Can I Save a Gmail Email as a PDF?

Save a Gmail Email as a PDF
Save a Gmail Email as a PDF

The answer is yes and you can refer to the 3 methods shown in the next 2 sections which tell you how to convert Gmail to PDF in batches or in singles. But first of all, you will know some benefits of saving a Gmail email as a PDF.

  • Portability: Different email servers may store emails in different formats which may be not compatible. However, because PDF is portable, if you convert Gmail into PDF, you can access your emails on any device as long as that device has a PDF reader.
  • Original Format: Saving emails as PDFs can preserve emails in their original format. That means if you download emails as PDFs, you don’t have to worry about your email formats being messed up which may lead to semantic confusion.
  • Easy Sharing: PDFs can be easily shared with others and others can read and save them conveniently.
  • Better Managing: When you save Gmail as a PDF, you can rename that PDF according to your need and put it in the folder which is specially designed for the same assignment.

Therefore, it is necessary to convert Gmail emails to PDF and the following sections will show you how to do that simply.

Convert Gmail to PDF to Cloud/Local via MultCloud [Batch]

If you have a lot of emails to convert to PDF, you can use MultCloud to help you quickly solve that problem. MultCloud is famous for managing multiple cloud drives and recently it will release new functions for managing emails. To batch-transform Gmail emails to PDF, you can use Email Migration or Email Download on MultCloud. Email Migration is used to transfer email servers to cloud drives like Gmail to Dropbox while Email Download is used to download emails to a local position.

You can transfer up to 200 pieces of emails at once on MultCloud which is much helpful for saving your time and energy. Also, you don’t have to pick out your desired emails manually if you use Filter on MultCloud. Email sender, recipient, date, attachment, and status are allowed to choose in Filter. After you save the Filter options, it will exclude the emails which don’t meet your demands during the migrating process.

Email Filter
Email Filter

Save Gmail as PDF to Cloud by Email Migration

If you want to convert Gmail to PDF and saved the emails in a cloud drive, this way is your best choice because you don’t need to download and upload for the transfer. You can even schedule the migration so that your emails can be automatically updated in the cloud to which you choose to transfer.

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and get a new MultCloud account by clicking “Sign up Free”.

Step 2: Click “Add Cloud” and choose Gmail to add it to MultCloud. Then click “Add Cloud” and choose Google Drive (for example) to add a cloud to MultCloud.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Step 3: Open “Email Migration” and select Gmail in the left box and Google Drive in the right box. Finally, click “Migrate Now” and your Gmail emails will be moved to Google Drive in PDF format.

Migrate Gmail to Google Drive
Migrate Gmail to Google Drive

Note: Except for Filter and Schedule, you can also tick the Notification option in order to let MultCloud send you an email after the migration task is completed.

Email Migration Notification
Email Migration Notification

Convert Gmail to PDF to Local by Download

This method is offered for exporting Gmail emails to a local position as PDF. There is a hint for you. By Email Download, if you choose more than one email to export, the emails will be involved in a package but also obey the rule: one email, one PDF.

Step 1: After you sign up for a MultCloud account and add Gmail to MultCloud, open the folders in Gmail and select the emails that you want to download.

Select Emails
Select Emails

Note: The folders correspond to the tags in Gmail. For example, if you want to download emails from your inbox, you should open the “Inbox” folder and choose the emails that you are willing to transfer.

Step 4: Click “Download” in the upper bar and then name an email or a package. If the “options” are useful for you, you can tick the boxes and then click “OK”. Till now, all you have to do to convert Gmail to PDF is finished.

Email Download Settings
Email Download Settings


Download Options:

  • Save Attachments: The attachments will be downloaded along with your selected emails.
  • Conversation Format: Every dialogue in one email will be listed individually without repeated references.
  • Save the last message only: Only the last message in one email will be shown individually and others will be listed as its quotations.

If you have masses of emails to be converted to PDF, the free 50 pieces of emails per month maybe not enough for you. However, when you are a MultCloud VIP User, the amount of transforming emails to PDF will be unlimited.

Convert Gmail to PDF in Common Way [Single]

If you only have a few emails to convert, you can try this common way by Print. But this way is not as good as the former 2 ways because you have to convert emails one by one. So, if the number of emails is huge, using this way may be annoying. Besides, you can’t save Gmail to cloud drives directly in this way unless you have downloaded the cloud’s desktop apps.

Step 1: Open the Gmail website and log in to your account.

Step 2: Enter Inbox and open your desired email. Then click the print icon in the upper-right corner or “Print” in the menu.

Select Print
Select Print

Step 3: Change the Destination to “Save as PDF” and click “Save”. Then choose a local position to store the PDF and click “Save”. Your emails will be existed in that local position in PDF format soon.

Choose Save as PDF
Choose Save as PDF


The 3 ways all deserve to be tried to convert Gmail to PDF. And as you can see, the new functions of MultCloud for emails are great because they are free to use and the steps are easy to follow. If you are interested in these functions, you can try them on MultCloud in mid-May.

Also, other functions on MultCloud are worth using such as Team Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and so on. Any cloud-to-cloud problem can be effortlessly solved through MultCloud like how to backup iCloud Photos to Google Photos. You can get the best solution on MultCloud which even allows you to restore files in different versions.

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