Why import Dropbox to Google Drive?

Dropbox and Google Drive are personal cloud storage services that are frequently used for file sharing and collaboration. But they have some different features that mean too much to users. Such as the price when your need for capacity rising as time goes on. Dropbox is much expensive in charging for the larger capacity. Besides, if you want to manage both Dropbox and Google Drive, or your capacity of Dropbox is not enough for you, importing your Dropbox to Google Drive is the most efficient way to solve the problems.

How to import Dropbox to Google Drive?

We have concluded the reason why import Dropbox to Google Drive. Then what we should consider is choosing a suitable tool to realize this action. To import Dropbox to Google Drive is to transfer your data on Dropbox to Google Drive. Which tool offers this kind of service? The common way to import your Dropbox files to Google Drive is downloading and re-uploading them manually. The various defects of this method is that the operation may be interrupted by the bad internet bandwidth. So if the tool has the ability to transfer tools by copying and pasting, it is cheerful for users. MultCloud is a free application for managing files and transferring files across cloud drives which supports importing Dropbox to Google Drive. And its friendly interface make it an easy to use software.

The quick guide to import Dropbox to Google Drive

Step1. In the first place, you should have an account of MultCloud. Register one by entering the email you use frequently. Type a username and password. Confirm the password and input the verification code in the picture. And click Create Account.


Step2. Then confirm your registration in your email, you can sign in using the username and password in MultCloud. Then you should add your cloud drives into the MultCloud. Click the Add Cloud Drives in the left panel, select Dropbox and click Next. There will appear a page for MultCloud to get the authorization to access your Dropbox account. You just need to click Add Dropbox Account to continue the process. And you can add your Google Drive into Multcloud in the same way.

add cloud drive
Add Cloud Drives
Add Dropbox

Step3. Now you can use MultCloud to import Dropbox to Google Drive. The easiest way to realize importing is dragging files you want to export. Select the file, then drag it using you mouse to the destination Google Drive.


Step4. Another way to complete this task is to copy. And when you right click the target file, there are three options you can choose to copy file. Cut, Copy and Copy to. We all know what Cut operation means to files, if you select Cut and Copy, then select Google Drive, right click at any place in the interface, select Paste in the pop up window. And if you select Copy to, there will be a pop up window which has an optional box Move on the left bottom. If you check, the file in Dropbox will be deleted after transferring, which has the same function like Cut.

Copy to

Notes: You can also complete the import task using Transfer or Backup Service. Select the Transfer option on the top of the interface, select the files you want to import from Dropbox to Google Drive. And select the destination path in Google Drive.


*Update: From MultCloud 4.0, you can use MultCloud's Cloud Sync service. There are eight sync methods in all.

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