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Could someone kindly provide recommendations for an alternative to OneDrive that affords me greater control over the selection of files from my computer that I can securely store in the cloud?

What Are the Disadvantages of OneDrive?

Why Look for OneDrive Alternative
Why Look for OneDrive Alternative

OneDrive is a cloud storage service by Microsoft that allows users to store, access, and share files seamlessly across devices. Like any cloud storage service, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some potential disadvantages of OneDrive that make you want to find an alternative to OneDrive:

  • Limited Free Storage: OneDrive offers a limited amount of free storage, and if you need more space, you'll have to subscribe to a paid plan. Other cloud storage services might offer more free storage.
  • Syncing Issues: Some users may experience syncing issues, especially when working with large files or a significant number of files. Sync errors can result in data discrepancies between devices.
  • Dependency on Microsoft Ecosystem: OneDrive is tightly integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem. While this is an advantage for users within that ecosystem, it can be a disadvantage for those who prefer to use a mix of services from different providers.

List of the 7 Best Alternatives to OneDrive

As you can see from the former part, the dynamic landscape of digital storage demands exploration beyond a singular option. In this context, it becomes imperative to consider alternative platforms that cater to diverse preferences and requirements. This paragraph will delve into 7 compelling Onedrive alternatives, offering you a comprehensive overview of each option.

1. Google Drive

Use Google as an Alternative to OneDrive
Use Google as an Alternative to OneDrive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service by Google that allows users to store and share files, offering seamless access and collaboration from various devices.

Price and Storage
  • Free Plan: 15 GB storage space
  • Basic: 100 GB, $1.99 / month
  • Standard: 200 GB, $2.99 / month
  • Premium: 2 TB, $9.99 / month
  • Access files from any device with an internet connection.
  • Support real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other Google Workspace applications
  • Automatically save multiple versions of a file and allow users to revert to previous versions.
  • Powerful search functionality.
  • Easily share files and folders with others and control the level of access (view, comment, or edit).
  • Not all features are available in offline mode.
  • Some file types may not be fully compatible with Google Drive.
  • Accessing and syncing files require an internet connection so you may not work on or access the Google Drive files if you lack of connection.

2. Dropbox

Use Dropbox as an Alternative to OneDrive
Use Dropbox as an Alternative to OneDrive

Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage and collaboration platform that allows users to store, access, and share their documents, photos, and other files seamlessly across devices.

Price and Storage
  • Free Plan: 2 GB storage space
  • Plus: 2 TB, $11.9 / month
  • Essentials: 3 TB, $22 / month
  • Business: > 9 TB, $24 / user / month
  • Business Plus: > 15 TB, $32 / user / month
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Seamlessly across various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and through web browsers.
  • Automatic file synchronization.
  • Facilitate collaborative work through shared folders, real-time collaboration, and commenting on files.
  • Keep a detailed version history and allow you to revert to previous versions of files if needed.
  • Utilize robust encryption protocols, two-factor authentication, and other security features.
  • Access selected files offline.
  • While offline access is available for selected files, Dropbox generally requires an internet connection for full functionality.
  • Free accounts have restrictions on the size when uploading files to Dropbox.
  • In rare cases, you may experience synchronization issues, leading to conflicts or errors in file versions.

3. iCloud

Use iCloud as an Alternative to OneDrive
Use iCloud as an Alternative to OneDrive

iCloud is Apple's cloud-based storage and computing service that enables users to securely store and synchronize their data, including photos, documents, and applications, across multiple devices.

Price and Storage
  • Free Plan: 5 GB storage space
  • iCloud +: 50 GB, $ 0.99 / month
  • iCloud +: 200 GB, $2.99 / month
  • iCloud +: 2 TB, $9.99 / month
  • iCloud +: 6 TB, $29.99 / month
  • iCloud +: 12 TB, $59.99 / month
  • Tightly integrated into the Apple ecosystem.
  • Automatic device backups.
  • Access and sync data across multiple Apple devices.
  • The "Find My" feature helps locate lost Apple devices.
  • Supports collaborative work with features like iCloud Drive.
  • Share purchases, apps, and iCloud storage plans within a family while still maintaining individual Apple IDs.
  • iCloud Photos organizes and syncs photos and videos seamlessly.
  • iCloud Keychain securely stores passwords and credit card information.
  • iCloud synchronizes email, contacts, and calendar events.
  • Two-factor authentication enhances the security of iCloud accounts.
  • iCloud is primarily designed for Apple devices which may limit its accessibility for users who use a mix of different platforms.
  • The full functionality of iCloud relies on a stable internet connection.
  • You may face compatibility issues when collaborating or sharing documents with non-Apple users who use different cloud services.
  • iCloud's file system can be more restrictive compared to other cloud storage services, limiting user control over file organization.

4. Box

Use Box as an Alternative to OneDrive
Use Box as an Alternative to OneDrive

Box is a secure and collaborative cloud-based platform that enables users to store, share, and manage their files and documents with enhanced accessibility and productivity features.

