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Why Need Cloud Storage Transfer Service?

With the popularity of cloud storage services, many users are willing to store large amounts of data (including family photos, videos, work documents, worksheets, etc.) in the cloud. To avoid putting all the eggs in one basket, or due to the limited free storage space or different functions provided by each cloud service, many people have more than one different cloud storage or different accounts of the same cloud brand.

Cloud to Cloud Transfer
Cloud to Cloud Transfer

In such an environment, sometimes, cloud storage users need to transfer some files from one cloud storage to another, for example, transfer files from Google Drive to MEGA. However, to complete the transfer task, the user needs to download the target files from the source cloud to the local computer, and then upload these files from the local to the target cloud drive. In other words, the user needs to use the local storage device as a transit device.

However, what if a user wants to transfer a large number of files when switching from one cloud to another, and the local space is not enough to hold a large amount of data? At this time, you need the help of a cloud storage transfer service. Cloud storage transfer tools can not only assist users to transfer a large number of files across cloud drives at once but also:

  • Help companies migrate data from one cloud storage platform to another cloud storage platform;
  • Support the execution of regular transmissions as planned;
  • Support users to transfer files between multiple cloud drives without frequently switching accounts;
  • Support multiple task management, and can run tasks when needed next time;
  • Support many different cloud storage services.

Best Cloud Transfer Service --- MultCloud

When users need to migrate data between two or more cloud drive accounts, they can choose the traditional upload & download method. If there is too much data to be migrated and do not want to switch accounts frequently, users can choose a cloud storage transfer tool for data migration. 

At present, there are few cloud storage transfer services that provide the high-quality cloud storage transfer function, but there is a multiple cloud storage manager --- MultCloud that can perform cloud to cloud transfer well.


As one of the best cloud file transfer services, MultCloud supports users to register for free to get 5GB of transfer data, allowing users to manage all cloud accounts in one place. Just create an account for this online application, add all the cloud drive accounts you want to be organized by it, and you can enjoy its simple and secure transfer process.

Compared with other cloud storage transfer tools, what are the specific advantages of MultCloud?

  • Supports adding more than 30 cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Google Drive, Google Workspace, Google Photos, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, MEGA, Flickr, FTP, Box, pCloud, Amazon S3, even NAS, FTP/SFTP, Shared with me and Shared Drive.
  • Supports a variety of high-quality services, such as Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Remote Upload, and Share, and users can use these functions for free.
  • Supports the scheduled execution of the regular transfer, sync, and backup tasks, completely freeing your hands.
  • Supports a simple, manageable graphical user interface. Even users who are not tech-savvy (after setting up) can use it to move data.
  • Designed for large-scale transmission (up to petabytes of data, hundreds of millions of files).

How to Use Cloud Storage Transfer Service to Transfer?

As mentioned above, using this cloud transfer service is simple and safe. It only takes a few simple steps to easily complete the cross-cloud transfer, and you will learn it right away! You can directly follow the guide below.

Step 1. Sign Up

Enter the MultCloud homepage, fill in relevant information and create an account. If you feel that account registration is troublesome, you can directly authorize Facebook and Google accounts to log in.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add Cloud Drives to MultCloud

Here, we take Google Drive as an example. In the main interface of MultCloud, go to the "Add Cloud" option on the left, and then click "Google Drive" in the cloud drive list. Then, follow the process to grant MultCloud access to the Google Drive account.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Then add other cloud drives, just like the operation above. After successfully adding a cloud drive account, all the added cloud drives will be listed on the left, and you can switch to another account to view or edit files or folders at any time.

Check Added Clouds in Left Panel
Check Added Clouds in Left Panel

Step 4. Transfer Files from One Cloud Drive to Another

Move to the "Cloud Transfer" tab, and then select one of the cloud drives or files in the cloud drive as the source directory, and select another cloud drive or folder in the cloud drive as the target directory.

Cloud Transfer
Cloud Transfer

When transferring files or folders, MultCloud also supports some other options, which can better help you transfer data across cloud drives.

1. If you don't want to keep the source files, you can click "Options" in the lower-left corner to make some settings, such as checking "Delete all source files after transfer is complete", receiving an email notification when the task is completed, and only/not transfer certain files with extensions.

Cloud Transfer
Cloud Transfer Options

2. During the transfer process, you can choose to transfer only once, or you can choose to set a scheduled cloud file transfer task so that the transfer task is executed periodically within a set period.


3. In addition, you only need to click on the currently assigned task name next to "Schedule" to re-edit the name of this task. After the transfer is enabled, you can view the entire transfer progress by clicking the "Task List" option in the upper left corner.

Task List
Task List

In Conclusion

Compared with traditional download and upload methods, is it very simple and time-saving to use the cloud storage transfer service to transfer across cloud drives? With MultCloud, you no longer need to transfer from one cloud drive to another, you only need to manage multiple cloud storage accounts in one place.

In addition to the cloud storage transfer function, MultCloud also provides cloud file sync/backup between different cloud accounts, as well as other functions you can use in cloud storage, such as uploading/downloading files, creating new folders, deleting files, copying/cutting and pasting files, renaming files, sharing files, etc.

Other Functions in Multcloud
Other Functions in Multcloud

Since MultCloud can manage all your cloud accounts on its platform, you can integrate all available space provided by various cloud services in one place, just as easily as in one cloud account. In this way, you can get more cloud storage space without having to pay for additional storage plans for any cloud service.

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