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Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, credit cards are accepted.

No created card added to Paypal account but there is balance in Paypal, can I subscribe MultCloud Premium?

Yes, you can set the PayPal balance as your preferred way to pay for the premium plan.

How to change from monthly subscription to yearly?

There are two ways:
(1). Please cancel the monthly subscription first and then purchase the yearly subscription when your account turns to a free one.
(2). Please contact [email protected] to help you change the plan.

How to cancel my subscription?

Please click the “Purchase Traffic” button on the upper right position first and then click “More details about the privileges” to cancel your subscription.

Can you provide the invoice?

Currently no. For the order issue, please contact Cleverbridge([email protected]) to help you deal with that.

Do you offer special discounts? Say, for students.

Sorry that we currently do not offer any kind of discount.

Can I subscribe for one month only as a test?

Yes, MultCloud supports monthly subscription.

Is there a reseller program for MultCloud? Or a volume discount program?

Sorry that we provide neither reseller program nor volume discount program.

How can I revert my account back to the free version?

You can cancel your subscription first and your account will turn to a free one when your current subscription expires.

Where can I find the reference number?

The reference number is in an email sent from [email protected].

Do I have to cancel my subscription if I only need it for a month/season/ year?

Yes, you need to cancel your subscription on time or it will be renewed automatically.

How to change the payment method?

Please contact Cleverbridge([email protected]) to help you change it.

General Questions

Is MultCloud FREE?

MultCloud has the free version as well as the paid version. For free accounts, you can get 5GB of data traffic provided by MultCloud every month to transfer files from one cloud to other clouds. However, if you want to experience more features and get more data traffic every month, then you can subscribe to the premium plan.

Is MultCloud a cloud storage service?

MultCloud is like a cloud management channel and it does not have any storage space. If you have multiple clouds, then you can add them to MultCloud to manage and transfer your files from one cloud to other clouds as long as there is enough free space on your destination cloud.

Is there any traffic data limitation in MultCloud?

If you are using a free account, there's 5GB of data traffic every month. But you can have more data traffic if you subscribe to the premium plan.

Is 5GB lifetime data traffic?

No, you'll have 5GB of data traffic every month. However, when you run out of the data traffic, you'll not unable to transfer data. If you still want to transfer files, then you need to upgrade your account so that you can continue to transfer them.

Is MultCloud safe to use?

There is no doubt that MultCloud is safe to use. It does use three methods to ensure the safety of your account and data.
(1) 256-bit encryption is applied on data transmission.
(2) The authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third-party applications to build up a connection to cloud services without username and password required.
(3) Your data and files will not be stored on the MultCloud server. They'll be still kept in the original cloud drives. MultCloud can only be allowed to access your cloud drive account with your own permission.

Does MultCloud have apps for mobile devices?

MultCloud does not have a separate app at present.

Is there a maximum number of MultCloud transfers at one time?

We do not have this limitation. Because MultCloud does not have storage space. The limitation belongs to the cloud itself.

Account Management

I did not receive an activation email after registration.

Please check your spam folder and try to send the confirmation email again. If you still can't receive the email, please contact our support team to check. In addition, you can log in the account with skipping activation, then try the service.

How to delete my MultCloud account?

You can delete it by yourself. Please sign in the MultCloud account, click on "Username" -> "Settings" in the upper right corner, and then you can see the “delete my account” under the “Options”.

How to cancel my subscription?

Please sign up your MultCloud account, then click “Purchase Traffic” button on the upper right position first and then click “More details about the privileges” to cancel your subscription.

It still displays free after subscription.

Please check if you sign in the wrong account. For example, you sign in MultCloud with the Google or Facebook, and then subscribe the service. But then you log in to the account registered via your email address to check. They are two separate accounts.

How can I change my password?

(1) Click on "Username" -> "Settings" in the upper right corner.
(2) In the "General" tab page, type your new password and confirm it.
(3) Then click on the "Save" button.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

(1) Click “Sign in” and then click on the "Forgot password?" button.
(2) Enter your email address and click "Send Reset Message".
(3) Visit the link in the email that you receive and reset your password.
Tips: If you do not receive an email after a few minutes, please check your spam folder. If you still can’t reset your password, please contact us.

Failed to sign in MultCloud via Google email address.

The MultCloud account login via Google+ and the account register with the same google email address are different. They are two separate accounts. So, if you don’t sign up MultCloud via the email address, you can’t sign in it via using email address.

Add/Remove Clouds

It always adds the same account when you add multiple accounts of the same cloud service.

The first account failed to be logged out from the official site when you add the second account, so it will still get the authorization of the first account. Please log in the second account on the official website first, then go to MultCloud to add again.

MultCloud does not list OneDrive for Business after adding it.

It might be that the application MultCloud V2 is currently not supported by your company xxx. Your company is currently in an unmanaged state and needs an Administrator to claim ownership of the company by DNS validation of xxx before the application MultCloud V2 can be provisioned.

