OneDrive vs Dropbox

Free Storage Cloud

What most users want is that space of cloud storage is free. OneDrive and Dropbox both provide free space to users. But compare this, the free space capacity offered by OneDrive is larger than Dropbox.

Free space in OneDrive is comparative large. Once register, user will get 15GB free space. You can get 1GB to get storage space after each friend is referred to use OneDrive.

Free space provided by Dropbox to users is less. First registering user will get 2GB storage space, and You can earn extra space by inviting your friends to try out Dropbox.

  • Basic accounts get 500 MB per referral and can earn up to 16 GB.
  • Pro accounts get 1 GB per referral and can earn up to 32 GB.

Paid Storage

Besides free storage space, maybe you really need more storage space, and you are willing to buy it. Both Dropbox cloud storage and Onedrive storage charges $9.99 per month to let you own 1TB of Cloud storage. In OneDrive cloud storage, $9.99 per month is not only purchase for 1TB storage space, but also subscribe Office 365.

Characteristic Features

The characteristic features of OneDrive main focus on Windows and Office integration. New Windows are integrated in OneDrive. When you run Office app, you can also visit document stored in OneDrive. Users can be easy to edit documents.

Dropbox’s distinguishing features are well performance on different platform, which cannot only run on Windows, Mac, but also on Linux. It has incremental upload and file history function. Dropbox will check if file is changed or not, and upload automatically files that have been changed. In addition, Dropbox retains file history version for each file and user can restore to early revising file version anytime.

Converge Free Space between OneDrive and Dropbox

Through the above compare, the first impression it gives to you is that OneDrive is more powerful than Dropbox on functions. But, it is not our purpose to convey an idea that Onedrive is the best cloud storage 2017. Actually, most of us may choose to use both of them, and make full use of free space provided by two or more cloud storage. When we use multiple cloud storage, that how to transfer files among cloud storage will be a problem.

Multcloud will help to sync, move or backup file from Dropbox cloud storage to Onedrive cloud storage, vice verse. It means that you cannot only register more than two cloud storage to enjoy more free space, but also manage all your cloud storage with one account.

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