Backup data between cloud drives

With the help of MultCloud, you can link one cloud to another and migrate, sync, or back up data between cloud drives. Instead of downloading and re-uploading, you can directly back up your music, video, documents, and any other files from one cloud to another using the Cloud Backup function.

You can also set up “Scheduled Cloud Backup” or “Scheduled Cloud Sync” to automatically sync, transfer, or backup data between cloud drives at regular intervals or at a special time.

What can cloud-to-cloud backup help you with?

Will so many popular clouds appearing in the market, you may use Google Drive, OneDrive, and more clouds at the same time. If one of your clouds is nearly full, you can backup its data to another cloud that still has enough storage. MultCloud provides Cloud Backup to sync or backup data between clouds without any risk of data loss.

Cloud Backup can directly back up files and folders between clouds while allowing you to restore your backups to the original cloud or to a new place at any time. MultCloud utilizes an incremental backup strategy to enhance storage efficiency. If you enable scheduled Cloud Backup, this method will selectively backup files that have undergone modifications or are newly generated since the last backup iteration, thereby conserving storage space. And you can choose to restore from various versions of backups all according to your needs.

How to backup data between cloud drives?

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