Why would you want to consolidate your cloud storage?

There are many amazing free or paid cloud storage services. Each has its own features. Besides, the storage of one account is limited. Therefore, you may want to consolidate cloud storage to decrease cost, improve performance, and save time.

Many people have more than one cloud drives for different usage. If you are managing multiple cloud storage accounts, you probable wander if there is a way to combine all the cloud storage drives altogether..

You may need to consolidate free cloud storage accounts of one cloud service. Say that you love using Google Drive but you think 15GB of free storage is not enough. In that case, you can combine multiple Google Drive accounts.

With combined cloud drives, you can easily transfer files or folders from one cloud drive to another without the need to download it to your computer and upload to cloud.

Combine cloud storage into one--MultCloud

You can use a free web app MultCloud to put all of your cloud storage accounts in one place, where you can freely transfer data across different cloud drives, sync cloud drive to another, share files with other people. It also allows you to save web files to cloud drives directly without downloading to your PC.

While transferring data, Multcloud apply 256-bit AES Encryption to protect your data’s safety. MultCloud does not save your password of your cloud drives and it does not save your data and files.

Multcloud allows you to add more than 20 different cloud drives including Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, MEGA, pCloud, and many other cloud drives. You can add unlimited accounts for each of the cloud drives.

How to combine multiple cloud drives?

Since it’s a web app, you do not need to download and install anything. You can just go to multcloud.com and then sign up for a new account. If you do not want to sign up before you know how it works, you can experience without signing up.

Add multiple cloud storage drives:

1. After login, you can click “Add Cloud Drives”.

2. Choose a cloud drive that you want to connect. Here we take Google Drive as an example. Select Google Drive and click “Next”.

3. Click “Add Google Drive Account”.

4. Login to Google Drive to authorize access to Multcloud.

After add all of your cloud drives, you can easily manage them with Multcloud. You can simply drag and drop to copy files or folders from one cloud drive to another just like using Windows File Explorer. What’s more, it allows you to sync drive or folder to another cloud drive automatically.

Sync Google Drive with Dropbox

1. When all your cloud drives are added, click “Cloud Sync”.

2. Click to select Google Drive as source and Dropbox as destination. You can also sync folders between two cloud drives.

3. Click Schedule to specify when you want the task to perform or repeat if needed.

4. Click “Add Task” if you have set up a schedule or click “Sync Now” if just want to run it once.

Once the task is created, you can just leave it and all the data will be synchronized as scheduled. In conclusion, consolidating cloud storage can really make your work more productive and effective. In addition, Multcloud is a free tool and it helps you save money and time.

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