Why Backup Gmail to pCloud?

Backup Emails to pCloud from Gmail
Backup Emails to pCloud from Gmail

Backing up your Gmail to pCloud offers several benefits and added security for your valuable email data. Here's why you might consider doing it:

  • Selective Backup: pCloud often allows you to choose specific folders or labels to back up, giving you control over what gets stored. This can help you manage your backup more effectively and avoid cluttering your storage with unnecessary data.
  • Accidental Deletion: We've all been there – accidentally deleting an important email and realizing it too late. When you have a backup on pCloud, you can easily retrieve such emails, saving you from potential frustration and loss of critical information.
  • Long-Term Storage: Some emails contain information that you might need to reference months or even years down the line. pCloud provides a secure and accessible platform for archiving Gmail emails, without cluttering your primary Gmail inbox.
  • Data Protection and Redundancy: Gmail is a reliable email service, but technical issues, outages, or data loss can still occur. By backing up your emails to pCloud, you create an additional layer of redundancy, ensuring that your important communications are safe even if something happens to your Gmail account.

How to Backup Gmail to pCloud as PDF via MultCloud

Instead of manually downloading emails from Gmail and uploading them to pCloud, there is an automatic you can use and that is through MultCloud. MultCloud gathers multiple cloud drives and email clients on one platform. By doing so, you can manage them without skipping to different apps. For email-to-cloud backup, you can use Email Migration to effortlessly realize. Just with a few clicks and one app, all your emails will be transferred to pCloud as PDF files.

Of course, except for easy operation, Email Migration has more highlights:

  • Fast Speed: Using bandwidth, the transfer speed is much faster and more stable.
  • Various Options: You can choose to save attachments or not and decide how the messages are shown in the PDF files.
  • Useful Features: You can use the Email Filter to select your desired emails and the Schedule to let the task run at your preferred time.

Step 1: Click “Get started for free” to sign up for a MultCloud account after entering the website.

Step 2: Add Gmail and pCloud to MultCloud. To add Gmail/pCloud, you will first click "Add Email"/"Add Cloud" and select the corresponding icon. Then, log in to your account and let MultCloud access it.

Add Gmail to MultCloud
Add Gmail to MultCloud

Step 3: Tap on “Email Migration” and choose Gmail and pCloud in the boxes. Then click “Migrate Now” to start backing up Gmail to pCloud.

Backup Gmail to pCloud
Backup Gmail to pCloud

Email Migration Settings:

  • Schedule: Make the backup task run at your preferred time and set a frequency for backing up the emails regularly.
  • Filter: Backup emails selectively. You can use it to mass-pick out your desired emails by choosing the sender, recipient, date, with/without attachments, or read/unread.
  • Save Attachments: Decide to backup emails with or without attachments by selecting or unselecting this option.
Selected Backup
Selected Backup

Note: You can migrate 50 emails for free each month. If you need to migrate more, you can upgrade to a paid plan to unlimitedly convert emails into PDFs.

How to Backup Gmail to pCloud as PDF via Download & Upload

If you want to know another solution to solve the “How do I backup my Gmail to pCloud” problem, here comes one. You can backup emails from Gmail to pCloud by downloading and uploading, too. This section is going to show you how to download emails from Gmail by Print feature and how to upload files to pCloud.

Download Gmail as a PDF

Step 1: Open Gmail and choose the email you want to backup to pCloud.

Step 2: Click the 3-dot icon in the upper-right corner and choose “Print” in the dropdown menu.

Choose Print in the Dropdown Menu
Choose Print in the Dropdown Menu

Note: You can also click the printer-shaped icon to enter the printing window. But sometimes the print icon may be missing.

Step 3: When you enter the printing interface, extend the “Destination” menu and choose “Save as PDF”. Then click “Save” and the email will be kept on your computer as a PDF.

Print Gmail Email as PDF
Print Gmail Email as PDF

Upload Gmail Emails to pCloud

Step 1: Enter pCloud and log in to your account.

Step 2: Click “Files” in the left sidebar and tap on the “Upload” button.

Click the Upload Button
Click the Upload Button

Step 3: Select the “Browse For Files …” button, find the PDFs on your computer, and click “Open” to backup Gmail to pCloud.

Tap on Browse For Files
Tap on Browse For Files

Note: MultCloud also allows you to upload and download emails or files on its website. When you download a Gmail email, the emails will be converted into PDF files, too.

MultCloud Email Download
MultCloud Email Download


See, it is truly easy to backup Gmail to pCloud. If you choose to use MultCloud Email Migration to backup, the operations will be even easier. Besides, you can also use Email Migration to backup Gmail to Dropbox, Google Drive, or other clouds with similar steps. So, it deserves a try and why not try it now?

More about MultCloud:

  • Cloud Transfer: Directly move files from one cloud to another, such as transferring Google Photos to pCloud.
  • Cloud Sync: Sync files between clouds with various sync modes.
  • Cloud Backup: Backup your cloud files and allow them to be restored with different versions.
  • Team Transfer: Auy-match the personal accounts and transfer files one to one.

How do I backup my Google Drive to pCloud?
You can use MultCloud Cloud Backup to simply back Google to pCloud. The steps will be: Add Google Drive and pCloud to MultCloud > Choose Google Drive and pCloud on the “Cloud Backup” page > Click “Backup Now” to initiate the task.
Can Gmail be backed up to a hard drive?
Yes. You can also use MultCloud Email Download to do so. But, at first, you need to change the downloading destination to your hard drive in the browser settings. After that, you can run the download task on MultCloud and smoothly backup the Gmail emails to a hard drive in PDF format.
Can pCloud sync with Google Drive?
Yes, you can use MultCloud Cloud Sync to realize it. You can open MultCloud and sign up. Then add Google Drive and pCloud to MultCloud. Next, create a Cloud Sync task with your preferences. Finally, initiate this sync task.
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