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User Case: pCloud Drive Not Working


☞"Is pCloud down right now? Can’t access anything and can’t log in. Anyone else?" --- https://www.reddit.com/


☞"I have this weird issue with the pCloud service (and with pCloud only, no problem with anything else). I’ve installed the pCloud Drive app a long time ago and it worked fine for a while, then it somehow stopped dialoguing with their servers, i.e. I was able to browse my pCloud folders structure (also in Nautilus) but I couldn’t download/upload anything." --- https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/


Possible Reasons for pCloud Not Working

Users encountering problems with pCloud may experience a range of issues, including:

  • Difficulty Accessing Files: This might entail challenges in locating or opening specific files stored on the platform.
  • Slow Syncing of Data: Users may notice delays or sluggishness in the synchronization process between their devices and the cloud storage, resulting in outdated or incomplete data.

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  • Inability to Upload or Download Files: This issue can prevent users from transferring files to or from the pCloud service, hindering their ability to add new content or retrieve existing files.

Several factors could contribute to pCloud malfunctions, including:

  • Network Connectivity Problems: Issues with internet connectivity or unstable network connections can hinder the proper functioning of pCloud.
  • Outdated pCloud Application: Using an older version of the pCloud application might cause compatibility issues or missing essential updates that could affect its performance.
  • Account-Related Issues: Problems associated with user accounts, such as incorrect login credentials, subscription limitations, or account settings, could lead to malfunctions in the pCloud service.
  • Technical Glitches Within the Service: Internal technical issues within the pCloud system, including server problems, software bugs, or other unforeseen glitches, can disrupt its functionality and cause malfunctions.

Troubleshooting Steps for pCloud Not Working

Understanding and addressing these potential factors can help troubleshoot and resolve any malfunctions experienced while using pCloud. Here are all the solutions.

1. Checking Internet Connection

Ensuring a stable and robust internet connection is crucial when troubleshooting pCloud issues. A weak or fluctuating network might impede the optimal performance of pCloud services and functionalities. Make sure you have a reliable connection before proceeding with any further troubleshooting steps.

2. Clearing Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, underlying problems causing pCloud malfunctions can be resolved by clearing the cache and cookies on your device. This action helps eliminate potential conflicts or corrupted data that could be affecting the proper functioning of pCloud.

3. Updating the pCloud App

Regularly updating the pCloud application to the latest version is essential. Not only does it ensure compatibility with the latest features, but it also addresses known bugs and vulnerabilities that might impact the app's performance.

4. Verifying Account Status

Take a moment to review your account settings and subscription status within pCloud. This step can help identify any issues related to your account that might be affecting your pCloud experience.

5. Contacting pCloud Support

If you've gone through the above steps and the issue persists, don't hesitate to reach out to pCloud's dedicated support team. They can provide personalized guidance and assistance tailored to your specific situation, offering expert help to resolve the problem you're encountering.

Alternative Solutions to pCloud Not Working

Remember, the above steps can often resolve common issues with pCloud, but if you continue experiencing difficulties, the support team is there to help further. Or, you can try the following alternative solutions.

1. Exploring Alternative Cloud Storage Services

When encountering troubleshooting issues, it can be beneficial to temporarily explore pCloud alternatives. This approach ensures that work can continue seamlessly, allowing for uninterrupted productivity during technical hiccups.

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If you want to easily and quicky transfer files from pCloud to other cloud accounts, you can try the cloud file manager --- MultCloud. The tool allows you to add most pCloud alternatives and enable data migration with numerous features.

2. Temporary Workarounds for pCloud Issues

Dealing with pCloud issues can disrupt workflow, but implementing temporary workarounds can provide short-term solutions. For instance, accessing pCloud through a different device or using an alternative browser can circumvent immediate obstacles and enable continued access to files and data.


In conclusion, troubleshooting "pCloud not working" involves a systematic approach. By understanding common issues, performing basic checks, and seeking advanced solutions when needed, users can ensure a smoother experience with this cloud storage service.


1. Why does pCloud stop working sometimes?

pCloud may encounter issues due to internet connectivity, software bugs, or account-related problems.

2. Can clearing the cache solve all pCloud issues?

While clearing cache helps, some issues may require additional troubleshooting steps.

3. What should I do if basic troubleshooting doesn't work?

If basic steps don't resolve the issue, consider contacting pCloud support for assistance or trying other good alternatives.

4. Is switching to an alternative cloud service a good solution?

It can be an option, but it's crucial to assess features, security, and user reviews before switching.

5. How often should I update the pCloud application?

Regularly checking for updates and installing them when available ensures the smooth functioning of the app.

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