What is the Difference between Dropbox Personal and Dropbox Business?

To know how to transfer files from personal Dropbox to business Dropbox, you could first know what is Dropbox and the differences between personal one and business one.

Difference between Dropbox Personal and Dropbox Business
Difference between Dropbox Personal and Dropbox Business

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service. It offers the service of storing, syncing, and sharing files online. Dropbox has more functions like Sign, Backup, and Capture for users to make work easier. Not only personal services but also business services are provided by Dropbox as Dropbox and Dropbox Business. So, what are the differences between Dropbox personal and business? Here this post will list some discrepancies.

Price and Storage

If you are a new personal Dropbox user, you can get 2 GB of free storage. But if 2GB is not adequate to use, you can choose to upgrade to the paid plans. The basic personal paid plan costs $11.99/month for 2 TB of storage. However, there is no free storage for business Dropbox. If you want to use Dropbox Business, you have to purchase the basic Standard plan at least which costs $18/month for 5 TB of storage and can be used by more than 3 users.

Dropbox vs Dropbox Business: Price
Dropbox vs Dropbox Business: Price


Personal Dropbox is mainly used for personal storage and managing personal files. While Dropbox Business is used for organizations, so it centralizes the files together. Dropbox Business builds a closer connection between team members. For example, you can set Lock editing to disallow other members to edit the shared files when you are editing. Also, watermarking can be used to protect files on Dropbox Business, so it has better security.

Dropbox vs Dropbox Business: Usage
Dropbox vs Dropbox Business: Features

You can see in the above illustrations that Dropbox personal and business do differ from each other. But how to move files between a team and personal Dropbox account? The next parts will explain in 2 ways.

How to Transfer Files from Personal Dropbox to Business Dropbox via MultCloud

MultCloud serves to manage multiple cloud drives and it collaborates with more than 30 + popular cloud drives. MultCloud offers Cloud Transfer to migrate files from one cloud to another without manually downloading and uploading. So, it is a good choice to use Cloud Transfer to move files from personal Dropbox to business Dropbox. There are more features that you can apply to the transfer task to make it more customizable.

  • Options: Here you can choose how to deal with the repeated files, whether to delete the transferred files in the source cloud, whether to keep the file modified date, whether to rename and keep a script of a file that has special characters in its name, and whether to keep all the transferred files in one folder.
  • Schedule: If you want the transfer task to run automatically at a fixed time, you can use it to make it run daily/weekly/monthly.
  • Filter: It is used to batch-select some files and you can order the task to only transfer these files or not transfer them.

Besides, if you don't need the transfer options above, you can choose to move files by MultCloud "Copy to". Although this method is less automatic, it will be helpful if you pursue more control of the transfer task.

Move Files between 2 Dropbox Accounts by Cloud Transfer

Step 1: Enter the MultCloud website and click “Get started for free”.

Step 2: Click “Add Clouds” in the left sidebar and click the icons of Dropbox and Dropbox Business to log in. When you finish logging in to your accounts, Dropbox and Dropbox Business are added to My Cloud Drive.

Add Dropbox and Dropbox Business
Add Dropbox and Dropbox Business

Note: If you want to transfer files from one personal Dropbox account to another, click the Dropbox icon twice and log in to different accounts.

Step 3: Turn to Cloud Transfer and select Dropbox and Dropbox Business in their corresponding boxes. You can also choose to transfer the folders or files under your Dropbox. Then all you have to do is click the button “Transfer Now” and the task will be finished soon.

How to Transfer Files from Personal Dropbox to Business Dropbox
Transfer Files between Dropbox Personal and Business

Notes: If you have masses of files to transfer from Personal Dropbox to Business Dropbox, you can upgrade to a premium plan to get more traffic, enjoy faster transfer speed, and use all the paid features.

Transfer Files Between Dropbox Personal and Business by "Copy to"

Step 1: Add your Dropbox personal and business accounts to MultCloud after signing up.

Step 2: Open the personal Dropbox folder on MultCloud and choose the files you want to move.

Choose Copy to
Choose Copy to

Step 3: Click "Copy to" in the upper taskbar and choose Dropbox Business as the target cloud in the pop-up window. Then. click "OK" to start moving files.

Copy Personal Dropbox Files to Business Dropbox
Copy Personal Dropbox Files to Business Dropbox

How to Transfer Files from Personal Dropbox to Business Dropbox via Dropbox Features

Except for the first solution, you can transfer files via Dropbox features such as using the Dropbox shared folder or the Dropbox desktop app. The steps of using these 2 features are also shown here.

Connect Dropbox Business and Personal via Dropbox Desktop App

Step 1: Enter the Dropbox website and download the Dropbox app from it.

Step 2: Link your personal account with the business account by opening the app preferences, clicking "Account", and selecting "Add personal account" or "Add team account".

Step 3: After adding the 2 accounts, click "Link" and enter the second account's password. Then there will be 2 Dropbox folders in File Explorer.

Step 4: Copy the files that you are willing to transfer from your personal account folder and paste them to the business account folder in File Explorer. Till now, the files have been moved from Personal Dropbox to Business Dropbox.

Copy a File from Personal Dropbox
Move Files between Dropbox Personal and Business Online

Move Dropbox Personal Over to Dropbox Business via Shared Folder

Step 1: Go to the Dropbox web and log in to your personal account.

Step 2: Click "Shared" on the left bar and the "Create shared folder" button in the right bar. Then, invite your business account and finish other settings.

Create a Dropbox Shared Folder
Create a Dropbox Shared Folder

Step 3: Move files to the shared folder by dragging and dropping.

Step 4: Log in to your business account on the Dropbox web.

Step 5: Click "Shared", find the shared folder you created before, and tap "Join folder". Then, you can move the files in the shared folder to your business account folder for file migration.

Join the Dropbox Shared Folder
Join the Dropbox Shared Folder


After reading this post, you will master 4 solutions on how to transfer files from personal Dropbox to business Dropbox. The MultCloud solutions are easy to follow and you can also use them for file transfer between other clouds. The Dropbox solutions are also effective and can help you manage your Dropbox Personal and Business accounts together. You can choose your favorite methods following your needs.

Except for Cloud Transfer, other functions on MultCloud like Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, and Team Transfer are also helpful. Problems such as syncing multiple Dropbox accounts are no longer difficult to solve. So, maybe you can give MultCloud a chance.

How do I move files from one Dropbox folder to another?
To move files from one Dropbox folder to another, open Dropbox, locate the file you want to move, right-click it, select "Move," then choose the destination folder. Alternatively, drag and drop the file into the target folder.
What is the difference between Dropbox and Dropbox transfer?
Dropbox is a cloud storage service for storing and sharing files, while Dropbox Transfer is a feature within Dropbox for sending large files or collections of files to others via a downloadable link, designed for one-time sharing and tracking file downloads.
Why can't I move files in Dropbox?
If you can't move files in Dropbox, it could be due to insufficient permissions, sync issues, or the file being in use by another program. Ensure you have the necessary permissions and that Dropbox is fully synced, and make sure the file isn't currently open elsewhere. If issues persist, restarting Dropbox or your device may resolve technical glitches hindering file movement.
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