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Solved: How to Connect Google Drive to FTP?


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Jul. 9, 2020 | 2 mins read



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You can connect Google Drive to FTP easily with the help of MultCloud. In this tutorial, I will explain why and how to connect Google Drive to FTP to you.

Why Transfer from Google Drive to FTP?

Google Drive and FTP are two different things but they have one thing in common, both of them are used to store files and share files online. When you want to transfer something from Google Drive to your personal FTP servers, you need to move from Google Drive to FTP. Connecting also means integrating them. Thus, you don’t need to download then upload files again and again.

How to Connect Google Drive to FTP?

The answer is MultCloud. The multiple cloud storage manager lets you easily combine these two services together. Moving from Google Drive to FTP directly looks like impossible before. But with the development of computer technology, anything is possible. MultCloud is such an automated solution, which is capable of transferring Google Drive files to a FTP and vice versa. Because MultCloud uses the new background of transmission technology, it can still transfer even after power off, thus, scheduled file copy is realized. Also, for huge data, automatic Google Drive transferring to FTP can be implemented.

How to Transfer Google Drive to FTP with MultCloud?

Step 1. Create One MultCloud Account

At first, visit MultCloud official website to register an account. As a web app, MultCloud allows you to transfer, sync and backup files across clouds easily and freely, thus you don’t need to install it on any clients and the registration is free. After confirming your account in the email, you can log in MultCloud directly.

Create an account
Create an account

Step 2. Add Google Drive and FTP to MultCloud

Add FTP and Google Drive to MultCloud through "Add Clouds" button. Check Google Drive/FTP then click “Next” button.

Add FTP and Google Drive to MultCloud
Add FTP and Google Drive to MultCloud

To add Google Drive, just need typing a display name as follow. After you click “Add Google Drive Account” button, the page will automatically jump to the official site for authorization to MultCloud. This is because Google Drive supports OAuth and OAuth is the authorization system of MultCloud. This authorization framework makes third-party applications to build up a connection to cloud drives without username and password.

Add Google Drive to MultCloud
Add Google Drive to MultCloud

To add FTP, you need to enter following information.

Add FTP to MultCloud
Add FTP to MultCloud


  • Make sure that your FTP account has read/write permissions before file operations, otherwise, MultCloud may be unable to transfer files into your FTP.
  • Make sure that there is enough space in your FTP account for your operations because MultCloud temporarily unable to identify its size.

Now, your Google Drive and FTP account are added to MultCloud so you can manage them easily. As you can see, MultCloud is able to manage all cloud storage in one place.

Connect Google Drive and FTP
Connect Google Drive and FTP

Step 3. Transfer Files from Google Drive to FTP with "Cloud Transfer"

Since both accounts are added to MultCloud, you can do many operations as you like. For example, you can transfer from Google Drive to FTP with "Cloud Transfer". Click on "Cloud Transfer" button, select Google Drive as the source, select FTP as the destination, click on "Transfer Now" and the whole transfer process will start. You can also schedule it to apply automatic transfer at a later date. You can enable it by clicking on "Schedule" button.

Transfer Files from Google Drive to FTP
Transfer Files from Google Drive to FTP

If you prefer to use Chrome and the web edition of Google Drive, you can add MultCloud extension from this link https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/transfer-to-google-drived/dhkemmehlndncfkilljmpeacciajkfag.


Following above steps, you can see MultCloud has helped you connect Google Drive to FTP easily and quickly. As you can see, the web application - MultCloud supports many popular cloud drives. If you want to transfer, backup or sync files between any two clouds mentioned above, MultCloud opens many possibilities! If you want to transfer FTP to MEGA, you can do it with "Cloud Transfer" feature. If you want to sync two Dropbox accounts, you can do it with "Cloud Sync" feature.

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