Brief Introduction about OneDrive and pCloud

OneDrive and pCloud are both cloud storage services. The most superiority of OneDrive is being connected with Microsoft Office products. When you have edited Word or PowerPoint, etc, you’ll see them in the list of latest files, even including the files in OneDrive. Once you open a document saved on OneDrive, you’ll be able to edit it with other people in real-time, if you’re a Office 365 user.

If you are a cloud drive user for sometime, you have probably encountered multiple limitations, such as limited file size for the data you are uploading to the cloud, or limited upload and download speeds. However, you can upload any type of files, regardless of their size to pCloud! If you’d like to store large files on a cloud drive service, pCloud can be a good option.

Transfer or copy files between OneDrive and pCloud

With pCloud, you can get up to 50 GB free online storage --- much larger than the free cloud storage provided by many other cloud services, so you can simply use pCloud to extend your cloud storage for free! However, when we need to upload files to pCloud from other cloud drives, basically we have to download the files first and re-upload them to pCloud. This can be a tedious job if there are a lot of large files. Is there a way to transfer data from one cloud directly to another? The answer is “Certainly!”

MultCloud --- a web based app can help to transfer files between different cloud drive storage and manage all your cloud drives with a single login. With the help of it, for instance, you can move or copy the files from OneDrive directly to pCloud offline. That means once the transfer starts, you can simply shut down MultCloud or even your PC, MultCloud will complete the cloud-to-cloud transfer automatically in the background.

MultCloud has also provided “Cloud-Sync” which allows you to sync or move flies between between cloud drives. Once you have scheduled a sync task between OneDrive and pCloud, MultCloud can automatically transfer, sync or migrate the files from OneDrive to pCloud for extra backup or simply save your storage on OneDrive!

Tutorials: Copy Files from OneDrive to pCloud

Step 1. Sign up and log in MultCloud

You can also log in MultCloud as a visitor by clicking “Experience without signing up”.

Step 2. Connect OneDrive and pCloud to MultCloud

Click on “Add Cloud Drive” and you’ll see all the cloud services supported by MultCloud. Here, left click on “OneDrive” or “pCloud”to select it and click on “Next” to add it to MultCloud.

Step 3. Copy files from OneDrive to pCloud

Under “Cloud Transfer”tag, you can select the Folder you’d like to copy in OneDrive and add pCloud as the target Cloud storage. Press “Transfer Now” to copy the folder from OneDrive to pCloud.


You can also Sync OneDrive and pCloud by clicking the “Cloud Sync” tag. There’re “Two-way Sync” and 7 custom options in “One-way sync” to achieve synchronization between cloud services.

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