Knowledge of Dropbox

Dropbox is a famous cloud drive, which was founded by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in 2007. There are three editions of Dropbox: Basic Edition, Professional Edition, and Enterprise Edition. Only the Basic Edition is free, but its volume is the smallest and limited. So many people create multiple accounts on Dropbox for more storage. Then a question comes: How can we manage all these Dropbox accounts more efficiently?

MultCloud Helps You Transfer Files From One Dropbox Account to Another Easily

MultCloud is a FREE multi-cloud management application. The authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth and it uses 256-bit encryption in data transmission to ensure the safety of your personal information.

Users can copy files from one Dropbox to another directly, but with the help of MultCloud, you can do this. Once you have added more than one Dropbox account in MultCloud, you can access your files on different Dropbox accounts, and move files from one Dropbox account to another like moving files in Windows Explorer. Thus you don't need to download from one account and re-upload to another anymore.

Step By Step Teaching You Moving Files From One Dropbox Account to Another

Step 1: Add Two Dropbox Accounts

Sign up in MultCloud, activate, and log in. Select Dropbox then click "Next".

Select Dropbox to Add
Select Dropbox to Add

In order to distinguish from two Dropbox accounts, I will change another Dropbox display name to "Dropbox1" later. Then we finished adding two Dropbox accounts.

Step2: Move Files from One Dropbox Account to Another

The first method is just going to the Cloud Transfer interface, selecting files or folders in one Dropbox as the source, and selecting a place in another Dropbox as the destination. Then just click "Transfer Now" and MultCloud will transfer from one Dropbox to another immediately.

Dropbox to Dropbox Migration
Dropbox to Dropbox Migration

Second method: Copy the file in one Dropbox first and paste it into another later.

Copy from Dropbox
Copy from Dropbox

The third method is "Copy to". Right-click the target file and select "Copy to". In the pop-up window, select Dropbox and click "Transfer".

Copy Files from One Dropbox to Another
Copy Files from One Dropbox to Another

In addition, you can preview different files (format: JPG, PNG, GIF, DOC, XLS, PDF) in MultCloud before you transfer. MultCloud also supports Google Drive, Amazon S3, SugarSync, OneDrive(SkyDrive), FTP, and WebDAV.

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Add and manage 30+ popular clouds in one platform.

  • Cloud Transfer

    Migrate files across different cloud drives without manually downloading and re-uploading.

  • Cloud Sync

    Sync two clouds or directories in two different cloud drives via one-way or two-way sync.

  • Cloud Backup

    Backup one cloud data to another cloud for an extra protection and easy recovery.

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