: Enter Gmail and open one of your emails.

Step 2: Click the Dropbox icon in the right sidebar and click “SIGN IN” or “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” to log in to your Dropbox account.

Log in to Dropbox Account
Log in to the Dropbox Account

Note: If you can’t see the Dropbox icon, it is possible that you won’t extend the sidebar. At this point, you should click the arrow icon in the lower-right corner to extend it.

Step 3: Select your desired Gmail email attachments and a Dropbox folder. Then click “Save” and the file will be uploaded to your Dropbox.

Share Dropbox Files with Gmail by Dropbox Gmail Extension

Step 1: Open Gmail and click “Compose” in the upper-left corner.

Click Compose
Click Compose

Step 2: Tap the Dropbox icon and select a file that you are willing to share.

Click the Dropbox Icon
Click the Dropbox Icon

Step 3: Enter the recipient and subject, and click “Send”. Then that Dropbox file will be shared with others via Gmail.

Best Alternative to Dropbox Gmail Extension - MultCloud

There may be a possibility that you can’t use the Gmail Dropbox extension. For example, you cannot find the Dropbox button on Gmail. At this point, you can use MultCloud to save emails to Dropbox or share Dropbox files as an alternative. MultCloud can manage your multiple cloud drives with one app. It offers "Email Migration" to easily save Gmail or Outlook emails to Dropbox, Google Drive, or other cloud drives. Additionally, you can use "Shares" to share files from a cloud with others.

Move Gmail Emails to Dropbox as PDFs by Email Migration

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and get a MultCloud account.

Step 2: Add Gmail by clicking “Add Email” and the Gmail icon. Then log in to your Gmail account in the pop-up window. Also, click "Add Cloud" and the Dropbox icon to add Dropbox to MultCloud.

Add Gmail
Add Gmail

Step 3: Click “Email Migration” and choose Gmail and Dropbox in the boxes. Then tap “Migrate Now” and the emails will be transferred from Gmail to Dropbox. Before initiating the task, you can use the "Schedule" to set a fixed running frequency and the "Email Filter" to batch-select your desired emails. 

Migrate Gmail to Dropbox
Migrate Gmail to Dropbox

Note: A free user can convert 50 emails per month. If you have a larger demand than this amount, you can purchase another plan to convert more emails. When you become a premium user, you can migrate up to 200 emails at the same time and use all the paid features.

Migration Settings:

Save Attachments: If you tick this box, all the attachments will be migrated along with their emails.

Conversation Format: If there are several messages in one Gmail, they will be listed individually in the PDF.

Save the last message only: It will only list the last message and the other messages will be displayed as the quotation.

Migration Settings
Migration Settings

Share Dropbox Files with Others by Shares

Step 1: Open Dropbox in the left sidebar and select files that you want to share with others after you have a MultCloud account and add Dropbox to it.

Select Dropbox Files
Select Dropbox Files

Step 2: Click “Share” in the upper menu bar and choose “Share with MultCloud” or “Create a Transfer” to get a shared link. Then all you need to do is send the link to others.

Click Share
Click Share

Note: If you choose "Share with MultCloud", you will see 3 different sharing modes: Public Share, Private Share, and Source Share.

  • The Public Share means people who receive your shared link can directly access the shared files.
  • On the contrary, if you want to put a password to the shared files, you can use the Private Share instead.
  • Different from the former 2 sharing modes, Source Share creates a shared link from the cloud website instead of MultCloud.

Step 3: If you share a Dropbox folder with others and want them to upload files to this folder without your account, you can click "Shares" in the left bar, find the sharing record, and turn on the button beside it.

Allow Others to Upload Files to Dropbox
Allow Others to Upload Files to Dropbox

Bonus Tip: MultCloud vs Dropbox Gmail Extension

This section is a brief comparison of MultCloud and Dropbox for Gmail. You may choose a preferred one to use by this comparison.

  • Sharing: MultCloud shares Dropbox files or folders with others through the shared links. However, Dropbox for Gmail shares Dropbox files through Gmail emails.
  • Transfer: MultCloud transfers emails to Dropbox with or without attachments but the Dropbox Gmail extension only saves the attachments to Dropbox.
  • Convert to PDFs: MultCloud will convert the Gmail emails into PDFs before they are transferred to Dropbox. However, the Dropbox extension can’t realize it.


Till now, you must know how to install and use the Dropbox Gmail extension to share and save files. It is true that this extension can bring Dropbox Gmail integration, but the functions are limited. So, you can use MultCloud as an alternative. MultCloud can not only do the same things as the Dropbox for Gmail extension but also achieve the tasks in a more convenient way like migrating Gmail to Dropbox in batch.

Additionally, if you have other needs for cloud-to-cloud migration, you can also use MultCloud. There is a function called Cloud Transfer which is designed to move files from one cloud to another cloud such as moving Google Drive files to Dropbox. By Cloud Transfer, you can quickly transfer files without downloading any app or files to a local position.

Does Dropbox work with email?
Dropbox is primarily a cloud storage and file-sharing service, not an email platform. However, you can share Dropbox files via email by generating shareable links or attachments, but it doesn't directly integrate with email for sending or receiving messages.
What is Gmail extension?
A Gmail extension is a software add-on or plugin that enhances the functionality of Gmail, Google's email service. These extensions can provide additional features, productivity tools, or integrations with other apps to improve the email experience for users.
Does Google have a Dropbox feature?
Yes, Google offers a feature called "Google Drive" that serves a similar purpose to Dropbox. Google Drive allows users to store, share, and sync files in the cloud, similar to Dropbox's file storage and sharing capabilities.
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