SugarSync vs. OneDrive

SugarSync synchronizes your files as you work on which ever computers and mobile devices you choose. Because of its reliability, the control over what to sync, support for all major platforms, and its beautiful interface, many people prefer it in the earlier of cloud age.

However, since Microsoft SkyDrive was renamed as OneDrive, its overall qualities and features have improved quite a lot. Such as syncing apps for all platforms, supporting auto-upload for photos, organizing photo galleries automatically, integrating with Outlook and Xbox, etc. OneDrive is much easier to use than before. What’s more, its price is cheaper than SugarSync. So employing OneDrive instead of SugarSync is quite necessary, it’s time to move files from SugarSync to OneDrive now.

How to Move Files from SugarSync to OneDrive?

Is there any way that can help you copy from SugarSync to OneDrive quickly? The answer is diversified.

  • Sharing all files in SugarSync to a middle-storage, then transferring them to OneDrive.
  • Downloading all files in SugarSync to local devices, then re-uploading them to OneDrive.

The above two methods will spend lots of time and take up too much of your locao storage. Is there any seamless way to transfer files? Yes! By the help of MultCloud, you can achieve how to migrate SugarSync to OneDrive directly without using any bandwidth.

What is MultCloud? As its name implies, it’s a multi-cloud manager that allows users to move, backup and sync data across cloud drive services. It can combine SugarSync and OneDrive together and manage them in one easy-to-use interface. In this way, it seems seamless to copy files from SugarSync to OneDrive in MultCloud. You can follow the clear and simple steps below to transfer files from SugarSync to OneDrive.

Step1: Sign up MultCloud for free.

Create An MultCloud Account
Create An MultCloud Account

Step2: Add SugarSync and OneDrive to MultCloud.

Add SugarSync and OneDrive to MultCloud
Create An MultCloud Account

Note: when adding SugarSync account, you need to enter SugarSync email and password. But to OneDrive, you only need to type a display name. When you click “Add OneDrive Account” button, there will be a series of authentication steps.

Step3: Backup files from SugarSync to OneDrive by Cloud Transfer. Choose SugarSync as the source and OneDrive as the destination. Then let MultCloud start transfer task in its background.

Cloud Transfer Function of MultCloud
Cloud Transfer Function of MultCloud

As I mentioned above, there are many ways to move files from SugarSync to OneDrive. In MultCloud, there are also many methods. Cloud Transfer is the simplest and fastest way. Other ways are copy & paste, “Copy to” from right-click context menu of files stored in these clouds.


Multcloud is a FREE web-based application. In this tutorial, I only talked about how to move files from SugarSync to another cloud drive in MultCloud. In fact, this multi-cloud management application has many management operations, such as create folder, delete files, preview pictures, pdf, even including Cloud Sync which can sync cloud drive and backup data across clouds, etc. All in all, MultCloud is a great app that will help you a lot!

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