Why sync OneDrive with Box?

Today is cloud age, many people use cloud services. Although cloud drive - Box is not as famous as Dropbox, it still has many users. The name “Box” is good for cloud. Box is an excellent online file sharing and cloud content management service. It provides strong security and great support for business.

Many people know OneDrive because it is provided by Microsoft. Its former name is SkyDrive. MultCloud is a practical cloud storage with syncing and sharing functions. It lets you save files online, edit Office documents in the free Office Web Apps. People who often edit word and excel may choose OneDrive.

There are many people own both OneDrive and Box. And in fact you have no reason to prevent people giving up one of them. Just because people use two cloud vendors, sync OneDrive with Box will make many things easier. For example, don’t have to download&upload, spend two times to move files from Box to OneDrive. Maybe a sync solution or sync tool can take the place of installing both Box and OneDrive on the system.

Use MultCloud to sync Box with OneDrive

Luckily, MultCloud is a solution like this. Once have MultCloud, you don’t need to install Box and OneDrive on the computer. MultCloud is not only a sync tool but also a management tool. It is an app based on website. That means, on the mobile phone or iPad and other devices, you don’t have to install Box and OneDrive apps as well. Visit MultCloud through browser you can touch all files in cloud.

To use MultCloud, registration is not necessary, there is a temp way: Experience without signing up. But in the long term, we suggest you to create an account, it is free.

In MultCloud, add Box and OneDrive separately. You see, near OneDrive is OneDrive for Business. With the help of MultCloud, you could also migrate Box to OneDrive for Business. MultCloud suits for personal and business use. When adding Box and OneDrive, the processes are completed in each official website’s page. Because they support OAuth authorization system.

Then, if you plan to sync between Box and OneDrive, please switch to Cloud Sync interface. Under this window, MultCloud provides eight sync cloud ways: simple sync, mirror sync, move sync, cumulative sync, update sync, incremental backup sync, full backup sync and two-way sync. Default is one-way sync, you can click the arrow to switch to two-way sync. Other ways can be selected from dropdown menu and options window. Other settings of sync are email notification, file filter and schedule.


Here, I think you have known how to sync OneDrive with Box in MultCloud. All in all, MultCloud is very easy to use. No need additional plugins, complex commands and manual ways. MultCloud works as a great platform to provide you direct sync way. MultCloud is a useful multiple cloud storage manager.

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