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Why Transfer Photos out of Flickr?

With the increasing popularity of photography technology and photography tools, almost every user with a large amount of photo data must solve the problem of insufficient storage space, and even if the cloud is the first choice to solve that, it still faces unpredictable space and time limit changes. And it has become a reality for Flickr users.

Flickr made it clear on its website that it would delete free accounts that are inactive for 90 days. In addition, since 2019, Flickr has terminated the 1TB capacity of free users and changed to free 1,000 movies or photos.

Why Transfer Pictures from Flickr to Google Photos?

Next, we will compare the storage conditions of Flickr and Google Photos to figure out why we discuss how to transfer photos from Flickr to Google Photos.

Google Photos and Flickr
Google Photos and Flickr

► Flickr:

1. Photos will be automatically deleted to the 1,000, which will start with the oldest photo.
2. The free accounts that are inactive for 90 days will be deleted.

► Google Photos:

1. Google Photos provides the intelligent search for images so you can find the images you need faster and more accurately.
2. Android, iOS, and web applications are achievable now.
3. Users can choose how to store photos to Google Photos by Original quality (Store photos & videos with no change to their quality) and Storage saver (Store more at a slightly reduced quality).

After finding a good migration target, the next problem is how to migrate a large number of pictures from Flickr to Google Photos. 

Of course, everyone can transfer Flickr pictures to Google Photos in a clumsy way, which is downloading Flickr photos to PC and then uploading them to Google Photos again. Instead of that, today we will introduce a more practical third-party auxiliary tool to make it in one click, the MultCloud.

How to Transfer Photos from Flickr to Google Photos?

As a multiple cloud storage manager, MultCloud can not only manage many cloud storage servers in one room but manage different accounts of the same cloud. During the operation process, many features of MultCloud can shape new habits for you, for example:

  • Folders transfer in one click: It enables faster folders transfer between clouds, which makes bulk data migration possible.
  • Files sync in one click: MultCloud can transfer the files in the source folder to the target folder by its Cloud Sync, One-way, Two-way, and Real Time Sync are all available now.
  • Team transfer easily: MultCloud supports enterprise users to transfer the content of multiple cloud drive accounts to one cloud drive account and supports matching transmission of multiple sub-accounts.
  • Remote upload in a quick way: MultCloud can help you remotely upload URLs, torrent files, or magnet links to clouds, such as downloading torrents directly to Google Drive.
  • Background transmission: MultCloud supports transferring files in the background. For the general task, once your task starts, you can close your web page and even close your PC as MultCloud supports the offline transfer.

The functions we will use in the following tutorials are mainly the Cloud Transfer and background offline transmission, so MultCloud allows you to transfer photos from Flickr camera roll to Google Photos without downloading the pictures to the local PC.

1. Sign up and Sign in

Before knowing the operation of how to transfer photos from Flickr to Google Photos, it’s necessary to sign up your MultCloud with your email or as a guest, if you log in the MultCloud as a guest, the system will generate automatically the account and the password which you need to remember. Also, you can log in with your Facebook or Google account to save the sign-up process.

Sign Up
Sign Up

2. Add Flickr & Google Photos in MultCloud

As its name you can see, MultCloud is a platform homing for clouds, so what you need to do before migrating photos from Flickr to Google Photos is add the cloud where pictures transfer occurs at the platform, here it means you need to add both Flickr and Google Photos to the MultCloud.

To add the Flickr and Google Photos, as the picture shows (the same operation for Google Photos), click the “Add Cloud” and click the Flickr icon to allow MultCloud to access your account.

Add Flickr
Add Flickr


  • Flickr and Google Photos need to add to MultCloud separately.
  • If you have two or more Flickr accounts, it works for MultCloud to add them all in.
Add Google Photos
Add Google Photos

If you have registered Flickr before adding it to MultCloud, an authorization page will be redirected to the Flickr website to obtain your permission.

Authorize Flickr
Authorize Flickr

Same as Flickr, after adding the Google Photos through signing in with a Google account, MultCloud needs your authorization as well.

3. Transfer Photos from Flickr to Google Photos

Now, Flickr and Google Photos are added to the MultCloud, then the next is the core step of the transmission: transfer your pictures from Flickr to Google Photos within MultCloud.

In MultCloud’s function bar, click the click the “Cloud Transfer” to start your operation, then select “Flickr - Albums” as the source directory, select the “Google Photos - Albums” folder as the destination.

Then, two transfer methods can be your choice: Schedule or Transfer Now. You can click “Transfer Now” to transfer your photos instantly from Flickr to Google Photos.

Transfer Flickr to Google Photos
Transfer Flickr to Google Photos


  • For the scheduled transfer, click “Schedule” to transfer photos whenever your devices are available.
  • To filter the photos unnecessary, you need to open the “Options” to select “Filter” to exclude certain files with a specific extension title name from being transferred.

After the operation above is finished, you could check the task process in the Task List.

Task List
Task List


Now, with the support of MultCloud, you already have a preliminary understanding on how to transfer photos from Flickr to Google Photos in one click. It can effectively help you save time downloading from Flickr to local and then uploading to Google Photos.

After the above operations are completed, you may find that MultCloud still has many functions to meet your other needs, then you may also want to learn how to backup Google Drive to S3 or sync Dropbox with NAS.

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