Combination of multi-clouds space

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Combine multiple clouds into one

MultCloud is a free web-based app that helps multiple cloud users to merge cloud storage together. As most of the online storage services have provided a small amount of free storage, users of MultCloud will be able to “expand” free cloud storage by connecting multiple cloud services to MultCloud. And MultCloud also enables users to access and manage all their online files on multiple clouds through a windows explorer type service.?How does MultCloud expand free cloud storage?
Nowadays, it’s really convenient to save our files or data online instead of on traditional hard drives. And many companies provide us cloud storage services with different special features like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, box, etc. As a result, many people create accounts on different cloud storage services to fulfill all their needs. But, here comes a problem. With multiple cloud storage services, it can be really annoying to log in each service to access the online files every time. MultCloud can help users to combine multiple clouds and organize cloud storage from a single Web interface. Besides, most cloud storage providers have offered user a certain amount of free cloud storage, with the combination of multi-clouds space, you can get over 50GB free cloud storage just by creating accounts on multiple clouds and combining them all to MultCloud.
How to get combination of multi-clouds space
Select the cloud service you wish to add
Click on “Add Cloud Drives” and select the cloud storage service you wish to add. For instance, select Dropbox to add connector to MultCloud. Click on “next” to move on.
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