Why Do Small Businesses Choose Cloud Storage?

There are a few reasons accounting for why small businesses choose cloud storage.

  • Low input cost. If enterprise is in the stage when its scale is small and data storage demand less, it would be a good choice to use cloud storage. Because compare with cloud storage, hard disk storage would be more expensive, and it may not be taken full use of.
  • Flexibility. You can visit data through any devices anywhere, and obviously, it can provide more flexible. Cloud storage allows you to do remote transmission and share.
  • More strong tolerance. Cloud storage service providers can offer multiple data center, and every data center which have multiple network link will back up data for each other.

The Flaws of Cloud Storage for Small Businesses

The grow of enterprise business and data quantity set a higher request, and flaws of cloud storage emerge while using it. We can see it as sin of cloud storage.

  • Band width limitation. On the one hand, Cloud storage require data to be transmitted from internal network to external, which needs high band width. On the other hand, it is time that will be costly to transmit large data.
  • Data security. It is the most important to keep business secret for any enterprise. Although Cloud storage provider claims that server have encryption function, lock and key are controlled by them, and it is concerned.

Something Should be Figured out before Using Cloud Storage for Small Business

  • Where will storage be used to? Backup, Disaster recovery, coordination or primary storage? This is the key question, because it will make easier to let you decide.
  • What kind of data you want to store? It is related with users or application data? If your application is deployed in cloud, cloud storage is a better choice.
  • What kind of storage category do you want? Object storage service, block storage service, or file storage service?
  • Public cloud storage really can meet your demand? Because it is involved specific SLA terms.
  • What do you have demands to data safety and security requirement? It will decide what kind of access control and authority method.
  • Will providers meet my demands to data recovery time? In other words, you need to know if they offer recovery time point or not?
  • How does primary storage deploy? Some enterprise use primary storage, therefore, you must be sure if providers will meet demands about IOPS or respond time at the peak of business.

The above factors will help enterprise to decide whether you can use traditional hard disk or cloud storage? If enterprise want to use HDD or NAS to store, AOMEI Backupper Technician plus will be a good software to help you store data and files.

10 Cloud Storage and Backup Services for Your Small Business

If you have already considered carefully, and decided to use cloud storage. There are 10 cloud storage and backup services recommended to small business.

Box: is an online file-sharing and content management service designed for enterprises. The service allows you access to data by any devices.
Crash Plan: offers onsite, offsite and cloud backup solutions, and include versioning, the creation of backup sets, and continuous online backup.
Google Drive: offers an edge with its integrated file sharing and collaborative editing with Google Docs. The service is accessible from any platforms.
Dropbox: is probably one of the most well-known cloud storage service today, thanks to its ease of use and free 2GB account.
Amazon Glacier: is a commercial storage service designed to offer durable and low-cost storage solely to meet data archival and backup needs.
Mozy: is a cloud backup service that gives users the option of scheduling regular or manual updates, or having their data backed up continuously.
Microsoft Sky Drive: allows you to upload files that you can visit through Web browser or a local drive on Windows.
Live drive: offers collaboration and sync capabilities. You can upload files via different services, even can be accessed by file transfer protocols such as FTP, SFTP and WebDAV.
Spider Oak: is an online backup provider designed with a strong focus on privacy and security.
Sugar Sync: was created to continuously keep data files in sync across multiple platforms, both for ease of access and backup purposes.

MultCloud supports some of above clouds, and it will help you to transfer or sync data and files from one cloud to the other.

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