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User Demands: How to Solve OneDrive Slow Upload Speed 


Slow OneDrive Upload Speed


Do you guys remember the Microsoft demo where they showed how much faster the OneDrive upload was compared to other cloud storage providers. Apparently this is no longer the case. I have had users report that OneDrive uploads in the browser are slow compared to Box.com so I ran a similar test to what Microsoft did. OneDrive browser uploads in my test are ~10 times slower than box. What can we do to fix this? 


- Question from https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/


Understanding OneDrive Upload Speed

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service provided by Microsoft, allowing users to store files, photos, and documents securely online. It enables seamless access to files across multiple devices, making cloud content collaboration and file sharing effortless.

Upload speed refers to the rate at which data is transmitted from your device to the cloud storage server. A faster upload speed ensures quick and efficient transfer of files, enhancing productivity and user experience.

Several factors influence OneDrive's upload speed, including the quality of your internet connection, the size and type of files being uploaded, and the resources available on your device.

Common Issues Causing OneDrive Upload Slow

Several factors influence OneDrive's upload speed, including the quality of your internet connection, the size and type of files being uploaded, and the resources available on your device.

  • Internet Connection: One of the primary factors contributing to slow OneDrive upload speeds is the quality and speed of your internet connection. If you're experiencing sluggish uploads, it's essential to check your internet connection to ensure it's stable and fast enough to support file transfers.
  • File Size: Large files can significantly impact upload speeds, especially if you're dealing with limited bandwidth. Uploading multiple large files simultaneously can further exacerbate the issue, causing delays and slowdowns.
  • Server Issues: At times, slow upload speeds may be attributed to server-side issues on OneDrive's end. High server loads or maintenance activities can temporarily affect upload performance, leading to slower than usual transfer speeds.

Tips to Solve OneDrive Upload Slow

If you are having problems uploading files to OneDrive, you can try the following ways to improve it first.

1. Check Internet Connection

Before troubleshooting other potential causes, it's crucial to verify the status of your internet connection. Ensure that you're connected to a stable and high-speed network, preferably using a wired connection for optimal performance.

2. Optimize File Size

To expedite upload times, consider compressing large files or breaking them down into smaller, more manageable chunks. This not only reduces the strain on your internet connection but also minimizes the risk of upload failures.

3. Choose the Right Time

Upload speeds can vary depending on the time of day and network congestion. To maximize upload performance, try scheduling file transfers during off-peak hours when internet traffic is minimal.

4. Utilize OneDrive Settings

OneDrive offers settings that allow users to adjust upload speeds based on their preferences. By accessing the settings menu, you can prioritize uploads, allocate bandwidth, and optimize performance according to your specific needs.

Advanced Tips to Handle OneDrive Upload Slow

After trying the basic solution above, if the problem is still not solved, you can try the following advanced solutions.

1. Utilize OneDrive Desktop App

The OneDrive desktop application provides a seamless way to sync files between your computer and the cloud. By using the desktop app, you can take advantage of advanced features such as differential sync, which optimizes upload speeds by only transferring modified portions of files.

2. Upgrade Your OneDrive Plan

Consider upgrading your OneDrive plan to access higher upload speeds and increased storage capacity. Premium plans often offer faster transfer rates and additional features designed to enhance the overall user experience.

3. Use Third-Party Tools

In some cases, third-party tools and applications may offer alternative solutions for accelerating OneDrive uploads. These tools leverage advanced algorithms and optimization techniques to streamline the upload process and minimize transfer times.

Common Myths About OneDrive Upload Speed

When dealing with slow uploads on OneDrive, users may fall into the following pitfalls. Let's take a closer look.

  • Closing Background Apps: Contrary to popular belief, closing background apps or processes may not necessarily improve OneDrive upload speeds. While reducing system resource usage can potentially free up bandwidth, it's unlikely to have a significant impact on overall upload performance.
  • Restarting Router: Although restarting your router can sometimes resolve network issues, it's not guaranteed to improve OneDrive upload speeds. While it may help in certain situations, other factors such as server congestion and file size play a more significant role in determining upload performance.

Alternative Cloud Storage Solutions

If the OneDrive upload slow problem has not been solved for a long time, you can also try other popular alternatives to OneDrive if time or money allows.

Google Drive: Google Drive offers similar features to OneDrive and may provide faster upload speeds depending on your location and internet connection.

Dropbox: Dropbox is another popular cloud storage service known for its simplicity and reliability, offering competitive upload speeds and seamless integration with various devices and platforms.

>>Let’s sync OneDrive with Dropbox to move data in real-time.

Box: Box caters more towards businesses and enterprises, offering robust security features and collaboration tools, albeit at a higher price point compared to OneDrive and other consumer-oriented cloud storage solutions. Similarly, you can also choose the appropriate tool to sync OneDrive with Box to transfer all data.


In conclusion, slow OneDrive upload speeds can be frustrating, but they're not insurmountable. By understanding the underlying causes and implementing the right strategies, users can significantly improve upload performance and streamline their file transfer process. Whether it's optimizing internet connections, adjusting settings, or exploring advanced solutions, there are plenty of ways to enhance OneDrive upload speeds and maximize productivity.


1. Why is my OneDrive upload speed so slow?

Slow upload speeds on OneDrive can be attributed to factors such as internet connection quality, file size, and system resources.

2. How can I check my internet connection speed?

You can use online speed testing tools or contact your internet service provider for assistance in checking your internet connection speed.

3. Does using a wired connection improve OneDrive upload speed?

Yes, connecting your device to the router using an Ethernet cable can often result in faster upload speeds compared to a wireless connection.

4. Are there any file size limitations on OneDrive?

While OneDrive has a maximum file size limit, it's generally quite generous, but larger files may take longer to upload.

5. Can I use multiple cloud storage services simultaneously?

Yes, you can use multiple cloud storage services simultaneously to diversify your storage options and potentially improve upload and download speeds. For managing all your data in multiple cloud accounts, you can try the excellent cloud file manager --- MultCloud.

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