Nowadays, in the cloud age, there are many cloud apps certainly. On the computer, there are cloud drives’ clients. On the mobile phone, there are cloud services’ app for Android and IOS. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and other popular cloud drives all have different clients for different platforms, or say, different systems.

Today, people spends time on mobile phone is not less than on the computer. After all, the trend is mobile Internet. On the other side, people start to store their data in the cloud either from the local computer disk or from the mobile phone so that they can access to their files wherever they go. As we know, the storage volume of mobile devices is smaller than computer’s generally. If you save all files, such as pictures, documents, videos, mp3 and so on the mobile phone, and install many apps in it, the storage will be full very soon.

If there will be a multiple cloud apps manager, it will be great. More clouds, more trouble, choose which one is a question, many users own several cloud storage’s accounts isn’t anything new. We think it is necessary to have a tool to combine all cloud services in one place on the mobile phone and on the computer.

Luckily, the tool has been developed. MultCloud in this article is such one. MultCloud is an app based on website, on Android mobile or iPhone, once there is a browser, people can visit it and use it. Because it doesn’t need to install app on the Android system, and it works for managing multiple clouds, we think MultCloud is one of the simplest multiple cloud storage manager for Android. Of course, according to your usage methods.

How to use MultCloud on Android?

On Android devices, here, we take mobile phone as an example. Open a browser app, Chrome or the built-in one. Input “MultCloud” to search or enter the url to visit directly.

Phone MultCloud Homepage
Phone MultCloud Homepage

If you are the first time to use MultCloud, create an account to go, or click the below "Guest Access" to try.

Functions of MultCloud

Cloud management explorer like Windows Explore. After adding cloud services to MultCloud, you are able to view files, copy&paste across clouds, upload, download, rename, delete, share, etc. Among them, we think copy&paste feature is very useful, because multiple clouds, transfer data from one to another often happened. Upload and share features are powerful, the former allows you to upload a url, and MultCloud will convert it to target file and store in the cloud drive. The latter allows you to create many kinds of share links and share folders. If you are interested in it, plesae refer to: How to Share Files on OneDrive for Business by MultCloud?

Use Phone to Perform Operations in Box
Use Phone to Perform Operations in Box

Cloud Transfer and Cloud Sync interfaces. Since manage multiple clouds together, the aim is to make exchange data between cloud services easily. Transfer and sync are key and core functions of MultCloud. Under these two interface, users could do professional task including schedule, overwritten, filter, etc. MultCloud’s task also committing even power-off. All in all, MultCloud is a great multiple cloud storage manager in Android, hope you could collect it in your favorite.

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