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User Case: How to Download Gmail Email as PDF?


Please help to download Gmail as PDF!

I have large numbers of Gmail emails and their attachments that I need to save to a pdf for legal purposes.  I've just run a test using Google Takeout and am waiting for those results. But the Google Takeout instructions do not mention the email attachments and they are a critical component of the download or export.  PDF is the preferred format (searchable if possible) because this doc will be sent to a very broad range of reviewers across many distinct organizations, each with its own internal networks and security protocols. It is ok to break down large pdfs into smaller files if necessary. But downloading or exporting each email into its own file is not acceptable. This is an ongoing issue for us and we appreciate your collective wisdom and assistance!

- Question from support.google.com

Why do you want to save Gmail email as PDF? Because the PDF is easier to find, applicable to a wider range of situations, and can be edited. How to save email as PDF in Gmail website or app, here you can find solutions, let’s get started.

Download Gmail as PDF
Download Gmail as PDF

5 Ways to Download Gmail Email as PDF

There are multiple different effective ways to export Gmail emails to PDF, see the details below.

Way 1. Print All to Download Gmail as PDF on the Website

How to let Gmail download emails as pdf with the built-in "Print All" feature, let's find out:

1. Please log in to your Gmail on your website.

2. Open an email in your Gmail inbox by clicking it.

3. Hit the print all icon at the top right, it will pop up a print window like this screenshot.

Click Print All
Click Print All

4. Choose the Save as PDF option in the Destination section, and other settings you want, Hit Save.

Gmail Print Option
Gmail Print Option

Note: Besides, you can choose Save to Google Drive to upload the PDF of Gmail email to Google Drive directly.

5. Choose a local directory, rename its file name if required, and choose PDF in the "Save as type" section > Save to download Gmail as PDF easily.

Download Gmail Email as PDF
Download Gmail Email as a PDF

Way 2. Save Gmail Email as PDF on the Website

There is another way to download email as PDF in Gmail, print Gmail emails one by one, see the steps:

1. Please sign in to your Gmail account, then click the Gmail you want to download.

3. Click the three dots icon at the top right, then choose Print.

Print Option
Gmail Print Option

4. Follow the same steps above to save a Gmail email as PDF.


  • If you choose Download message from the context menu, or choose Show original, then Download Original, it will download your email as .eml file format, and will not download Gmail message as PDF. And this type of file has to be opened with Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, or other mail apps. The .eml file will include your attachments but is only readable for some applications, lacking universal.
  • However, you have to repeat the same process to download Gmail as PDF if you have plenty of emails to download, which is not convenient for you.
  • The above two ways of print only download your email without attachments.

Way 3. Download Gmail Emails as PDFs on iPhone/iPad

1. Please open your Gmail app on your phone device.

2. Open your email and hit the three-dots icon from the top right.

3. Choose Print from the menu, then select AirPrint > Save to Files.

4. Hit Save as PDF or the icon to print.

Print Gmail Emails on iPhone or iPad
Download Gmail as PDF on iPhone or iPad

5. Select a destination and hit Save to print Gmail Emails as PDFs.

Way 4. Save Email as PDF in Gmail on Android Phones

1. Please launch Gmail app from your Android phone, and open the email you want to save as PDF.

2. Click the three-dots icon at the top right, and select Print.

Download Gmail as PDF on Android
Download Gmail as PDF on Android

3. Expand the menu to select Save as PDF, set up other settings you’d prefer, and hit the Print icon to download Gmail as PDF.

Way 5. Download All Gmail Emails as PDFs at Once

Fortunately, you have another easier way to batch download Gmail as PDF with the powerful multi-cloud manager - MultCloud, which allows you to download all emails from Gmail as PDF with attachments downloaded too, then you can use these PDFs in many more situations.

  • Smart: Easily share cloud files via public, private, or source mode.
  • Efficient: One-key data transfer, sync, and backup between clouds.
  • Safe: Full-time 256-bit AES and OAuth authorization protections.
  • Easy: Access and manage all clouds in one place with one login.
  • Extensive: 30+ clouds and on-premise services are supported.

Here is how to batch-download emails as PDFs from Gmail with MultCloud:

1. Please sign up for a MultCloud account, then sign in.

Sign Up for MultCloud
Sign Up for MultCloud

2. Click Add Email from My Online Services, choose Gmail, and grant access to MultCloud.

Add Gmail
Add Gmail

3. After adding Gmail, it will list all the emails from your Gmail account.

Gmail List
Gmail List

4. Go to Inbox or other folders that contain the emails you want to download.

5. Tick all the emails from Gmail, and click Download (or right-click them, and choose Download).

Notes: You only have a number of 50 emails to PDF conversion if you have a free MultCloud account, and you can get unlimited email to PDF conversion if you have upgraded to advanced plans, as well as all advanced features.

6. Check the Save Attachments option and hit OK.

Download Gmail Emails as PDF with Attachments
Download Gmail Emails as PDFs with Attachments


  • Conversation Format is able to hide the quoted text in emails while exporting, if you would like to show that part while exporting, just uncheck it to save an entire Gmail thread as a PDF.
  • Save the last message only can be helpful for you to generate clear information with hidden quoted information.

Now all your selected emails in Gmail will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. Now you can unzip the folder, and move to the destination you’d prefer, or upload to Dropbox, OneDrive, or other clouds.

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The End

Now 5 effective ways have been introduced to download Gmail as PDF. Just find the best way to export Gmail emails to PDFs. Compared with other solutions, MultCloud is quite easy to download all your emails from Gmail to PDFs in a few minutes at once without manually downloading every email. Besides, you can merge Dropbox and Gmail as well.

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