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When ask what are the best cloud services? Dropbox often ranked 1st while pCloud ranked in the top ten sometimes. However, Dropbox has shortcomings too, it has a rather weak method of encryption for storing your data on Dropbox’s servers. Dropbox only provides 2 GB of storage space free of charge, significantly less than that of most of its competitors. On the contrary, pCloud starts with up to 20GB of FREE storage for photos, videos, documents, music and any small or large file. pCloud is a Swiss company. Although it is not famous as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. I think it should be considered seriously, the company has a lot to offer, especially for those who are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, free service. pCloud is a good alternative to Dropbox. If you plan to transfer Dropbox to pCloud or vice versa, please read on.

Use MultCloud to move pCloud to Dropbox

On the official site of pCloud, there is a tutorial called “How to Backup Dropbox with pCloud in 3 easy steps”, which teaches you how to move your Dropbox files to pCloud. This is a feasible way. However, from pCloud to Dropbox, neither pCloud nor Dropbox provide an official method. Thus, we need try third-party tool instead. MultCloud is a multiple cloud drives management application based on website. It supported cloud drives including pCloud and Dropbox. It manages them under the same interface so that copying files between pCloud and Dropbox directly realized. To use MultCloud, you need to register an account or choose Experience without signing up.

Create an account
Create an account

In MultCloud, add Dropbox and pCloud one by one. Then their files will be displayed in MultCloud’s window. Now you can do simple operation such as copy & paste, delete, share, preview, upload, rename and so on from context menu.

Copy and Paste operation
Copy and Paste operation

For complex transfer task, we suggest you to switch to Cloud Transfer Service. Here, you can set schedule, filter, overwritten, notification, etc options.

pCloud to Dropbox Transfer
pCloud to Dropbox Transfer

More about MultCloud

The core function of MultCloud is transferring. Sync is a kind of transfer, especially two-way sync. For this reason, MultCloud has a Cloud Sync Service. There are eight sync ways in all provided by MultCloud, options are similar to Transfer Service. MultCloud is not a storage. It applies traffic to help you do transfer task. In order to get more traffic, please enjoy its points system.

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