Add G Suite fails with the error: Connection refused.

Please check if your account is super administrator. And, the API Access is enabled. Before adding this cloud drive, you should install our G Suite Marketplace app "MultCloud for G Suite" first and make sure it's setup is correct: the status is on and the data access is granted. If you still can’t add it successfully, please contact the support of Google Drive to check your account. Or contact our support team to check further.

Add G Suite fails with the error:403.

Please change a browser or clear the browser cache and add again.

Add FTP fails with error: Connection closed without indication.

1. Please make sure that you have read/write permissions before file operations, otherwise, MultCloud may be unable to transfer files into your FTP.
2. Please make sure that there is enough space for your operations. We are temporarily unable to identify its size.
3. Please add and into the firewall whitelist.
4. Please check whether the FTP uses SSL Certificate. If so, please choose FTPS method to add it.

Add MEGA fails with error: -9: Object(typically, node or user) not found error.

Please clean up the cache and cookies of the browser and then try again, or you can open an incognito window to access MultCloud.

Add MEGA fails with error: [-26].

Please disable the two-factor authentication in your MEGA account and then re-add it to MultCloud.

Add Mega fails with error: Some parameters are not entered correctly or you have activated 2FA.

Please deactivate the 2FA in Mega offical website's Settings-->Security, then re-add it to MultCloud. After adding it to MultCloud, you could enable the 2FA in Mega again.

Add MEGA fails with error: -3:(always at the request level): A temporary congestion or server malfunction prevented your request from being processed. No data was altered. Retry. Retries must be spaced with exponential backoff.

Please try to clean the browser's cache and cookies first, log in the MEGA account on official website, then return to MultCloud to re-add it.

Add BackBlaze fails with error: invalid username/password.

First, you need to confirm the bucket you created is "Public". Second, you must use Master Application Key. Please create a new Master Application Key and try again. When copying the keyID and application key to the text, please do not leave any space. The Account ID of MultCloud is the keyID of BackBlaze under the Master Application Key.

Add MySQL fails with error: Failed to connect MySQL: Please check your parameters of connection and try again.

Please add MultCloud IP segments ( and to the whitelist of the MySQL server, then re-add it.

Add NAS fails with error: Connection timed out.

Please set up your NAS to be accessible over the Internet. Then, when you add the NAS to MultCloud, you need to use the network address of NAS to add it.

Add Synology NAS fails with error: Some parameters are not entered correctly.

Please open the NAS and expose WebDav port in File Services under the Control Panel. Then return to MultCloud to add it again.

Add Yandex failes with error: Some parameters are not entered correctly.

Please check if you have enabled "app password". If not, please enable it and use the "app password" to re-add your Yandex account.

How to remove added cloud on MultCloud.

If you sign in MultCloud on the computer, please right-click the cloud you want to remove and you will see the “remove” option under the drop-down list. If you sign in MultCloud via the phone, please long-press the cloud drive you want to removed, then you will see the “remove” option under the drop-down list.

Add SharePoint fails with error: Connection Refused

Please check if you enable SharePoint on your office 365 account. Both Onedrive for Business and SharePoint use the office 365 account. If your office 365 account doesn't enable SharePoint servie (paid function), then you can't use SharePoint service. Maybe you can check if you can add Onedrive for Business with the same account.

Cloud Management

“Failed to list files, you could try to edit the cloud drive or re-add it to MultCloud…” when clicking the added cloud drive in MultCloud.

Please remove the cloud drive from MultCloud and re-add it. If you still get the same situation, please contact our support team to check further.

The cloud drive added into MultCloud shows “failed” status.

Please remove the cloud drive from MultCloud and re-add it. If you still get the same situation, please contact our support team to check further.

Some folders of cloud drive cannot be listed in MultCloud.

For Google Drive, MultCloud only can manage My Drive. The Share folder can’t be supported.
For G Suite, MultCloud currently doesn’t support Share drive.
For OneDrive, MultCloud doesn’t support Share folder.
For OneDrive for business, MultCloud currently doesn’t support Team folders and Sharepoint.
For Dropbox/Dropbox for business, MultCloud doesn’t support Share folder.
For CloudMe, MultCloud doesn’t support the Synced folder.
And, generally, for the Trash (Recycle bin) of many cloud drives, MultCloud can’t manage them.

Failed to upload data from the computer to cloud via MultCloud.

MultCloud currently can upload single file less than 1GB. For folder, you need to compress it and then upload the compressed file.

Will it consume the data traffic of MultCloud when you upload or download files?

When you download files from cloud to local PC via MultCloud or upload files from local PC to cloud via MultCloud, it will use your Internet connected to your computer. So it doesn't use the data traffic of MultCloud.

Failed to upload data from URL to cloud via MultCloud.

