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pCloud vs Dropbox

pCloud vs Dropbox
pCloud vs Dropbox

When asked what are the best cloud services? Dropbox often ranked 1st while pCloud ranked in the top ten sometimes. However, Dropbox has shortcomings too, it has a rather weak method of encryption for storing your data on Dropbox’s servers. Although both are cloud storage services, Dropbox and pCloud are also very different in some aspects.

  pCloud Dropbox
Storage 10 GB for free 2 GB for free
Integration No One of the most customizable and integrated services
Special Features Portfolio page and embedded audio player Dropbox Paper and Dropbox Showcase
Privacy 100% data privacy with pCloud Crypto plugin (no-free) Employees can view data because encryption keys are held by Dropbox
Security Static 256-bit AES and TLS for file moving Static 256-bit AES and TLS for file moving
Target User Suitable for personal use and functions such as audio player and combo display that require large storage space. Personal and business use with complete security and privacy and document collaboration.

As you can see from the data in the table above, Dropbox only offers 2GB of storage for free, which is far less than most of its competitors. Instead, pCloud starts with up to 10GB (need to do the corresponding tasks) of free storage for photos, videos, documents, music, and files of any size.

But considering the security of data and efficient processing of documents, Dropbox is much better than pCloud. In addition, when using Dropbox to store various files, users can also share encrypted documents with other users anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can set the expiration time of shared content. Exceed the set time, users who have obtained the shared content will not be able to view and edit it.

Considering the above two scenarios, you may have file migration needs between Dropbox and pCloud. If you value free storage space, you may want to move files from Dropbox to pCloud; if you consider the convenience of content sharing and document editing, you may switch to Dropbox and transfer data to Dropbox.

How to Transfer pCloud to Dropbox or Vice Versa

On the official site of pCloud, there is a tutorial called “How to Backup Dropbox with pCloud in 3 easy steps”, which teaches you how to move your Dropbox files to pCloud. This is a feasible way. However, from pCloud to Dropbox, neither pCloud nor Dropbox provides an official method. Thus, we need to try a third-party tool instead. 

Solution 1: Transfer pCloud to Dropbox in an Automatic Way

MultCloud is a multiple cloud storage manager based on the website. It supported 30+ cloud drives, including pCloud, Dropbox, MEGA, Flickr, FTP, and other popular cloud drives. Therefore, you can manage all clouds under the same interface, and moving files between pCloud and Dropbox can be directly and easily realized. 

Step 1: To use MultCloud, you need to register an account or choose to sign in with your Google account or Facebook account directly.

Create an Account
Sign Up

Step 2: In MultCloud, add Dropbox and pCloud one by one. Click the "Add Cloud" button on the left, then select Dropbox and pCloud to add. Once complete, Dropbox and pCloud will be displayed on the left-side of MultCloud’s interface.

Add Dropbox and pCloud
Add Dropbox and pCloud

After all cloud drives are added successfully, you can open the cloud disk, and then do a simple operation such as copy & paste, delete, share, preview, upload, and rename files or folders from the basic functions above.

Other Operations
Other Operations

Step 3: Move pCloud to Dropbox. For complex transfer tasks, you should go to the "Cloud Transfer" option, then select pCloud or files in it as the source and select Dropbox as the target. Finally, click "Transfer Now".

pCloud to Dropbox Transfer
pCloud to Dropbox Transfer

When using the "Cloud Transfer" feature, you can also enable some other features in the "Options" below:

  • Transfer mode: The file copying way when the target file exists, deleting the source file after the transfer is completed, and retaining the modification time of the file.
  • Email: Sending email notification after the transfer is completed.
  • Filter: Transferring only or not certain files with file extensions.
Cloud Transfer Options
Cloud Transfer Options


  • If you want to automatically transfer pCloud files to Dropbox, you can set a specific time in "Schedule".
  • To transfer files from Dropbox to pCloud, you can directly switch the source and destination locations in the "Cloud Transfer" interface.

★ More about MultCloud

The core function of MultCloud not only has "Cloud Transfer", but also Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and Remote Upload.

  • Cloud Sync also enables file transfer. There are 9 sync ways in all provided by MultCloud, which can help you sync files easily, such as syncing Dropbox with NAS or other clouds.
  • Cloud Backup can help you back up important documents to another cloud storage service, especially when you need to migrate important data, you can use this function to back up your files, which can be retrieved when files are lost.
  • Remote Upload means that you can download URLs, torrents, and magnet links directly to the cloud, such as download torrent files directly to MEGA cloud.

Solution 2: Transfer pCloud to Dropbox in a Non-Automatic Way

If the files you need to transfer are not many, you can also choose the download & upload way to move files. Now, many cloud drives provide file upload and download functions, which you can use directly. However, compared to the methods mentioned above, this method may have to consider network and system factors.

Step 1: Visit the pCloud website and log in.
Step 2: Download the files and folders to your computer. It is recommended to create a new folder on your local disk to keep everything in one place before uploading it to Dropbox.

Download from pCloud
Download from pCloud

Step 3: Open the Dropbox website and log in.
Step 4: You can now drag and drop the entire content into the web app and wait for it to finish transferring pCloud to Dropbox. Or, you can choose "Upload files" or "Upload folder" to upload.

Upload Files to Dropbox
Upload Files to Dropbox

Note: The downloaded files may be stored in the local device in a compressed manner. Before uploading to Dropbox, you need to decompress these files, which is convenient for file viewing and editing in the future.


pCloud makes sense for consumers who are interested in storing large amounts of data online and are looking for an affordable way. pCloud is secure, trustworthy, reliable, and affordable. It's great value & no doubt.

But when it comes to document editing and integration with the world's most-used apps and services, Dropbox excels. If you want to integrate with software, if you want to create Microsoft Office or Google Workspace documents, if you want to collaborate with other people or teams, then Dropbox is your first choice.

When referring to pCloud to Dropbox transfer, you can use the excellent third-party tool MultCloud. And, you can use MultCloud to manage multiple cloud storage accounts, you can easily create and copy and delete and rename files and folders, and connect more cloud drives to quickly transfer content from and to Dropbox.

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