What is Dropbox Gmail Integration?

Gmail Dropbox Integration
Gmail Dropbox Integration

Dropbox and Gmail are two of the most widely used tools for managing and sharing files and communication. While each tool is great on its own, integrating them can take your productivity to the next level.

Benefits of Dropbox Gmail Integration

Integrating Dropbox with Gmail can simplify the process of managing files and emails. Instead of switching between two different applications, users can access their Dropbox files directly from their Gmail accounts. With Dropbox and Gmail integration, you can seamlessly save and share files from your Dropbox account right within your Gmail inbox, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively.

Streamlined Workflow: By connecting Dropbox and Gmail, you can streamline your workflow and reduce the time it takes to switch between different tools and platforms. You can easily save and share files from your Dropbox account right within your Gmail inbox, without having to leave the app.

Increased Productivity: Integrating Gmail and Dropbox can also increase your productivity by allowing you to access and share files more quickly and easily. You can collaborate on projects with others in real-time, without having to switch between different apps or platforms.

Better Organization: Integrating Dropbox and Gmail can also help you keep your files more organized. You can create custom folders for your Gmail attachments, making it easier to find and access files when you need them.

Dropbox Gmail Integration via MultCloud [Automatic]

To achieve Gmail and Dropbox integration more seamlessly, you can set up the connection between Dropbox and Gmail in an automatic mode. By doing so, your Gmail could be saved to Dropbox automatically for you to access Gmail from Dropbox.

All you need is a professional email migration service, MultCloud. MultCloud is a popular and industry-leading cloud file manager. It not only can help users conveniently access and manage all cloud files and emails in one place with one login, but also can help users transfer, sync, or backup cloud files or emails to another cloud with a single click.

Dropbox Gmail Integration by Email Migration

If you want to integrate Gmail with Dropbox without every time opening Gmail and sending it to Dropbox, MultCloud offers the Email Migration feature to directly save your Gmail as a PDF to Dropbox or other 30+ clouds accompanied with your Gmail attachments.

Step 1. Create a MultCloud account on its website.


Step 2. Click "Add Email" and choose Gmail to log in to your Google account. Then click "Add Cloud" and choose Dropbox or Dropbox Business to add to MultCloud.

Add Dropbox to MultCloud
Add Dropbox to MultCloud

Step 3. Open the Email Migration function, select emails in Gmail as the source, and select a place in Dropbox as the destination. Then click "Migrate Now" to integrate Dropbox with Gmail immediately.

MultCloud Email Migration
MultCloud Email Migration

For persistently connecting Gmail to Dropbox, MultCloud offers daily, weekly, and monthly plans in the Email Migration Schedule for you to set up an automatic Email Migration task.


What’s more, MultCloud allows you to choose the email conversation format you need to save as PDFs.


Dropbox Gmail Integration via Dropbox for Gmail Add-On

Initially, there were two simple extensions available for you to connect Gmail to Dropbox. They were Dropbox for Gmail Chrome extension and Dropbox for Gmail add-on. However, as of August 2021, Dropbox has discontinued support for the Dropbox for Gmail Chrome extension. So, the remaining official extension is Dropbox for Gmail add-on.

The Dropbox for Gmail add-on is a free extension of Gmail. By using this extension, you can easily and quickly connect Dropbox to Gmail. This add-on gives you seamless access to your Dropbox files directly from your Gmail inbox, eliminating the need to switch between multiple windows or applications.

  • You can easily share your Dropbox files directly from your Gmail account so as to send large files through Gmail.
  • You can also save Gmail attachments directly to your Dropbox account from within your Gmail inbox.

Preparation: Enable the Dropbox for Gmail Add-On

Step 1. Log in to your Gmail account on the browser.

Step 2. Click on the “Get add-ons” button in the top-right corner and scroll down the pop-up window to find the Dropbox for Gmail add-on.

Find the Add-On
Find the Add-On

Step 3. Click “Install” and log in to your Dropbox account.

Install the Add-On
Install the Add-On

Gmail Dropbox Integration 1: Attach Dropbox Files to Gmail

Step 1. On the Inbox tab of your Gmail interface, click “Compose” to write a new Gmail.

Compose a New Gmail
Compose a New Gmail

Step 2. Click the Dropbox button and select your Dropbox files in the pop-up window for sharing through Gmail.

Add Dropbox Files as Gmail Attachments
Add Dropbox Files as Gmail Attachments

Dropbox Gmail Integration 2: Save Gmail Attachments to Dropbox

Step 1. Open an email in Gmail that has attachments.

Step 2. Click the Dropbox icon in the right sidebar.

Step 3. Select the attachments that you want to save to Dropbox.

Save Email Attachments to Dropbox
Save Email Attachments to Dropbox

Step 4. Choose a place in Dropbox to save your Gmail attachments. Then click “Save”.

Choose a Place to Save Email Attachments
Choose a Place to Save Email Attachments

Gmail Dropbox Integration 3: Share Gmail from Dropbox

Step 1. Open your Gmail and click "Compose".

Step 2. Tap on the Dropbox icon located at the lower part of the Compose window.

Step 3. Pick the file you intend to share from your Dropbox within the appearing pop-up window.

Step 4. Execute the action by clicking the "Insert link" command.

Share Gmail by Dropbox
Share Gmail by Dropbox

In the End

The Dropbox Gmail integration is a powerful way to streamline your workflow and increase productivity. By saving email attachments to Dropbox, attaching Dropbox files in Gmail, and collaborating on Dropbox files within Gmail, you can work more efficiently and effectively. With the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you can get the most out of Gmail Dropbox integration and take your productivity to the next level.

☁MultCloud Automatic integration with various schedules.
📩Dropbox for Gmail One-time integration with various functions.

Besides, you can use the Email to PDF converter, MultCloud, to back up your emails to cloud storage services or your local drive with a few clicks. You can use the Cloud Transfer features to transfer files between cloud storage services without downloading or uploading.

  • Email Migration: Save emails as PDFs directly to cloud storage.
  • Email Download: Convert emails to PDFs and download locally.
  • Cloud Transfer: Transfer data across clouds with one click.
  • Cloud Sync: Sync files between clouds in 10 excellent modes.
  • Cloud Management: Manage 30+ clouds in one safe place.

Can I send large files using Dropbox Gmail integration?

Yes, one of the main advantages of using Dropbox Gmail integration is the ability to send large files. Instead of attaching large files directly to your emails, you can send links to these files stored in Dropbox, allowing recipients to download the files without overwhelming email inboxes.

Is Dropbox Gmail integration secure?

Yes, Dropbox Gmail integration typically maintains a high level of security. Files stored in Dropbox are subject to Dropbox's security measures, and sharing links to files rather than attaching them directly can reduce the risk of accidental exposure of sensitive data through email.

Does Dropbox Gmail integration work with other email services?

Dropbox Gmail integration is primarily designed to work with Gmail, but Dropbox might offer similar integrations or features for other email services as well.

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