User Scenario

"I currently store a large of data in OneDrive but I want to migrate them to Dropbox. Does anyone know how to migrate from OneDrive to Dropbox?"

Traditional Way: Migrate OneDrive to Dropbox

Like the mentioned scenario, it is possible that you want to transfer OneDrive to Dropbox if you have both of them. But performing the task can be a bit annoying because it seems that you can only achieve your goal through the traditional way as blow.

Traditional Way: Download and Upload

Step 1: Login your OneDrive account.
Step 2: Select all the files and click on "Download" to download them to your local storage.
Step 3: Login your Dropbox account.
Step 4: Click on "Upload files" to move all the files to Dropbox

Though this way can help you migrate the storage, you need to spend a lot of time downloading and uploading. Besides, this transferring process depends on the files volume and the network speed so you must keep your machine on until the task finished, which would make annoyance if you need to go out suddenly.

So, is it totally impossible to find a way that can avoid the annoying operation steps and potential problems? No! Fortunately, there is a free web-based app MultCloud that can help you.

New Way: Migrate OneDrive to Dropbox with MultCloud

As a multiple cloud manager, MultCloud supports several clouds that include Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, SugarSync, etc. "Cloud Transfer" feature allows you to transfer across multiple cloud services and you can realize the migration by following steps below.

Step 1. Sign Up

You need to sign up first.

Sign Up
Sign Up

Step 2. Add clouds

Click on "Add Clouds" icon and add Google Drive and Dropbox to MultCloud.

Add OneDrive and Dropbox
Add OneDrive and Dropbox to MultCloud

Step 3. Create Cloud Transfer Task

Click on "Cloud Transfer" icon and select OneDrive as the source and Dropbox as the destination. Then click on "Transfer Now" to complete the operation.

Migrate OneDrive to Dropbox
Migrate from OneDrive to Dropbox


  • If you do not want to perform the task at once, you can click on "Schedule" icon so that MultCloud will execute at the time you set up even you have already shut off your computer. To use “Schedule” function, you need to upgrade your account.
  • "Options" selection provides more functions, for example, you can set up an email notification so that it will send an email to remind you once it finishes the task.
  • Conversely, you can also easily move Dropbox to OneDrive in this way.
  • The Bottom Line

    Except for helping migrate OneDrive to Dropbox, MultCloud also can sync one cloud to the other clouds with "Cloud Sync" function. For example, you can sync multiple Google Drive accounts or backup Flickr to Google Photos. You can go to the home page to explore more about MultCloud.

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