Why Sync Dropbox to Google Drive?

According to the user-friendly interface and immense features which you can get from Dropbox and Google Drive, you are very likely to use these two popular cloud drive services at the same time. By comparing some characteristics of these two clouds, you may understand that when you connect Dropbox with Google Drive, actually you gather the distinctive features from both clouds together.

  Dropbox Google Drive
Free Storage 2 GB 15 GB
Primary Upgrade Storage 1 TB: $ 9.99 per month 100 GB: $ 1.99 per month
Sync Sync changes in blocks Sync the entire document
Sharing Passwords and expiration date Normal granting permissions
File Editing Paper by Dropbox Office apps in Google form
Security 256-bit encryption 128-bit encryption
User Base 700 million 1 billion

It is obvious that Google Drive provides you with larger free storage but Dropbox offers better security, sync, and sharing functions to you. In order to benefit more from using these two clouds, it’s better for you to sync from Dropbox to Google Drive so as to backup Dropbox to Google Drive. In this way, you can make the best use of the free storage provided by Google Drive and the convenient sharing or other functions offered by Dropbox.

How to Sync Dropbox to Google Drive Efficiently

To save your time and energy, you can sync Dropbox and Google Drive free through the best cloud file manager, MultCloud. This service allows you to transfer, sync, and backup files between clouds through a single interface without downloading and uploading. What’s more, you can manage all your cloud drive services through MultCloud with its basic functions like Upload, Download, Copy, Cut, Delete, Preview, and Rename or some unique functions like Share and Remote Upload to manage files stored in all your clouds.

  • One-key superfast data transfer, sync, and backup across clouds.
  • Scheduled offline transfer and 10 wonderful sync modes.
  • Quick access to all cloud files with efficient management.
  • 30+ leading cloud storage services and all systems are supported.
  • OAuth authorization system and 256-bit AES encryption.

Here’s how to sync files from Dropbox to Google Drive through MultCloud.

Step 1: Sign up MultCloud with your name and email.

Step 2: Click “+Add Cloud” and choose the Dropbox icon. Then follow the pop-up window to allow MultCloud to access your Dropbox account. After that, add your Google Drive to MultCloud in the same way.

Add Dropbox and Google Drive to MultCloud
Add Dropbox and Google Drive to MultCloud

Step 3: Click “Cloud Sync” under the Common Tools list.

Step 4: Click the left blank square to select a folder in Dropbox or just the whole Dropbox account in the pop-up window. Then click the right square to select the destination of your sync or backup in Google Drive.

Step 5: Click the purple button “Sync Now”. Then the sync task will be performed by MultCloud immediately.

Sync Dropbox to Google Drive through MultCloud
Sync Dropbox to Google Drive through MultCloud

10 Cloud Sync Modes:

  • MultCloud offers 4 useful sync modes, Simple Sync and Ream Time Sync in one-way and two-way for free users. If you subscribe to a higher level, you could get another 6 excellent sync modes such as Mirror, Move, Cumulative, Update, Incremental, and Full Backup Sync in one-way.  
  • If you want to keep the files in the source and target directories always the same, choose “Two-way Sync”.
  • If you want to sync Dropbox and Google Drive in a more time-sensitive way, please try the new mode “Real Time Sync”.
  • If you are a premium user of MultCloud, you are allowed to let two Real Time Sync tasks perform at the same time.
Cloud Sync Modes in MultCloud
Cloud Sync Modes in MultCloud


  • Besides the Real Time Sync mode, you could also set daily, weekly, or monthly "Schedule" plans to sync Dropbox with Google Drive automatically.
  • You could let MultCloud send an email notification to you when the sync task is done.
  • To know the detailed information about your sync task, you can click “Task List”.
Task List in MultCloud
Task List in MultCloud

How to Sync Dropbox to Google Drive Traditionally

As complicated as you could imagine, the traditional way to connect Dropbox with Google Drive needs you to download the files that you are going to sync from Dropbox and then upload files to Google Drive manually. 

Step 1: Sign in to the Dropbox website.

Step 2: Tick the boxes in front of the files and folders which you want to sync.

Step 3: Click “Download” in the feature bar above.

Download Files and Folders from Dropbox
Download Files and Folders from Dropbox

Step 4: Open and sign in Google Drive website with your Google Account.

Step 5: Click the button “+New” and choose “File upload” or “Folder upload” in the dropdown menu.

Step 6: Locate the files you want to upload through the pop-up window. Then click “Open” to upload Dropbox files to Google Drive.

Upload Files and Folders to Google Drive
Upload Files and Folders to Google Drive

Apart from the intricate actions of uploading and downloading, you may also find other inconveniences of this method. The inconsistent and slow internet speed during transfer may bother you a lot because you can only shut down the browser after those two processes are completed.

Tip: If you want to sync the whole account of your Dropbox to Google Drive, it is better to move all the files stored in Dropbox to a new folder and change the folder to a zip file before syncing.


Now it’s up to you to decide which way to sync Dropbox to Google Drive suits you best. In addition to syncing from Dropbox to Google Drive, you could also transfer files in these two clouds through the solution about how to transfer Dropbox files to Google Drive. Then you may find how simple it is to use Cloud Transfer to share files to other of your clouds without any switching action.

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