Please check if it can directly start to download file when you open the URL. MultCloud currently only support uploading from a direct download address. And, the free MultCloud account only can upload single file less than 5gb.

Could MultCloud delete files/folders from cloud drive permanently?

Generally, the files/folders are deleted via MultCloud will be put to the recycle bin of cloud drive. You can recover them from here.

Can MultCloud preview files?

Generally, MultCloud can preview office documents, text and picture files. Ps, google documents can’t be preview by MultCloud.

Data Transfer FAQs

Are there any difference between Cloud Transfer and Cloud Sync?

Generally, the transfer task will copy the whole source folder to the destination, while the sync task will only copy files/folders under the source folder to the destination. And, the Cloud Sync feature supports more sync ways. For more details, please refer to here.

What's the difference between using "Cloud Transfer" and "Copy+Paste"?

In the new version of MultCloud, there is no difference between the two, except that "Cloud Transfer" is more suitable for transferring folders or the contents of entire cloud drive, while "Copy+Paste" is good for moving a small number of files or folders.

Will the transfer/sync feature delete all source data?

For the transfer task, it only copies data from the source cloud drive to the target cloud drive. But, if you check the option “Delete all source files after transfer is complete” under Options, it will delete the source data after the transfer is completed. For sync task, there are multiple sync ways. The “Move Sync” will delete all the files in the source directory when the synchronization is completed. Other sync way will not delete the source data.

Will MultCloud transfer/sync all files/folders again when you run the transfer/ sync task again?

Generally, for the transfer task, it default selects “If the destination location contains the file:Directly skip the file, don't transfer it.”. So, it will skip the same files to transfer failed or new files. For sync task, the simple sync will skip the same files to sync failed or new files when you run the existing task again.

Why has the modified date of files been changed when transferring/syncing to the target drive?

Most of clouds’ API doesn’t offer the feature to keep the modified date. Only when transferring to Dropbox, Google Drive, and G Suite, they will keep the file modification date. When you create the transfer task to Dropbox, Google Drive or G Suite, you can check the option "Keep file modification date" under Options. For sync task, it currently doesn't support the feature. We will optimize after.

Exceed the maximum number of tasks

The maximum amount of tasks is 100 for Cloud Transfer and 100 for Cloud Sync. So for this situation, you can click "Task Manager"-">>"-"Edit" to delete the tasks that you no longer need.

Do I have to be logged in or can I shut my PC and the transfer will continue in the background?

When the transfer task begins, you can close your current page and even close your network and computer because MultCloud supports to transfer your files under background.

Transfer progress is stuck

Please cancel the process, and then run the transfer or sync task again. For transfer or simple sync task, generally, it will skip transferred/sync files.

Slow transmission speed

The transfer speed depends on many factors, such as the size of the files being transferred, the Internet connection, the API restrictions of the cloud providers to third-party services like MultCloud and so on. And if you were using the Cloud Sync feature to migrate your files. For your situation, we suggest that you can use the Cloud Transfer feature to migrate them as the speed of the Cloud Transfer feature is faster than the speed of the Cloud Sync feature.

How many tasks can I run at a time?

Each free account can run one transfer task and one sync task at a time, but you can run one transfer task and two sync tasks simultaneously if you upgrade your account.

Does MultCloud support the real-time sync?

The previous version of MultCloud does not support real-time sync, but it supports real-time sync in the latest version. If necessary, you can update to the latest version and use the real-time sync function.

How to find transfer/sync errors in MultCloud?

Please check the failed task under Task Manager and click “Menu” option, then you can see the “view logs”. Open the logs to view the error files.

Why does the video resolution decrease after transferring the video from Google Photos to another cloud via MultCloud?

MultCloud accesses Google by integrating Google API, and downloading videos or photos through the API is compressed.

Why the used space of Google Drive in MultCloud is less than the one on official Google Drive?

MultCloud only reads Google Drive used space but does not include Emails and Google Photos space. To check the used space, please log into Google Drive offical website, click "Buy Storage" -->"View details", then you will see the used storage of Drive, Gmail and Google Photos.

Why Google Photos does not list all albums in MultCloud?

MultCloud does not support listing empty albums. You need to save some pictures to albums.

Transferring files from Google Drive/Workspace fails with the error "403 Forbidden {"message":"This file is too large to be exported." }".

For MIME type Google documents, Google API restricts third-party tools to export the maximum limit of 10MB. So MultCloud as a third-party tool can not export/transfer MIME google documents over 10MB. Please download them manually from Google Drive/Workspace then upload to other clouds.

More Transfer/Sync Errors Details.

Remote Upload fails with error: language.exception.lockContentionFail

Please check that the URL link or torrent file you are using is valid. Alternatively, if the torrent file has a low resource heat level, the remote upload may fail. In this case, it is recommended to try again with a torrent file that has a high resource heat level.