Save files on the internet for latter

When you spend time browsing the internet, you may often see some files (e.g. cheat sheets, documents, pictures) that you want to save for latter view. Normally, you have to download it to your PC or other storage device.

If you want to access these saved files across all of your devices, you can upload it a cloud drive, for example Dropbox. Have you ever wonder if there is a way to directly save web files to Dropbox without downloading to your computer?

You can absolutely do that with a free tool. It is quick and simple. So you do not need to download a web file to a USB removable storage device and take it everywhere.

MultCloud-Save web files to cloud

Free Web-based application, Multcloud is perfect for this purpose. It allows you to upload file to Dropbox from URL. It supports more than 20 cloud storage services, so you can also save web files to Google Drive, OneDrive, or other cloud drives from URL.

You just need to paste the URL of the files you want to save to MultCloud and it just do the work for you. The process will usually finish instantly even if you have a slow internet connection. After that, you can view the file any time and on any devices without worrying about the download URL will expire.

If you have tried other similar services, you probably have encountered failure or timeout when you put more than one file at a time. Compared with other services, Multcloud is fast, download only one file at a time, and it never fails.

How to download to Dropbox from URL

Since it is a web tool, you do not need to download anything to your PC. You can just go to MultCloud official site and create a new account. If you want to see how it work before signing up, you can click use the feature Experience without signing up.

1. Login to Multcloud. Click “Add Cloud” to connect your Dropbox account with Multcloud.

2. Go to the folder in Dropbox where you want to save the web file, and click “Upload”.

3. In a small pop up window, click “Upload URL”.

4. Paste the URL to the box. You can change filename if need be and then click “OK” to start saving web files to Dropbox.

If the files you saved to Dropbox is very important, you probably want to have a backup of the files. As a saying goes “Do not put all eggs in one basket”, it is suggested to save another copy of the files to another cloud drive of yours.

Save web files to more cloud drives

As mentioned, Multcloud allows you to connect more than 20 different cloud drives. You can easily just drag and drop to copy files from Dropbox to Google Drive or any other drives. If you have lot of files to be transferred, you can create a task to transfer or sync Dropbox with OneDrive.

If you upgrade to the Premium version, you can configure automatic scheduled task to sync two different cloud drives or folders across multiple cloud storage services. Once the task is created, the operation will be performed as scheduled even if your turn you are offline.

In conclusion, Multcloud is suitable for saving web files to Dropbox or other cloud drives. Besides, it can help you manage all of your cloud storage in one place. You can view, share files, and sync one cloud drive to another with simple steps.

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