Why Do FTP Access to Google Drive?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files between client and server on a computer network. It is one of the oldest protocols currently in use and is a convenient way to move files. Although FTP is one of the oldest file transfer methods, many people still like to use FTP to transfer files.


For people who teaches internet protocol, FTP is a common way to introduce newbies to the internet protocol before learning more complex versions, which makes it a good starter tool. For people who loves it, they build FTP file systems out of nostalgia, or just for fun.

For some people or company want to move a large number of server files internally, these professionals may choose to use FTP when moving server files in an organization's closed system, especially for programmers who develop website. In this case, there are no security issues, and FTP may be the easiest method known to IT workers to move large numbers of files.

And Google Drive is an application that is easy to access from a web browser. And its Google Sheets, docs, Power Points and other application suites can not only access files stored in the cloud, but also can make instant changes, this feature has been adopted by a large number of computer professionals around the world. So many people may choose to use these two products for data backup and migrating.

Taking into account the convenience of accessing data based on work requirements, many professionals want to achieve two-way file transfer, such as, transfer files from FTP to Google Drive or migrate files from Google Drive to FTP.

How to Do FTP Access to Google Drive?

The traditional way is to first download the files on the FTP server to the local end, and then upload the local files to Google drive. For computer professionals, especially IT workers, this method will waste a lot of time and energy and greatly reduce their work efficiency during file migrating. As a result, more and more people think it is less stressful and more efficient to use a free online tool to achieve file transferring.

Here is a best free multiple cloud storage manager-MultCloud that may help you a lot, which supports free online file transfer, backup and sync without downloading and uploading among a variety of cloud drives, such as FTP, Google Drive, G Suite, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon S3 and other popular cloud drives, to save your time and energy during file transferring. The following steps you should do when transferring files between FTP servers and Google Drive.

Step 1. Sign Up

Visit MultCloud: https://www.multcloud.com and sign up an account with your email or just create a temporary account though clicking on “Try without signing up”.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add Google Drive to MultCloud

Log in MultCloud and add clouds to MultCloud by clicking on the “Add Cloud” button; then select Google Drive to add, and follow the guidance to complete cloud adding.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive

Step 3. Add FTP to MultCloud

Add FTP to MultCloud in the same way and click "Add FTP Account" to go to the next step.


Allow MultCloud to get your FTP server address, FTP username and FTP password when accessing to FTP.

Edit FTP Information
Edit FTP Information


  • Before proceeding with file operations, please make sure you have read/write permissions, otherwise, MultCloud may not be able to transfer files to your FTP.
  • Make sure there is enough space for your operation because we cannot temporarily determine its size.

Step 4. Transfer Files from FTP to Google Drive

Transfer files from FTP to Google Drive with “Cloud transfer”. Select “FTP” to choose the directory file you want to transfer and select “Google Drive” to choose the target directory. Then, hit “Transfer Now” to complete the file transfer.

Transfer Files from FTP to Google Drive
Transfer Files from FTP to Google Drive


  • If you want to automatically transfer FTP to Google Drive on a regular basis, you can enable "Schedule" and MultCloud can run your tasks as scheduled.
  • If the data you transfer is very large and it takes a lot of time, you can close the web page when the task starts because MC supports offline file transfer.


In summary, Multcloud can perform FTP access to Google Drive with a free online way by using "Cloud Transfer" function for better data backup and file managing. If you want to choose a more secure way to transfer your files, you can choose to transfer files to Google Drive via SFTP or FTPS.

In addition to the "Cloud Transfer" function, MultCloud also provides other popular features, such as file sync and multi-cloud drive management.

If necessary, you can use file sync feature to perform cloud-to-cloud sync, which helps you sync photos, videos and files in other formats between multiple clouds in a simplest way.

And you can find your favorite cloud drives and add them to MultCloud to realize multi-cloud management and make cloud resource management simpler and more convenient. You can try the features mentioned above, then you may get a safer and simpler data backup method.

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