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With the help of MultCloud, you can sync data between clouds with 10 different custom options and the synchronization process between two clouds is handled by MultCloud servers, so you don't need to leave your computer running while waiting for the synchronization to be completed.

You can sync all files or files in a certain folder from one cloud to another, so it can be very easy for you to achieve cloud-to-cloud backup. Besides, you can also schedule automatic cloud sync at a special time or a regular interval, this can be very helpful when you need to backup or sync data between cloud drives frequently. If you want to keep two clouds in sync for real time, MultCloud offers one-way and two-way Real-Time Sync to keep your data in both clouds up to date.

What can cloud sync help you with?

You're probably acquainted with Google Drive and Dropbox if you're an online storage user. You might have already saved data on both of these cloud drives separately. But now, you can link Dropbox to Google Drive or OneDrive via MultCloud's Cloud Sync feature.

MultCloud has provided 10 different options to sync data across clouds. For instance, if you select “Incremental Sync”, MultCloud will only sync files that have been changed or newly added, and if you select “Two-way Sync” to sync Google Drive with Dropbox, when you add, modify or delete files on one of these clouds, the files on the other cloud will also be synced.

How to sync clouds in MultCloud?

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