Why need Google Drive to OneDrive migration?

Nowadays, more and more people start to store files in cloud drives rather in than local hard disk. Thus, they can access to their data wherever they go. In the world today, there are three big cloud drive brands, they are Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Microsoft and Google companies are two big traditional technology enterprises, themselves’ accounts can login all their services. So Windows users or Google users may select OneDrive and Google Drive as their first cloud service by default.

However, if you changed job, many work need to edit Office documents, such as doc, ppt, excel, in Google Drive, it is not convenient to write. So, you plan to convert Google Drive to OneDrive. Another situation is that many young users have multiple accounts of clouds, either Google Drive or OneDrive, and they often transfer files between different clouds for various reasons, once complete migration, things become easier, don’t need to download and re-upload, new method becomes direct and saves time.

How to migrate Google Drive to OneDrive?

To complete this, here, we suggest you to try a tool called MultCloud, which is free to register and use. Moreover, there is an option named Experience without signing up, for the first use, you can enter in it while this way. Then add Google Drive and OneDrive into MultCloud one by one. MultCloud applies OAuth authorization, it is safe and won’t record or save your information. So, when adding Google Drive and OneDrive these support OAuth, doesn’t need to input uesrname and password. Next, copy files in Google Drive you want move to OneDrive by Copy&Paste in conextmenu or under Cloud Transfer interface. You see, only three steps, login in, add, transfer, MultCloud achieves Google Drive to OneDrive migration, the whole process is free.

More about MultCloud

The latest version of MultCloud supports more than 30 clouds, including OneDrive for Business too, that is to say, you can also migrate Google Drive to OneDrive for Business. Now don’t ask how can I transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive, MultCloud already provides the solutions, drag&drop, copy&paste, transfer, etc. If you want to backup Google Drive to OneDrive, except through Cloud Transfer, under Cloud Sync window is possible too. MultCloud’s schedule feature even helps you to do regular and automatic backup.

Although MultCloud is a third party web app, it combines OneDrive, Google Drive, either personal or for Business, Google Drive for G Suite and other popular cloud services as well as FTP, WebDav and so on in one place, you can get your files in MultCloud on many devices, for instance, computer, mobile and iPad, etc. We think once you have MultCloud, manage several clouds isn’t trouble any more.

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