What is Email Upload in Box?

For Box Business or Enterprise plan, you are able to upload files or send email attachments to a Box folder by email after enabling the Allow uploads to this folder via email option if your admin has enabled email uploads. So, if your Box account is Business Starter or a personal account, you cannot use this feature at all. Besides, you can’t perform consequently automated email uploads with the Box email upload feature.

Box Email Upload
Box Email Upload

With this feature, you’re able to invite people to upload files to Box without giving them access to this folder, just like Box File Request.

Why Upload to Box via Email?

Uploading files to Box via email simplifies the process to move files between two services, and allows you to access files anywhere and anytime, collaborates with other people seamlessly.

Generally speaking, emails contain many more important files you’d like to save, and the local disk is not your first option because of disk failure, software corruption, and other disasters. Box upload via email makes you to manage files altogether.

So, how to perform Box mail upload to send files from emails easily and directly, see the following part.

How to Ensure Box Admin Has Enabled Email Uploads

How to check if your Box plan has enabled Email Uploads or not? Ask your Box admin to check the following information:

1. Please log in to your Box admin account.

2. Click Admin Console on the bottom left.

Box Admin Console
Box Admin Console

3. Select Enterprise Settings on the left.

Box Enterprise Settings

4. Click the Content and Sharing tab, and scroll down to choose Content Creation.

5. Tick Enable Email Uploads for all folders under the Email Uploads section, and click Save.

Enable Email Uploads for All Folders
Enable Email Uploads for All Folders

Ensure your admin has enabled Email Uploads in step 5. Or follow the above steps to enable Email Uploads in Box.

How to Upload Files to My Box Account via Email?

After that, you have to enable email upload for a folder to upload files to Box via email:

1. Please sign in to your Box account, and click All Files on the control panel.

2. Select the three-dots icon at the end of the folder you want to store files from email and choose Settings.

Box Folder Settings
Box Folder Settings

3. Scroll down to find the Uploading section, tick "Allow uploads to this folder via email", and tap Copy next to Upload Email Address, then click Save Changes.

Allow Uploads to This Folder via Email
Allow Uploads to This Folder via Email

Tip: Besides, you can tick the option Only allow email uploads from collaborations in this folder or Overwrite files with the same name when uploading by email or widget according to your needs.

4. Then go to an email server, and compose an email, input the copied content in the To section, and attach your files, photos, and other documents, click Send.

5. Your Box folder will save the attachments automatically.

However, Email Upload in Box has some limitations:

  • This way allows you to upload the attachments to Box without any email content body included.
  • It doesn’t work at all if your email size, including message body, attachments, and signature, exceeds 50MB.
  • Email upload files for .msg and .eml file format will be failed.

After uploading files to Box, the sender, and the folder owner will get a notification about the email upload to Box folder.

Another Easy Way to Upload to Box via Email

Box allows you to upload files or attachments to a specific Box folder for Box Business or Enterprise plan. If uploading emails and all attachments is your goal or want to migrate files from email to Box for Box personal or Starter account, Box cannot meet your demands at all. Fortunately, the powerful web-based multi-cloud manager - MultCloud will do you a big favor.

MultCloud allows you to upload emails to Box directly with all attachments, as well as the quoting information no matter what Box plan you have. There is no file size limit on MultCloud, which is more powerful than Box email upload.

Currently, MultCloud supports Gmail and other 30+ clouds. Microsoft 365 Mail and Outlook.com will soon be supported. The email version of MultCloud will be released before June.


To upload emails and attachments from Gmail to Box with MultCloud, just follow the simple steps below:

1. Please create a MultCloud account and sign in.

Sign Up for MultCloud
Sign Up for MultCloud

2. Click Add Email and Gmail to add, then click Add Cloud > Box to add.

Add Gmail
Add Gmail

3. After adding, click Email Migration, click Gmail as the source, and choose a folder in Box as the target.

Migrate Gmail to Box
Migrate Gmail to Box

4. Tap Options > Save Attachments, and click Save.

Email Migration Options
Email Migration Options


  • Besides, you can also choose Conversation Format in Options to hide the quoting information within the email, save the last message only, or automatically rename the files which contain special characters and generate a script file. Or, enable the email alert to notify you about the task result.
  • The Schedule has the ability to perform the task every day, week, or month as you like.
  • The Email Filter allows you to migrate only the emails matching your filters, like From, To, Date, Has attachment, or Is unread filter.

5. Hit the Migrate Now button to migrate Gmail emails and their attachments to Box directly.

Besides, you can migrate Box files to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or other 30+ clouds directly. If you have more than one cloud currently, adding all of them to MultCloud makes all clouds can be managed in one place without switching accounts frequently.

The End

Now, you have a clear idea about Box email upload. To upload files to Box via email, please ask your Box admin to enable Email Uploads for all folders. Then go to your Box account and enable Box email upload. Then compose an email to forward attachments to Box directly.

However, Box email upload is only available in Box Business or Enterprise plans, how to upload files to Box via email if you’re Box personal account or Business Starter plan, MultCloud can the best option for you. And you can migrate files from one Box account to another directly.

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