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Save Google Doc to OneDrive without Downloading & Uploading

Author Helen

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April 04, 2019 | 3 mins read

Author Helen

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After purchased Microsoft office 365, most users want to switch to OneDrive from other cloud storages for office 365 provides 1 TB quota of OneDrive. Among them, there are not few Google Drive users.

Those people have to transfer their documents, photos/pictures/images/graphics, audios/music/songs, videos/movies, pdfs, etc. files to OneDrive cloud. As for GDrive users, the most import thing is to move Google docs to OneDrive. then, how to save Google doc to OneDrive?

Usually, you can download target files from source cloud to local space, then, upload them to OneDrive. Almost all users know this way. Yet, this method is troublesome and it requires enough local storage playing as transit location. This is why many users are seeking for a new solution for switching clouds.

Of course, you should search online to find a way. Always, there should be a third party program which can solve your problem. And, yes, there is. MultCloud is a professional and reliable cloud to cloud migration software which can directly save data from Google cloud to OneDrive. Here is the process to complete this task.

1. Free Create MultCloud Account

MultCloud is based on webpage. Therefore, to make use of it, you only need to sign up for its services.

2. Add Google Drive and OneDrive to MultCloud

Sign in your MultCloud account. In the main screen, choose “Add Clouds” and select the cloud brand you are going to add. Next, follow the guide to finish this step.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Drive to MultCloud

Add the other cloud account in the same way.

3. Save Google Doc to OneDrive

Click “Cloud Transfer” on the top menu, specify source and destination as Google Drive and OneDrive respectively. Finally, click “Transfer Now”.

Transfer Google Drive to OneDrive
Save Google Drive to OneDrive

If you are not going to migrate all contents from GD to OneDrive, just put the target docs in one folder and only transfer the folder.


  • You can decide whether to delete source files or not after transmission in the “Options” pop-up window in the lower left.

  • Cloud Transfer Options
    Google Doc to OneDrive Saving Options
  • You can order email notification after transfer.
  • Also, you are able to filter certain kinds of files to be or not to be transferred based-on their filename extensions. (Only Premium plan users can enjoy this feature)
  • Finally, there is a schedule plan which enables you to automatically and regularly carry out this task in the future for once, daily, weekly or monthly. (Only Premium plan users can enjoy this feature)

Schedule Task
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