Can I Merge Dropbox Accounts?

“I created a Dropbox account and saved some data. After a few months, I lost the email associated with that Dropbox account. Then I created a new Dropbox account” Jeffery Cody said, “I, in general, only use the new account. Is there a way to combine my two cloud drive accounts?”

Many users have two Dropbox accounts like Jeffery to save different data. We all know that the free storage of Dropbox is too small to store much data, thus you have to upgrade one account to the Pro version if you insisting on using Dropbox as the cloud storage tool. With enough space in one account, you can transfer files from one Dropox account to another. But, there comes a question on how to link two Dropbox accounts together? Continue to read below to find the answer.

How to Merge Two Dropbox Accounts?

As you already know, Dropbox does not support two different accounts on a single desktop, making it nearly impossible to merge Dropbox accounts. Here in this article, you will find 2 free ways to help connect and merge Dropbox accounts on a single device.

Way 1. Combine Dropbox Accounts through Local Computer

This way will spend more energy and time. If you want an easier way, you can scroll down to the next section. You probably have installed the Dropbox app and synced one of your Dropbox account’s to your local computer. Suppose the account you have synced to your computer is account X, and the other is account Y.

Transfer data from account X to Y:

1. Log off account X from your computer.
2. Sign in with account Y.
3. Locate the Dropbox folder of the X account, which should be named Dropbox (old).
4. Copy everything in the Dropbox(old) folder to the new Dropbox folder.

Wait the Dropbox desktop app to complete the sync and the account merging is done. If you want to transfer data from account Y to X, you can just download all the content online from account Y to your Dropbox folder on your computer.

Way 2. Merge Two Dropbox Accounts with MultCloud

Of all the other options, you may find Way 1 to be the simplest. The method is still, but rather lengthy and tiring. You do not need to actually go through all that. You can use a FREE web based cloud to cloud transfer service, Multcloud, to help merge multiple Dropbox accounts in one place with one account. All you need to do is add your Dropbox accounts into Multcloud so it can help put multiple accounts together.

MultCloud, as a cloud file transfer tool, which can not only help manage multiple cloud drives in one place; but also supports transferring, backing up or syncing files from one account to others instead of using the downloading and re-uploading way. Let's see how it help merge two Dropbox accounts.

1. Create one MultCloud account.

Sign Up
Sign Up

2. Click “Add Cloud” and select Dropbox to add. You can use the same way to add another Dropbox account to MultCloud.

Add Dropbox Account
Add Dropbox Account


  • To distinguish from one Dropbox account to another, when adding the first Dropbox account, you can name it as Dropbox 1.
  • MultCloud has no limit to the number of cloud drives to add. If there are several Dropbox accounts to add, you can add them all to MultCloud.

3. As you can see it's very easy to merge 2 Dropbox accounts together with the help of MultCloud. Since they are linked together, you can do many operations including "Upload", "Download", "Move", "Cut", "Share", etc.  If you want to migrate from one Dropbox to another account, you could use “Cloud Sync".

Merge Two Dropbox Accounts
Merge Two Dropbox Accounts

Step 4. Select Dropbox 1 as the source, select Dropbox 2 as the destination, tap on "Cloud Sync" and wait for the process to complete.

Sync from one Dropbox to Another
Sync from one Dropbox to Another


  • You do not need to keep the window open and wait the process to complete because MultCloud can run your task at the background. If you want to keep using two Dropbox accounts, you can also set up a Schedule to run this sync task automatically.
  • For "Cloud Sync", it supports syncing files to multiple locations by clicking "Multi-select" at the same time so it can help sync files to multiple cloud drives except Dropbox accounts.


As you can see, no matter which way above you use, it can help merge two Dropbox accounts with ease. If the way 2, MultCloud is your choice, you may find it has many useful features like "Cloud Transfer" and "Cloud Explorer." For "Cloud Transfer", it can help transfer files from ont cloud to another without switching accounts. If you want to migrate Google Drive to G Suite, you can use it; for "Cloud Explorer", its not only a place to manage multiple cloud drive accounts together but also can help save files to cloud via URL.

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