Multcloud Key Features

  • Cloud Transfer

    Transfer files in cloud drives, FTP and WebDav for easily file management and information delivery.

  • Cloud Sync

    Sync two clouds or directories in two clouds through two-way sync or one-way sync.

  • Cloud Explorer

    Combine multiple cloud storages into oneand manage them like in Windows explorer.

After you create transfer and sync tasks with MultCloud, you can check and manage tasks in the Task Manager. For example, you can view the transfer/sync process, rerun task, modify task configuration and so on.

Please click the following button to get into Task Manager. Then, you can see all transfer and sync tasks you created.

Tips: The Task Manager can list up to two hundred tasks (one hundred sync tasks, one hundred transfer tasks). When the number of tasks reaches the limit, new tasks can no longer be created unless some old tasks are deleted.

Task Manager

Manage transfer and sync tasks:
Check transfer/sync process

When you running a transfer/sync task, you could check the details of the process under Task Manager. And, if you do not want to transfer later, you may click "Cancel" button to stop transferring.


Run transfer/sync tasks

After you finish a transfer/sync, you can click "Transfer Now "or "Sync Now" to run it again.

Transfer Now/Sync Now

Tips: Free users can run a sync and transfer task at the same time. A paid users can run two sync tasks and one transfer task at the same time.

Modify task configuration

You can click "Menu" to modify settings of the existing task. For example, reconfigure schedule settings, modify email notification, and so on.


Schedule: If you have set up a scheduled task, you can modify the planning by clicking this option. If you want to set the schedule mode on a existed task, you can click "Schedule" to configure it yourself.


Options: You can the reconfigure the General/Email/Filter settings after you create the task. To change the sync mode or sync way, please click "General".


Delete: If you want to delete task, you could delete the task by click "Delete" option.

View Logs: When the task transfer is completed, you can click "View Logs" to check the transfer result.

Properties: Task Properties. It includes the task: type, created time, transfer task name, source directory and target directory, state. You could check the task information in properties.

View Logs

You could check log to see the result of the transfer or sync task.

View Logs

When the task finish running, you could view the log, then you can check result, the executed times, data processed, etc. If the transmission failed, when you check the log, you will see the result is "Failure", please click "Click to view" button to check the transfer failed files and the cause. You could also click "Retry" to re-transfer the files.

Error Files

Edit all tasks

When there are many transfer and sync tasks, you could tick the following button to edit all tasks.

Edit All Taks

Display the tasks according to the task type (such as sync tasks, transfer tasks), status or date to filter tasks. And, if you want to delete multiple tasks, you could click "Edit", then select part or all tasks to delete them.

Delete All Taks

Manage URL and Encryption tasks:
Manage URL tasks

After you upload files from URL via MultCloud, you could click "URL Tasks" in Task Manager to manage them. You may check the process and result of upload. If the state is "Failure",please retry it. You can also create new tasks to upload files from URL link by clicking "Upload File".

URL Tasks

Manage encryption tasks

If you have encrypted files via MultCloud, you may click "Encryption Tasks" to check and manage them. It will list files you encrypted via MultCloud with file name, type, state and add(encryption) time. And, you could delete the encrypted tasks by clicking the "Delete" option.

Encryption Tasks