Price and Storage
  • Free Plan: 10 GB storage space
  • Personal Pro: 100 GB, $14 / month
  • Business Stater: 100 GB, $7 / month
  • Robust security features and permissions.
  • Users can collaborate in real-time, edit documents simultaneously, and receive instant updates on changes.
  • Box includes workflow automation features, streamlining business processes, and improving overall efficiency.
  • While the platform is versatile, you may find the customization options complex or require advanced IT support.
  • You may require some time to adapt to Box's features and interface, which could pose a challenge for quick implementation.


Use MEGA as an Alternative to OneDrive
Use MEGA as an Alternative to OneDrive

Mega is a cloud storage and file hosting service known for its robust security features and generous storage capacities.

Price and Storage
  • Free Plan: 20 GB storage space
  • Pro I: 2 TB, $10.95 / month
  • Pro II: 8 TB, $21.91 / month
  • Pro III: 16 TB, $32.87 / month
  • Employ end-to-end encryption.
  • Offer a substantial amount of free cloud storage space.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface with easy navigation and file management features.
  • Support multiple platforms and allow users to access their files from various devices.
  • Impose bandwidth limitations for free users which affects download and upload speeds.
  • Fewer collaboration tools and features for sharing and working on files with others when compared with other competitors.
  • Free users do not have access to file versioning.

6. pCloud

Use pCloud as an Alternative to OneDrive
Use pCloud as an Alternative to OneDrive

pCloud is a cloud storage service that offers secure and user-friendly solutions for storing, accessing, and sharing files online.

Price and Storage
  • Free Plan: 10 GB
  • Premium: 500 GB, $49.99 / year
  • Premium Plus: 2 TB, $99.99 / year
  • Support media playback directly from the cloud.a
  • Allows you to mark files for offline access.
  • Generous free storage.
  • Offers file versioning.
  • Provide an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Collaboration features are not as robust as other clouds.
  • Two-factor authentication is only available for paid plans.
  • No monthly paid plans, only yearly or lifetime.
  • Lack real-time collaboration features on documents.

7. Egnyte

Use Egnyte as an Alternative to OneDrive
Use Egnyte as an Alternative to OneDrive

Egnyte is a cloud-based content collaboration and file-sharing platform designed to facilitate seamless and secure collaboration across businesses.

Price and Storage
  • Free Plan: 5 TB for Egnyte Office plan; 10 TB for Egnyte Business plan.
  • Business: 1 TB, $20 / user / month
  • Prioritize security with features like encryption, access controls, and data governance.
  • Offer scalable solutions suitable for small businesses to large enterprises.
  • Allow you to store files both on the cloud and on-premises for flexibility.
  • Allow businesses to tailor the platform to their specific requirements.
  • Relatively more expensive compared to other file-sharing solutions.
  • There might be a learning curve for new users, especially those unfamiliar with advanced file-sharing and collaboration tools.
  • The mobile app may not offer the same comprehensive features as the desktop version.


Bonus Tip: Easiest Way to Move Files from OneDrive to the Alternative Cloud

If you can choose your preferred alternative to OneDrive among the top 7 and decide to use it as your main cloud storage, you may need to move files from OneDrive to it. To automatically move files from one cloud to another, you can try MultCloud, one of the best cloud file transfer services. It supports 30+ popular clouds, including all the mentioned ones. With MultCloud Cloud Transfer, you can directly migrate OneDrive files with various transfer options and at a fast speed.

You can take the steps for using Cloud Transfer to move OneDrive files to Google Drive as a reference. It is quite the same as transferring files from OneDrive to Dropbox, Box, iCloud Drive, MEGA, pCloud, and Egnyte.

Step 1: Enter MultCloud and get a free MultCloud account.

Step 2: Click “Add Cloud” and the OneDrive icon. Then, log in to your OneDrive account to add OneDrive to MultCloud. Also, add Google Drive to MultCloud.

Add Google Drive and OneDrive to MultCloud
Add Google Drive and OneDrive to MultCloud

Step 3: Click “Cloud Transfer” in the left navigation bar and choose OneDrive in the FROM box, and Google Drive in the right box. Then, click “Transfer Now” to start moving files from OneDrive to Google Drive.

Move Files from OneDrive to Google Drive
Move Files from OneDrive to Google Drive


  • The transfer options are offered in “Options”. If you want to select files to transfer with file extensions, also open “Options” and use “Filter”.
  • You can schedule the task to run at your chosen time and frequency in “Schedule”.
  • If you have many files to migrate, you can upgrade to the premium so that you more traffic than the monthly free 5 GB for file transfer.


You must find the best alternative to OneDrive by comparing the price and storage, and the pros and cons of each recommended option. Besides, if you want to move files from OneDrive to your alternative cloud, using MultCloud can be a good choice. It can automate the transfer task and let you customize your transfer task.

Additionally, if you want to transfer files from OneDrive and also can restore those files, MultCloud Cloud Backup can meet your needs. Cloud Backup can not only automatically backup files from OneDrive to another but also allow you to choose different versions of files to restore.

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