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3 Ways to Transfer Photos from OneDrive to Google Photos without Downloading

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June. 03, 2020 | 4 mins read

Author James


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Here in this article, you’ll get 3 ways to transfer pictures from OneDrive to Google Photos. And among them, you could also know the fastest way to transfer photos from OneDrive to Google Photos without downloading.

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Why Transfer Pictures from OneDrive to Google Photos?

When it comes to data backup of multimedia content, among the many cloud storage servers, OneDrive and Google Photos are undoubtedly the best in providing top-ranking data synchronization. However, in terms of image storage, Google Photos is most definitely the better pick out of the two. Why is this so? You will find the answer in their comparison.

1. Available Free Storage

OneDrive offers 5GB of storage capacity for your photos, but because this quota needs to be shared with your other data, therefore, OneDrive will soon be filled with your data backup as soon as you can see. Google Photos, however, is significantly remarkable in its unlimited storage. It can generously provide you with up to 15GB of free storage if you choose its Original mode to protect your resolution, which is three times that of OneDrive. While if you choose its High Quality as your mode, you could occupy its free unlimited storage. Isn't it a real deal for you to possess 15GB+infinite storage?

2. Picture Management

OneDrive manages your photos under its All Photos tab, Albums tab, Tags tab and Places tab. By the Albums tab, you need to create and name your new albums before categorizing your photos manually by checking your pictures according to their content. When it comes to Tags tab, according to your photo content, it automatically categorizes your photos with tags — outdoor, animal, building, etc. Places tab, as the name suggests, it manages your photos based on the location of your picture content.

OneDrive Image Management
OneDrive Image Management

With its artificial intelligence, however, Google Photos performs better at image management. In Google Photos, all your pictures would be intelligently analyzed and grouped by person, geographical landmark, location, object type, etc. And, further, Google Photos can also classify your photos to individuals, such as automatically generating your mother’s album from a large number of photos.

Google Photos Image Management
Google Photos Image Management

Whether it is from the hard indicator, that is, storage capacity, or from the soft indicator, that is, image management ability, Google Photos is far better than OneDrive.

How to Transfer Pictures from OneDrive to Google Photos?

At this point, you should find the reason for why transfer photos out of OneDrive to Google Photos. Since that, the next is to figure out how to transfer pictures from OneDrive to Google Photos.

Method 1. By Downloading and Uploading

This is the most frequently used one when the situation that transfers OneDrive photos to Google Photos occurs, and it is undoubtedly the simplest one as well. Here is it!

1. Go to https://onedrive.live.com and sign in to your account.
2. Open your Photos in App Menu at the top left corner to access your photos.

OneDrive Photos
OneDrive Photos

3. Check the photos which you want to download according to your preferences, which allows you to download according to albums, tags, and places.

Note: OneDrive would pack your downloading pictures as zip titled with tags and dates. Before uploading to your Google Photos, what you need to do is unzip them.

4. Click "Download" on the top menu bar that shows up after step 4 is done or right-click to select the "Download".

Download Photos from OneDrive
Download Photos from OneDrive

5. Your photos will be downloaded to your selected computer drive.
6. Go to https://photos.google.com/ and sign in to your account.

7. Click "Upload" at the top right of the Google Photos, choose "Uploaded from computer".

Upload to Google Photos
Upload to Google Photos

8. A "File upload" window pops up. Select photos or the folders that have been unzipped on your computer.
9. The uploading will be done soon, then you could choose "Add to album" to add your uploaded pictures to your Google Photos albums or "Create album" to categorize them.

Add to Album
Add to Album

Ok, that’s all about the method 1. As its undoubted accessibility, there is also no doubt, after the whole process is finished, that you will find this method is such a waste of time and space. Just because of its fussy operations, demanding network speed and huge memory size of pictures. Once one single step is failed, the result will be a loss and a failure.

Method 2. Transfer Photos from OneDrive to Google Photos with Multcloud

After mastering the method 1, and to maximize time saving, now and here is a new method offer to you, migrate photos with MultCloud. By this tool, you could transfer pictures from Onedrive to Google Photos without downloading.

As a free multi-cloud manager, MultCloud can hold many cloud servers. And some of its fantastic features may become your favorite in the future:

Folders transfer between clouds: MultCloud enables faster folders transfer between clouds, which makes the transfer without downloading of your albums that of huge size possible.

Offline transmission: Off-line transmission, a significant feature of MultCloud, makes your photos transferring possible even without network connection.

Now, let’s learn to transfer your photos from OneDrive to Google Photos with MultCloud.

Step 1. Enter the MultCloud by signing up or signing in with your email or as a guest.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Note: If you visit the MultCloud as a guest, the system creates an account and a password automatically to ensure the normal use of it.

Step 2. Add your OneDrive & Google Photos accounts to MultCloud separately. Click the “Add Clouds” and choose the OneDrive icon, then click “Next” to add your OneDrive account.

Add OneDrive and Google Photos
Add OneDrive and Google Photos


  • The adding of Google Photos is the same as OneDrive’s.
  • After clicking the "Next", an authorization notification will pop up, so you need to authorize MultCloud to access your OneDrive and Google Photos accounts. This process won’t violate your data security and privacy.

Step 3. After the step 2 is done, click "Cloud Transfer" in the toolbar at the top, select Pictures of OneDrive as the directory you want to transfer and select the Albums of Google Photos as the target directory you want to save your photos to.

Click "Transfer Now" to carry out your order.

Transfer Photos from OneDrive to Google Photos
Transfer Photos from OneDrive to Google Photos


  • In the "Option" on the left corner, you could select your transfer preferences by checking the functions below "General", "Email" and "Filter".

  • General Email Filter
    General Email Filter
  • Through the "Schedule" beside the "Option", you can set the time when you want to transfer your photos.

Method 2 is a one-click operation to transfer pictures from OneDrive to Google Photos with the support of "Cloud Transfer" of the MultCloud. By this means, you can save a lot of your time that downloading and uploading.

Method 3. Copy Photos from OneDrive to Google Photos with Multcloud

The final tip about transferring photos from OneDrive to Google Photos is the simplest one that could be completed easily with the Copy operation of MultCloud.

First, find the pictures folder you want to transfer in your OneDrive within the MultCloud. Right-click the "Pictures" folder and click the "Copy" option.

Copy Onedrive
Copy Onedrive

Secondly, select "Albums" of Google Photos as your destination. Right-click in the blank to "Paste" pictures folder to your Google Photos.

Paste Photos in Google Photos
Paste Photos in Google Photos


  • Also, you can transfer your photos to Google Photos by clicking "Copy to" without checking "Move".
  • In the "Paste" process, you can create "New Folder" to categorize your pictures.


After the above three methods have been presented, it’s easy to see that using MultCloud to transfer photos from OneDrive to Google Photos is the easiest way. As a web cloud manager, MultCloud doesn’t require downloading and installation.

Since you have known how to transfer pictures from OneDrive to Google Photos, you may also wonder how to move photos from OneDrive to Google Photos and want to upgrade your account to a premium one so that you will get lighting transfer speed, which would help complete the transfer process quickly.

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